Will Valorant Kill CS:GO?

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Is Valorant The CS:GO Killer?

From my experience, there are really two sides to this argument. One is that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will always be the better FPS game and Valorant will manage to fall short of what CS has accomplished. The second is that Valorant will entirely kill CS:GO, leaving CS pros no choice but to swap to pro play for Valorant.

I actually believe that both of these arguments are a bit silly, and I actually find it quite odd that some people get emotional when I bring up Valorant as a potential competitor to CS:GO. If anything, I think Valorant’s release will benefit CS:GO by almost forcing Valve to update their game more frequently.

Valorant kill CS:GO

– What Will Actually Happen?

I’ve heard, as I’m sure many of us have, crazy statements for what will happen to CS:GO when Valorant’s player base finally starts to pickup. Although I’m sure some of these statements might have some validity to them, I don’t believe Counter-Strike will come anywhere close to dying. I do believe that Valorant will give CS:GO some very healthy competition to keep up with though. I think this will be the case because we’ve never seen a game as similar to CS as Valorant is. Sure there have been shooters like Overwatch, but generally the player-bases have had some sort of differentiation.

I highly suspect that Valve will begin to pickup updates as soon as they realize what competition they have coming their way. In fact, Valve has already released updates following Valorant’s beta. Sure, they were minor updates like being able to see what kind of cross hair your teammate is using, but it does show that Valve hasn’t given up on Counter-Strike at all. We may even see CS:GO evolve into something incredible in the coming months.

As for what will actually happen, I do believe that both Valorant and CS:GO will coexist. I think many people will continue to play CS:GO as Valorant begins to rise in popularity. Even if Valorant does surpass CS:GO in Twitch viewership, it doesn’t have to be seen as a bad thing. Valorant has shown to be quite a fun game so far with developers that seem to really care about what they’re doing.

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– Will Two Pro Scenes Exist Simultaneously?

Although it’s still very early in Valorant’s lifespan, I feel pretty comfortable saying Riot will make strides to push it into the e-sports scene. As for if both CS:GO’s scene and Valorant’s scene will exist together, I also feel pretty comfortable saying yes. Each game will always have a set number of players playing the game that truly do enjoy it. This means that, even though Valorant might possibly be more popular at its launch, it doesn’t mean people won’t want to still become the best in CS:GO.
Most of the previous paragraph is simply me speculating what I think is most likely to happen. After all, there’s never been a game that’s threatened to rival CS:GO like this before. Honestly, this is quite an exciting time for the FPS gaming scene/community.

– The Future of FPS Gaming

As far back as I can remember, the main two shooters I considered competitive shooters were CS:GO and Overwatch. I never really fathomed the idea that there could be a third, fourth, or fifth FPS game that might become “meta.” From Valorant, I think we can learn that there is a massive future in gaming. The FPS games that we’ve considered our favorites for the longest time are really only the start. It’s actually pretty exciting to think about it that way.

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– Conclusion

Both CS:GO and Valorant have been and will continue to be very popular games. They both have unique distinct features that make them each very special games. In the long run, they will both likely co-exist at the same time. I hope you are as excited for the future of gaming as I am!
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