Valorant – #1 Best Viper One Ways for ALL Maps

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Overview of Viper One Ways:

Viper One Ways for all maps valorant

Using Viper one ways is one of the most powerful ways you can utilize her poison cloud, allowing you to get a potential free kill on unsuspecting enemies. One way smokes are smokes that allow you to see half of the enemy’s body and denies them any vision on you. Most maps have places that this can be done on, with Viper having more one way smoke potential than both Omen and Brimstone.

Viper One Ways for Bind Defense:

Viper One Way for A-Short:

This poison cloud one way is for A-Short and can be thrown from the cubby toward A-Site. Keep in mind that you can throw this before the round starts, allowing you to be very prepared for a fast A-Short push. Also let your teammates know about this one way before using it since they can also use it to defend if you want to watch another area.

Viper One Way for A-Showers:

The next one way if for A-Showers and can also be thrown before the round starts, allowing you complete safety when going for the lineup itself. This poison cloud is very strong because it prevents enemies in A-Showers from seeing anything. Any enemies that walk into the doorway will have their legs and feet exposed, allowing you or your teammates to get an easy kill.

Viper One Way for B-Long/B-Garden:

This Viper one way is for the second arch that connects to B-Garden from B-Long. Enemies walking into B-Garden will have their feet exposed, again allowing for a free kill. It’s worth noting that this one way works best when you either play from Elbow or somewhere on the back of B-Site. Another good strategy to try every once in a while is to throw this smoke and play aggressive in B-Garden, as many players will not expect you to be there once you activate the one way.

Viper One Ways for Split (Patch 2.01+) Defense:

Viper One Way for B-Main:

This poison cloud one way can be thrown from the half box that Riot added in patch 2.01, which reworked Split in many places. Once on top of the box, follow the instructions in the video above for the lineup itself. The poison cloud, once activated, will allow you to get a very nice angle onto enemies crossing from the left side of B-Main. It’s worth noting that enemies on the right side of B-Main will be able to slightly see you, so be cautious when peaking.

Viper One Way for Mid Mail/Mid Top:

This Viper one way can be thrown on top of the door frame in Mid-Mail, and helps prevent enemies in Mid from being able to do anything. You can prepare the lineup for this one before the round starts, but since there is a barrier during the buy phase, you must wait until the round starts to throw it. Also keep in mind that you can throw this one way smoke at the beginning of any round, and leave to help support another area. This will allow you to activate a one way for any of your teammates who are also playing from B-Heaven.

Viper One Way for A-Ramp:

One of the best Viper one ways near A-Site is one that allows you to smoke off A-Ramp quite nicely. Once enemies realize that you are using this one way, they will likely be discouraged from pushing A-Heaven. This also means you can have a teammates in a cheesy spot toward A-Site in preparation for a fast push from the enemy team. Keep in mind that enemies might also start to pre-fire you if you consistently sit in the same spot, so it’s a good idea to swap where you play from when using this one way.

Viper One Ways for Haven:

Viper One Way for A-Long:

The first one way for Haven is for A-Long and will allow you to play toward the back of A-Site. Enemies running out from A-Long won’t be able to see anything at first, giving you the initial chance and killing them. Teammates can also utilize this one way, as long as they know which angle they should be playing it from. Also remember to be cautious of A-Short when using this one way, as it’s possible to tunnel vision onto A-Long and forget about A-Short entirely.

Viper One Way for A-Short:

This Viper smoke for A-Short works in a similar way to the one for A-Long, and must be played from one of two specific angles toward the back of A-Site. You can also play aggressive in A-Short when you activate this one way, as most enemies will expect you to be playing passive and waiting for them to peak.

Viper One Way for C-Garage:

This is a very easy Viper one way to setup in C-Garage, and gives you a very solid angle onto enemies that want to push into Garage. The nice thing about this one way is that it also allows you to play from pretty much any angle in Garage or Garage window, as long as you are paying attention to see if anyone is pushing. If enemies wait until you run out of fuel to push Garage, you can use one of Viper’s Snake Bites to slow down and kill enemy players as they push.

Viper One Way for C-Long:

The final Viper one way for Haven is for the double boxes right outside of the entrance of C-Long. Playing from the area around logs is the optimal way of playing with this smoke. It’s worth noting that you should be somewhat cautious of a Jett dashing into the middle of C-Site, as this will put you into danger when holding from around logs.

Viper One Ways for Ascent:

Viper One Way for A-Main:

The first one way for Ascent is on the arch that connects A-Main to A-Site, and is very nice for slowing down an enemy push. As I mention in the video above, you can place this before the round starts as long as you look closely at the ground and tiles for the lineup. Enemies that cross all the way to the left side of A-Main will be able to see through the one way, since the poison orb mostly covers the left side.

Viper One Way for A-Garden:

The next poison orb is for the cross from Tree to A-Site, and this smoke allows you to spot anyone that wants to cross very easily from A-Heaven. As I explain in the video above, enemies can spot you if you play in Garden because the gap between the ground and the bottom of the one way is quite large. However, playing from A-Heaven with this one way can still be very powerful in many situations.

Viper One Way for B-Main:

Moving onto B-Main, we have another Viper one way that is very similar to the one for A-Main. This one can also be thrown before the round starts, allowing you to get it setup and into any position you’d like. Playing from stairs, CT, or Market are the best spots when activating this poison cloud. Also keep in mind that enemies who cross to the left side of B-Main will be able to see you.

Viper One Way for Mid-Arch:

The final Viper one way for Ascent is for the middle arch, and can be quite nice to prevent enemies from pushing up into Mid. The optimal spots you can play from for this one way is Pizza, Market or from the very back of Mid. Enemies can be exposed in many different places as a result of this smoke, so keep your eyes open for red outlines when it is activated.

Viper One Ways for Icebox:

Viper One Way for A-Door/Mid:

This Viper one way is very strong for defending Mid from A-Rafters, as enemies pushing in from Mid will most likely not expect a one way like this. This can also be good on attack when your team has planted to spike to help defend against rotaters. It’s worth noting that if you play anywhere below rafters, enemies coming from Mid will be able to see you.

Viper One Way for Default Plant on B-Site:

This is a very nice one way for attack after your team gets the spike down on the default plant position. Keep in mind that you will want to play back toward B-Main once you get the spike and one way down, as this will put you at a very good advantage. Once an enemy taps the spike, you can activate the one way and peak to make sure that they aren’t sticking it.

Viper One Way for Under B-Tube:

The last Viper one way in this guide will be for the middle part of Icebox for stopping a push under tube. You will have to wait for the round to start to throw this one way, as the buy barrier will prevent you from doing so before the round. Once you get the poison orb in position, you can run back to the middle of B-Site and hold the push from under tube for some easy kills.


Viper One Way Lineups for All Maps Guide Valorant

Viper is a very unique Controller in Valorant, with the most potential for one way smokes by far. Utilizing these one ways with Viper’s other abilities and good communication will allow you to quickly climb in ranked. Enemies in lower ranks will especially be at risk to dying to these one ways, because very few people will actually know about them. Even in higher ranks these smokes can be powerful when utilized properly.

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