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Overview of Yoru’s Playstyle:

Valorant Agent Yoru Guide

Yoru is Valorant’s newest agent, kicking of Episode 2 with a very powerful agent with lots of potential. Yoru is a duelist, making his primary goal to entry for his team and frag enemy players to open up sites. The Yoru agent guide below will talk about each of his abilities and give you in-depth pointers for how to best utilize them.

Fakeout Ability (100 Credits, 2 Max) (Yoru Agent Guide)

The first of Yoru’s abilities is called Fakeout, allowing you to place footsteps to make noise and potentially confuse enemy players. When pulling this ability out, you can either left-click or right-click as seen in the video above. Left-clicking places a static version of the steps, allowing you to activate them whenever you want. Right-click automatically starts the footsteps as well as the noise.

This is widely considered the weakest of Yoru’s abilities, but can definitely be used to outplay your opponents in certain scenarios. You can either use Fakeout to convince enemies that your team is rotating from a location, use it in smokes, or use it in a 1v1. Each of these scenarios gives the fake footsteps a lot of potential to trick your opponents.

Learning whether to use the left-click version versus the right-click version ultimately depends on your playstyle.

Blindside Ability (200 Credits, 2 Max) (Yoru Agent Guide)

The next ability covered in this Yoru agent guide is called Blindside. Blindside is Yoru’s flash ability, and it is very powerful for flashing enemies from many different angles. Blindside must bounce off of one wall before the flash goes off, opening up even more possibilities for this ability. It’s worth noting that if Blindside doesn’t hit a wall, it will quickly despawn as seen in the video above.

When looking to flash enemies, it’s most important to bounce Blindside off of an angle that won’t also flash yourself. You can use the floor, the ceiling, or any walls to creatively flash enemies.

Gatecrash Ability (Signature Ability) (Yoru Agent Guide)

Yoru’s Gatecrash ability is another very powerful one, giving him the potential to teleport behind enemies or to another side of the map. When using this ability, you can place a static version or a version that moves just like his Fakeout ability. The version that moves in a straight line is very good for getting behind enemies, and the static version is good for getting out of an area to regroup with your team.

Be careful when reactivating Gatecrash, as enemies will hear you teleport to wherever the ability is. This means you can combine your Blindside ability and teleport when the enemies are blind, giving you an opportunity to take out multiple enemies from behind.

Example of Outplaying With Gatecrash Ability (Yoru Agent Guide)

The video above shows a clip of me placing my Gatecrash before the round starts to have an escape if I need it. I end up killing three enemies, and I quickly use my teleport to avoid taking damage from Raze’s Boom Bot. The enemy Yoru uses his Gatecrash to get behind Yellow, but he doesn’t expect me to be right in front of him.

This clip is one of the many ways you can use Yoru’s kit, but definitely shows the carry potential this agent has. P.S. ignore me screaming because my Sage stole my ace.

Dimensional Drift (Ultimate Ability) (Yoru Agent Guide)

The last thing that will be covered in this Yoru agent guide will be his ultimate ability: Dimensional Drift. Upon activation, Yoru’s ultimate makes him both invisible and invulnerable for up to 8.5 seconds. It’s worth noting you can cancel his ultimate at any point after activation.

When in your ultimate, you will see a dotted radius that shows you how close you can come to enemies without them seeing you. If enemies are inside the radius, they will see a ghost-like outline of you.

It’s best to try to avoid letting enemies see you at all while in your ultimate, as they can attempt to chase you for when your ult runs out. It takes about one second for Yoru to pull his gun back out after leaving his ultimate.

Other Tips and Tricks: (Yoru Agent Guide)

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Yoru is a character who is often rewarded for taking high-risk plays. You are also a duelist, which means it’s okay for you to make risky plays when necessary to pick up frags for your team.

A good combo for Yoru is to send your Gatecrash ability to a spot where you will have a good angle on enemies and let it sit. When your team is ready to push, you can throw a flash near where your teleport ability is and teleport when enemies are blind. This play obviously has a chance to go poorly, but with practice you will begin to get better at making it work.

Another good tip for this Yoru agent guide is to use his footsteps to fake a site after already going to that site a few times. It’s best to also ask teammates to sell the fake with some of their abilities. For example, a Raze could use Boombot, and a Brimstone or Omen could throw smokes.

Conclusion: (Yoru Agent Guide)

This Yoru agent guide covered the basics of each ability, giving you a good idea of how to use them when playing him. The way to master Yoru is to learn the best combinations of each of his abilities. Remember to be creative and also learn the best ways to outplay opponents with your abilities. As always, solid communication will raise your chances of winning by a good amount. Hope this Yoru agent guide helped and good luck in your competitive Valorant games!

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