Valorant – Viper #1 Ingenious High-Elo Playstyle Guide

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Why Play Viper?

Viper has access to some incredible utility that allows your team to much more easily take a site. She is mostly about zoning and reducing the amount of vision enemy players have. A good Viper player will block vision of key areas with her poison cloud and will use her toxic screen to allow her team to efficiently take a site. Overall, Viper plays quite similar to Brimstone with a few noticeable differences.

– Understanding Viper’s Kit

Maintaining Fuel:

All of Viper’s abilities revolve around poison, and a couple utilize her fuel bar. While her poison cloud and toxic screen are activated, they reduce her fuel, which can be seen above all of her abilities. Fuel recharges after deactivating the abilities that take away from it. Learning to properly manage these is key to mastering her play-style.

Poison Decay:

Viper’s poison cloud, toxic screen, and ultimate all do poison decay damage to both teammates and enemies. This means that, while touching these abilities, teammates’ and enemies’ health will slowly be drained down to a minimum of one hp. After a player loses contact with one of these abilities, their health will quickly go back to what it was before.

Viper’s Abilities

Snake Bite (100 Credits, 2 Max)

Viper Snake Bite


Viper Snake Bite


Viper’s snake bite creates a pool of poison that quickly damages enemies and slowly damages Viper and her teammates. This ability is incredibly good at stopping a quick enemy push. If an enemy chooses to walk through this ability, they will likely lose at least half of their health. After shooting this ability, it will bounce off any wall it comes into contact with. Snake Bite also makes sound while in mid-air as well as after it hits the ground.

Using Snake Bite:

Unlike some of Viper’s other abilities, snake bite should be used only if you know enemies are near. This ability should mostly be used to delay pushes as well as to stop defuses. Throwing this ability on a planted spike prevents any enemy players from defusing for as long as it lasts. This can be done most effectively by standing on the spike right after planting it, and shooting a snake bite straight up into the air. After about seven seconds, the spike and the area directly around it will be covered with poison.

Poison Cloud (200 Credits, 1 Max)

Viper Poison Cloud


Viper Poison Cloud


Poison Cloud is a poisonous sphere that blocks vision and slowly does poison damage to enemies and teammates that step inside. This ability will generally be used to block chokes to prevent the enemy from getting free vision. Poison cloud also emits a bit of noise when thrown and when active, potentially pulling players’ attention. This is also the only ability that Viper can pick up and reuse as many times as she wants. This ability takes away from Viper’s fuel when active.

Using Poison Cloud:

Since Viper can pick this ability up, it’s usually a good idea to throw it before the start of a round to prepare for a push. If your team calls that multiple enemies are at the other site, pick up poison cloud and prepare to rotate. However, if you know enemies are coming to your site, activate poison cloud. Depending on the game, it’s often not a bad idea to play inside of this ability. Most players won’t expect you to be inside the first time. Lastly, make sure to smoke off key areas/chokes when pushing to allow your team to successfully secure the site.

Toxic Screen (Signature Ability)

Viper Toxic Screen


Viper Toxic Screen


Toxic screen is a wall of poison that can block vision for quite a long distance. This ability acts the same as a smoke in that it can be both shot and walked through. Players that are not Viper also get a poison decay when touching the wall. A well-placed toxic screen allows an entire team to push onto a site for free. This ability can only be placed only once and takes away from Viper’s fuel when active.

Using Toxic Screen:

When looking for a decent spot to use this ability, there are a few tips that will dramatically help you. It is firstly good to know that many doorways have the chance to stop Viper’s toxic screen prematurely. Make sure you step out of doorways before throwing out the screen. You can also get really nice screens through some walls if you look up before activating this ability. It is also worth noting that you can see where the wall will be on the mini-map.

Viper’s Pit (Ultimate Ability)

Viper's Pit Ultimate


Viper's Pit Ultimate


Viper’s pit is an incredible zoning ult that blocks vision of a relatively large area. Enemies and teammates inside of this ultimate will take decay damage. If Viper steps out of this ability for too long, it will disappear. This means Viper’s pit should be used almost exclusively when taking or defending a site. Enemies that want to defuse a spike will be forced to walk into your trap.

Using Viper’s Pit:

After taking a site, you should activate this ultimate. Enemies that attempt to push into this ultimate usually do so quite poorly, allowing a pick or two for free. It is also very important that you communicate with your team when you plan on ulting since this ability does damage them. With multiple teammates playing on the outskirts of this massive poisonous pit, it will be almost impenetrable for the enemy team.

– Conclusion

Due to Viper’s incredible ability to deny and zone enemy vision, she can be very good at defending a site on her own. She has access to some very unique abilities, some of which rely on her fuel. This aspect also adds a bit of a skill cap to her play-style. The best Viper players will intelligently maneuver in and out of her toxic screen, poison cloud, and ultimate ability.

With a bit of practice and hard work you will be able to master Viper’s abilities and all they have to offer!

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