Valorant – Sage #1 Resourceful High-Elo Playstyle Guide

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– Why Play Sage?

Sage is currently one of the best agents in Valorant due to how much utility she brings to her team. Sage’s barrier orb is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, preventing enemy players from entering specific areas. Sage also has a heal that can be used multiple times per round, and essentially acts as a second life for people that are healed from one hp. She also has the ability to revive one teammate with her ultimate, creating way better odds for your team to win any round.

– Sage’s Abilities

– Barrier Orb (400 Credits, 1 Max)

Sage Barrier Orb


Sage Barrier Orb


Barrier orb is a wall that can be used to block off entire areas, sites, and chokes when attacking or defending. After being placed, the wall can be destroyed by enemies and teammates after a decent amount of damage has been done. There are four separate sections of the wall, each with their own hp. Make sure to let teammates know before walling, as walling with no comms could result in a teammate’s death. It is also good to understand that enemies must make noise to break a wall, allowing you to give valuable information to your teammates. It is often common on some maps to wall specific areas for the entire defensive half.

Using Barrier Orb:

When using this ability, many Sage players place their walls as the round starts. This can be done to prevent any chance of dying from enemy peaks and locking down an area for a decent amount of time. The enemy team will also sometimes shoot the wall down as soon as they can. If this happens to you, it’s generally a good idea to slow orb as they break the wall. If enemy players continue to break your wall at the beginning of each round, consider using slow orbs before using barrier orb.

– Slow Orb (100 Credits, 2 Max)

Sage Slow Orb


Sage Slow Orb


Slow orb is an ability that can be thrown up to 10 meters to slow the ground over a medium-sized area. Enemies and teammates attempting to run or jump while this ability covers the ground will make a crackling noise. People that attempt to run are also slowed by a decent amount. This ability is very good at creating more time for your team to rotate. It’s very important to realize that slow orb bounces off walls, potentially slowing your team if you aren’t careful.

Using Slow Orb:

When using this ability, it’s best used to stop a push, or when rotating out of an area where you know there are enemies. As mentioned previously, it’s sometimes a good idea to alternate between using slow orb and barrier orb first, depending on the given round. Slowing the area around a planted spike is very good if you know when the enemy is walking up to it, as this can delay a lot of time. When using this ability, also make sure to communicate where you do it, as your slow orb could accidentally slow down another teammate’s plan.

– Healing Orb (Signature Ability)

Sage Healing Orb


Healing orb is an incredibly powerful ability that has the chance to heal teammates for up to 100 of their base health. Base health does not include armor. This ability can be used on any teammates that need healing as well as Sage herself. It is good to prioritize yourself and then other players. However, if someone on your team is hard-carrying, it might be a better idea to prioritize healing them first. It is also typically best to heal any teammates before a team fight, as it takes a few seconds to heal someone back up to max. It’s also good to know that taking damage temporarily stops the healing effect.

Using Healing Orb:

When looking to use this ability, as said above, prioritize yourself and then teammates. It might actually not be worth healing a teammate if they are performing particularly bad, as they will likely die after being healed anyway. Make sure not to pull out healing orb when there’s a chance an enemy could shoot and potentially kill you since you’re especially vulnerable with this ability out. Lastly, it’s a great idea to consistently pay attention to each one of your teammate’s health at the top of your screen.

– Resurrection (Ultimate Ability)

Sage Resurrection


Resurrection is a potentially game-changing ultimate ability. Sage has the ability to revive any teammate that has died in any given round when this ultimate is up. There is a short animation for reviving a player, making them extra vulnerable to dying. This means you should keep in mind where enemy players are before reviving anyone. Teammates that are revived are done so with 100 hp and no armor. Resurrection should sometimes be saved if the odds are very stacked against your team winning that round. For example, if it’s a 1v5, the best play is usually to go for picks and then rez if you’re successful in getting picks.

Using Resurrection:

Resurrection isn’t a super hard ultimate to use, but there are definitely a couple of rules to follow when using it. The main one is to think about where enemy players are before attempting to resurrect. If the enemy that killed the player you’re reviving is still alive, they will likely be ready to secure the kill again. Another good habit to get into is to communicate when and who you are reviving so you don’t risk reviving someone that’s AFK or alt-tabbed. Although much less common, resurrection can be used as bait to kill an enemy player/players. This typically shouldn’t be done unless you are confident in yourself to win the round like this.

– Conclusion

Sage is undoubtedly one of the best agents in Valorant. Her abilities bring an incredible amount of value to any team that has her. Learning how to use her abilities and how to play her in specific scenarios is the key to mastering her. Communication is also very important when beginning to learn Sage, as your abilities impact how your teammates play just as much as it affects how enemies play.

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