Valorant – Skye #1 Incredible High-Elo Playstyle Guide

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Skye Agent

– Why Play Skye?

Skye is considered an initiator, which places her in the same category as Sova and Breach. This makes a lot of sense because she has both flashes as well as a drone-like Tasmanian tiger ability that can stun enemies. On top of this, she has the ability to AOE heal her allies in a large radius. Skye has the potential to open fights for your team with the majority of her abilities, as well as the ability to heal after an initial fight.

– Skye’s Abilities

– Regrowth (200 Credits, 1 Max)

Skye Regrowth Ability

Skye Regrowth Ability


Regrowth is Skye’s healing ability, costing a total of 200 credits. After pulling this ability out, holding mouse 1 heals any teammates in line-of-sight of Skye. This ability is often very good for healing a couple of teammates back up to full hp after an initial encounter with the enemy in any given round. It’s also worth noting that you cannot heal yourself, encouraging sky players to play more with their team rather than as an entry-fragger. This ability can be destroyed by enemy players with only a small amount of damage.

Using Regrowth:

This ability is not bad for a pistol round but is often best on rounds where all of your teammates have full armor. Make sure to remind your teammates that you can heal them when they are low, as many teammates will otherwise play like you don’t exist. Also, make sure not to pull out regrowth when there’s a chance for you to be shot by an enemy player. This ability is best used after taking a site, or after deciding to rotate to another site when your teammates have taken damage.

– Trailblazer (200 Credits, 1 Max)

Skye Trailblazer Ability

Skye Trailblazer Ability


Skye’s trailblazer ability is very similar to Sova’s recon drone. It is most effectively used for gathering information and intel for your team. However, unlike Sova’s drone, you can press mouse 1 and pounce on an enemy player, concussing and damaging an enemy player for 30 damage. It is generally pretty rare to stun an enemy with this ability, but it is possible to catch players off-guard. It’s also worth noting that the distance you can see is slightly limited by green fog as seen in the image above. This ability can also be shot and killed by enemies.

Using Trailblazer:

This ability is best used to gather information when pushing into a site or when defending a site. On attack, trailblazer gives your team the potential to catch enemies in weird spots out for a free pick. When defending, this ability should be cast if you know there is at least one player outside of the site you’re defending. If you are lucky you will find multiple enemies preparing to push a site together. In general, it’s good practice to call if you concuss someone with this ability since they will be particularly vulnerable for a few seconds.

– Guiding Light (Signature Ability, 100 Credits, 3 Max)

Skye Guiding Light Signature Ability

Skye Guiding Light Signature Ability


Guiding light is Skye’s flash ability and is very unique compared to every other agent’s flash ability. This is because Skye can control the flash by holding mouse 1 down and moving your mouse in the direction you want it to go. Pressing the same button you used to pull out the flash again will activate the flash. You will start each round with one extra free flash since this is her signature ability, with the other ones costing 100 credits. Another very important thing with this ability is that Skye says “blinded” if your flash hits an enemy player. This can be used for gathering intel at any point throughout the game.

Using Guiding Light:

When using guiding light, it’s very important that you don’t accidentally blind your teammates. Due to how it is controlled, it is generally much easier to flash your teammates than with an agent like Breach or Phoenix. If you want to flash an area where your teammates are also at, make sure you communicate what exactly you’re going to do. This ability is also commonly used for finding enemy player’s locations since Skye says “blinded” when this ability blinds someone. You can usually use one flash at the beginning of the round to see if enemies are near where you are.

– Seekers (Ultimate Ability, 6 Orbs)

Skye Seekers Ultimate Ability


Seekers is Skye’s ultimate ability that sends out up to three projectile orbs that track enemy players once activated. If one of the projectiles reach an enemy player, they will be nearsighted for a few seconds, very similarly to Omen‘s blinding ability. These orbs can also be shot and destroyed by enemy players, but take much more damage than Skye’s other abilities.

Using Seekers:

This ability can be popped in many different scenarios depending on how you and your team want to play. As long as three players are alive, you can use this ultimate to get a general idea as to where three of the enemy players are located. You can also use this ability as enemies are pushing into an area/site to slow them down and get potential picks.

– Conclusion:

Skye is essentially a hybrid of Sova and Breach that also has the ability to heal. This means she is best utilized as an initiator, but not as an entry like Phoenix or Reyna. Skye’s heal is also great for topping off a few teammates to full hp before taking another fight. Using her trailblazer ability for information as you would use Sova’s drone is also ideal. With some practice, you have the potential to hard-carry games as Skye with decent use of all of her utility and good communication.

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