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Valorant’s Unrated MMR System vs. Ranked MMR System

After having played for quite a few hours in Riot’s new Valorant, I’ve picked up and learned quite a bit about how the system currently works. More specifically, I’ve noticed there is a balancing system for both unrated and ranked play. Each one works a bit differently and are typically both very effective at balancing teams.

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The Unrated MMR System

The unrated game mode is likely what every player will hop into first – it’s quick, easy, and shows off pretty much everything a new player would want to see. The first few games I played, I noticed that they were particularly easy. This is likely because the system that is currently in place defaults a new account to relatively low MMR, and due to my background in CS:GO and Overwatch, I had a pretty easy time slaughtering my opponents. The slaughter, of course, did not last forever. I was slowly but surely getting more difficult games and I continued to do my best each game. This means ranking/MMR is currently based a lot off of your individual performance rather than solely winning or losing. Although winning and losing also has a slight effect on unrated MMR as well, from my experience. To wrap up how the unrated experience felt, it was anything but random: it felt concise, particular, and calculated.

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– The Ranked MMR System

The system used to match people in ranked is definitely similar to the unrated system, but there are a few noticeable differences since ranks are visible when the player presses tab. The main difference I noticed was that it almost feels like there’s an underdog team and a team that’s meant to win. This doesn’t happen every game, but most games it feels like one team has an advantage simply because of how the teams were balanced. This is a very nice algorithm in my opinion because if you lose a game in which your team is the underdog, then it is highly likely that the next game you play will be considerably easier. This not only makes the game more enjoyable, but also incentives players to continue playing.

– How Hard Are Specific Ranks?

Valorant Ranked Ranks
All Valorant Ranks
People who maybe haven’t hopped into the ranked mode or maybe just haven’t been fortunate enough to get a beta key yet might be curious what the different ranks are actually like. As seen at the top of this page, there are a total of 8 different ranks, 7 of which currently have three different tiers. As for the difficulty of each rank, it of course varies from rank to rank. I placed into silver 2, as I think many people of my skill level did. I personally found this elo to be quite easy to climb out of and is probably comparable to the gold nova ranks in CS:GO. I slowly climbed my way up to plat 3 which is where I currently stand. I definitely have to say that platinum players aren’t super good, but it’s definitely possible to notice a difference between silver and plat. From my experience so far, I can conclude that the ranks below silver will be filled with players that are either new to PC or are new to the FPS genre. I can also infer that the ranks above plat like diamond/immortal will be a bit of a challenge to climb into for players like myself.

–  How Does Valorant’s Ranked System Compare to CS:GO’s?

FACEIT’s Ranked Levels
Many people who have played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive know that valve’s matchmaking system is pretty inconsistent and overall not very good. However, there are services people can use like FACEIT, CEVO, and ESEA. These clients actually provide pretty good matchmaking. FACEIT uses a level ranking system that goes from 1-10 and people at level 10 can continue to gain elo. Although Valorant has 8 ranks, I don’t think the way in which MMR is gained is super comparable to any of these clients. I actually think the ranked system Riot is using for Valorant is quite unique, which is just another reason I love playing it so far!

Wrapping up, I’m sure Riot’s new MMR system has quite a bit of improvement that could be made, but it does seem very promising for competitive play. Riot has the potential to tweak many things regarding the balancing system. I as well as many other have high hopes for where Valorant will go this Summer. Find more Valorant/gaming content like this here:


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