Viper Lineups for Poison Wall/Cloud on Split #1 Amazing Guide

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Overview of Viper on Split:

Valorant Viper Lineups on Split

Viper is currently one of the weaker of the controllers in Valorant but still has some great potential when each of her abilities is fully utilized. Below will be a list of Viper lineups on Split, which includes her wall and poison orb for denying enemy vision. This guide will not include snake bite lineups, as those can be found here.

Properly Managing Viper’s Poison Fuel:

Viper is the only agent is all of Valorant that has a fuel bar, making it important for her to activate her abilities only when necessary. After throwing a Viper lineup, make sure you only activate it if you have a reason to do so. For example, don’t activate it if your team isn’t going to push. Instead, wait until your entire team is ready to push, and let your team know when to go.

Viper Lineups for Split Defense:

Viper Lineup Toxic Screen for Mid, A-Ramp, and A-Main Cross:

This, like many of Viper’s toxic screens, covers multiple key chokes throughout the map. In this scenario, you can wall off mid and two sections of the A-Side of the map.

This is important to keep in mind because you can accidentally wall your teammate(s) off if you aren’t paying attention. Before walling, make sure to check if activating your wall could negatively impact any of your teammates.

Viper Lineup Poison Cloud One Way for A-Main:

This is a great Viper lineup for creating a one way in A-Main. However, be cautious when peaking A-Main, as enemies can fast-push A-Site and quickly kill you.

Walk into the corner next to the cardboard box on A-Ramp, and make it so you can just barely see the tip of the lamp as seen in the video above. Then place your crosshair on the tip of the lamp, and throw the poison cloud.

Viper Lineup Poison Cloud One Way for A-Ramp:

This is the first one way poison cloud for defense on Split, and is very nice for fighting against enemies that are pushing onto A-Ramp. Let your teammates know if you place this as well, as you can activate it even if you aren’t around to help.

Simply walk up to the corner as seen above, and throw your poison cloud. It will land on the ledge above the door, making for a great one way to fight with.

Viper Lineup One Way Poison Cloud for Mid-Mail:

When attempting to hold down mid as Viper, this one way is very powerful for preventing enemies from taking control of mid-vents and mid-mail. Learning the lineup for this one might take a few tries, as you need to jump and right-click for it to properly land.

Walk into the wall in mid-mail and move back just slightly. You then want to turn to the black line toward mid, and jump and right-click throw the poison orb for it to land on the ledge.

Viper Lineup One Way Poison Cloud for B-Main:

This one way poison orb is likely Viper’s strongest one way on all of Split. It prevents enemies from being able to safely walk out, and also gives you a nice angle on the enemy players’ legs.

For the lineup, place your crosshair on the ground where the multiple cracks intersect. Then proceed to look up and find the wire as seen in the video above.

Viper Lineups for Split Attack:

Viper Lineup Toxic Screen for A-Ramp and A-Heaven:

When attacking A-Site on Split as Viper, this toxic screen can help your team push by covering both A-Ramp and A-Heaven. You can place the wall before the round starts, giving your team the opportunity to push even faster.

For the lineup place your crosshair along the first line in the metal wall. Then look up as seen in the video above, and place your toxic screen.

Viper Lineup Toxic Screen for Inside A-Heaven/A-Site:

Taking mid-control on Split is generally very common, making this toxic screen very good for going Mid-Vent to A-Site. Make sure that you and your team have full control of Mid-Vent before placing your wall, as an enemy could sneak in and kill you.

To begin this Viper lineup, walk into the corner in Mid-Vent, and look at the dark part of the section seen in the video above. This wall will nicely cover all of A-Heaven as well as onto A-Site/A-Elbow.

Viper Lineup Toxic Screen for B-Heaven and CT-Spawn:

From mid, you can also use this toxic screen to take control of B-Site from B-Heaven. Enemies playing toward the back of B-Heaven or CT-Spawn will be completely walled off, forcing them to either push through your wall or wait.

Walk onto the first tile behind the box in mid, and make sure you place the wall as pinged on the map in the video above. This will be a very nice wall for your team each time you place it.

Viper Lineup Toxic Screen for B-Site:

This Viper lineup is quite simple, as you are only walling off the cross for B-Heaven and B-Rafters. The only thing you need to worry about are enemies hiding right behind the wall, as they can easily kill the planter.

To begin this lineup, walk to the corner of B-Main and line it up as seen in the video above. Make sure not to place the toxic screen too far out, as enemies in B-Heaven will be able to see you.

Viper Lineup Poison Orb for B-Heaven:

This poison orb will cover the majority of B-Heaven, leaving only a small gap for enemies to peak you from. If enemies do peak you, you can pre-aim when running out of B-Main, since you will already know where the gap is. However, be careful against an enemy Operator holding from B-Heaven.

Jump onto the box in B-Lobby, and position yourself as seen in the video above. Then place your crosshair on the corner of the roof up in the sky. This lineup should be relatively easy and work quite consistently.


Viper lineups on Split, for both her toxic screen as well as her poison cloud, are very powerful. She can setup one way orbs for defense, and create some very nice walls for attack. Make sure, as always, to communicate what you plan on doing before each round starts. Also don’t forget to check out our guide for Viper snake bite lineups to fully master her kit on all maps!

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