Valorant – Sova #1 Insightful High-Elo Playstyle Guide

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– Why Play Sova?

Sova arguably has some of the best potentials to get vision for his team. He has multiple abilities that can either zone enemies out of a specific area or push a specific area. Sova also has quite a bit of flexibility in where he plays since his abilities are extensions to get vision for his team. When played properly, a good Sova can carry a game through smart use of vision and patience.

When learning Sova’s abilities, be open to trying different play-styles that compliment his abilities in different ways. For example, if you Owl Drone someone that you know is alone, attempt fighting them. If you win the fight it’s a free pick, giving the edge to your team for the rest of the round. If you die, keep note of who you took the fight with for later in the game. Knowing who is good and who is bad is very valuable information.

– Sova’s Abilities

Sova has many different abilities that are all each used in different situations. There are a few general bits of knowledge that can be valuable when playing him. The first is knowing that his Owl Drone is the most valuable ability that you can buy for Sova. If you can buy an Owl Drone with the rest of your buy, you should always buy it. Always prioritize it over his Shock Bolts. First round I would suggest buying either a Ghost (500 credits) with an Owl Drone (300 credits) or a Frenzy (400 credits) with an Owl Drone (300 credits) and a Shock Bolt (100 credits). No matter which sidearm you prefer, you will have plenty of utility for pistol round.

– Owl Drone (300 Credits, 1 Max)


Sova Owl Drone


Sova Owl Drone


Owl Drone is one of Sova’s two abilities that can grant he and his team vision. As seen above, you can pull out the drone and throw it. The drone is controlled by Sova for up to 10 seconds. Flying the drone can also be cancelled at any point. The drone can also fire a dart which will reveal the enemy’s location for a short time. Make sure not to use this ability randomly: think about each of Sova’s abilities before you use them. It’s very easy to waste his abilities and convince yourself that he isn’t as good as he actually is.

Using Owl Drone:

Owl Drone is best used when pushing a site with your team or on defense when you have reason to believe the enemies are grouped in a particular area. Once you see an enemy/enemies tag them with the drone and remember it’s very important to comm what you see to your team. Depending on the specific situation, you can either take a fight with the enemy/enemies or fall back and ask your team to rotate.

The last very important thing to know for this ability is to ALWAYS use it when you don’t know where any of the enemies are. If you don’t know where a single enemy is, they are most likely setting up to push a site. Using Owl Drone can rule out an area completely, or catch and sometimes stop an entire team as they are pushing.

– Shock Bolt (100 Credits, 2 Max)

Sova Shock Dart


Sova Shock Dart


Shock Bolt is an electric arrow that creates a radius that damages players once contact is made with something. This ability as well as Recon Bolt have the option to bounce zero, one, or two times off of any surface. The center of the radius does 90 damage and diminishes the farther away you go. This means that you essentially have to directly hit the same enemy with both of your Shock Bolts to kill them. This generally is very hard to do, and isn’t how you should use your Shock Bolts. Truth be told, you have to be somewhat lucky to get a kill with this ability. With that being said, this ability definitely has some value.

Using Shock Bolt:

The best way to use Sova’s Shock Bolts is to catch your enemies off guard with one or two bounces. Also make sure you know there are one or more enemies in the area you’re shooting toward. For example, rooms or areas connecting to the site/area you are defending are common places for enemies to stand and sometimes peek.

If you don’t know where any of the enemies are, use your Owl Drone and/or Recon Bolt in an attempt to reveal their locations. If one of these abilities finds an enemy, use your Shock Darts to get free damage. Like mentioned earlier, the goal of this ability isn’t to necessarily kill them, it’s to get them low for you and your team.

– Recon Bolt (Signature Ability)

Sova Recon Bolt


Recon Bolt is an arrow that can be shot to reveal the location of enemy players within a radius of where the arrow lands. This, much like the Shock Dart, can be shot with zero, one, or two bounces. Once the arrow hits its final location, it will pulse three times, revealing the position of enemies with each pulse. When using this ability, keep in mind that it can be shot and destroyed by the enemy team.

Using Recon Bolt:

When playing Sova, it is very important to realize that this ability has a 35 second cool down. This means that you should be looking to Recon Bolt to find enemies as much as you possibly can: it’s a free ability that can be used up to three or four times per round. Depending on which map you’re on, there are many incredible Sova arrows that you can learn to catch enemies off guard.

The main rule to follow is to not shoot your Recon Bolts in the same place at the same time every round. This will result in you not getting any value out of the ability and can potentially even get you picked. Clearing areas that are usually hard to clear when pushing with your team is also a very good idea.

– Hunter’s Fury (Ultimate Ability)


This ability isn’t particularly difficult to use, although there are a few main things you should understand. The first is that Sova’s ultimate does indeed have a range, so keep that in mind when trying to ult people from a distance. Also understand that it is relatively easy to dodge his ultimate, so keep that in mind when trying to hit your opponents. Some enemies won’t try to dodge, but some will. The last important thing to be careful that your teammates aren’t in your way when you plan on ulting.

Using Hunter’s Fury:

Hunter’s Fury is powerful when used correctly and with a little luck, you can wipe out multiple enemies. Each of the three shots from Hunter’s Fury does 80 damage, meaning only two need to be landed on one enemy to kill them. The best way to start your Sova ult is to use either Owl Drone or Recon Bolt to reveal at least one enemy. While the enemy’s location is revealed, begin ulting them. With some practice, this should be a pretty free kill. Also when firing at the enemy you tagged, it’s common for other enemies to be near them.

– Sova’s Different Play-Styles

Sova’s play-style will vary depending on your team, the map, and your preferred play-style. Understanding and accepting the idea that you have a play-style is very important. It will allow you to begin experimenting with different agents and maps. Sova’s standard play-styles often vary greatly, and can be tweaked/changed depending on how you play.

– Support Sova

The first of Sova’s play-styles is to play passive and have the objective of getting information for your team. This usually means that you don’t peek early in the round and use your Owl Drone and Recon Bolt to scout out enemies. If you don’t find any enemies with your utility, it is often common to soft rotate in case of a fast push. Be careful not to over rotate, as the enemies might be planning something sneaky.

– Aggro Sova

Another, but less common, way to play Sova is playing aggressive with Sova’s abilities. Keep in mind this does not mean turn your brain off when your Recon Bolt spots an enemy. Typically you will want to use your abilities to get vision/information about where the enemy players are.
If you’re holding a site and you don’t find anything with your vision, consider pushing through to flank enemy players. Be very careful as most teams in higher elo tend to almost always watch flanks. However, this is a great strategy in lower elo that will often give you free rounds. 
The most important thing to remember when playing aggressive as Sova is to not be predictable to the enemy team. Sometimes when I’m using this play-style, I’ll ask a teammate to swap me sites so I can do the same thing but in a different place. Most enemy teams won’t expect position swaps like this unless you’ve lost many rounds in a row.

– Create A Play-Style!

Like mentioned previously, most of us have our unique play-styles and ways that we enjoy playing specific agents. Support and Aggro Sova are nothing more than blueprints to help you learn how to become a Sova legend: no single one is the best. Valorant is a game in which players are rewarded for being very adaptive.

– Conclusion

Sova is definitely a very good pick when used properly, and can absolutely destroy an enemy team with the correct use of his vision. Make sure you play with an open mind and to learn from your mistakes. Through this and some of the tools/knowledge I have given you, I know you can become a Sova god!

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