Valorant – Phoenix #1 Perceptive High-Elo Playstyle Guide

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– Why Play Phoenix?

Phoenix has access to some of the best entry abilities in the game. When his flashes are used effectively, Phoenix can open up almost any area/site for his team to take. Not to mention his ultimate which basically gives him two attempts at securing an area. Master the basics of his abilities and you can easily begin catching people off guard for relatively free picks.

Phoenix’s aggressive play style allows him to do things most other agents aren’t able to do. Even when defending, decent Phoenix players will occasionally use a flash in an attempt to catch an unsuspecting enemy player. This play style is quite unique and currently only works with a couple of agents in Valorant. With all of that being said, his play style simply isn’t for some players. To fully utilize him to his max, you have to play aggressive and sometimes go first for your team, even if it means dying to trade.

– Phoenix’s Abilities

Phoenix has many useful abilities, almost all of which can be used to surprise your opponent and secure a free kill. Understanding how he is played is pretty important to understand when to use his abilities. Phoenix also has a passive that each of his fire abilities heal him. Self healing is very powerful, and allows Phoenix to take multiple fights even after being damaged.

– Blaze (200 Credits, 1 Max)

Phoenix Blaze


Phoenix Blaze


Blaze is essentially a fire wall that Phoenix can cast to block enemy vision and heal himself. As seen above, blaze can also be curved slightly to better block specific angles or areas. This ability is very good when initially pushing into a site and can allow your team to get a quick spike plant. It is also worth noting that this ability can be used solely to heal Phoenix if absolutely necessary. Be careful when placing the wall, as it can damage his teammates.

Using Blaze:

This ability usually won’t be bought first round, unless you want to plan a strategy around it with your team. Otherwise, you will likely want to buy a pistol with one or two flashes. When learning where to use this ability, you can think of it sort of as a smoke. Using it to block off key chokes/areas that you know enemies are likely to be watching is ideal.

The last cool thing about this ability is the potential to out-brain the enemy team. This can be done by placing the wall in a spot where the enemy thinks they know where you’re going to go. Instead of going where they think you’re going to, surprise them by going elsewhere. For example, if you place your wall to block a choke, rather than crossing the choke, go through the wall and kill the enemy/enemies.

– Curveball (200 Credits, 2 Max)

Phoenix Curveball


Phoenix Curveball


Curveball is the key ability that makes Phoenix the agent that he is. This ability is most commonly referred to as a “flash” or “flash-bang” in game. When used, Phoenix will throw a ball of fire that will curve to the left or to the right. This ball of fire will blind anyone that has line of sight of the projectile, including Phoenix himself, teammates, and enemies. Learning how far forward this ability goes before curving is very important to learn, as you will likely blind many teammates if you don’t.

Using Curveball:

This ability is what allows Phoenix to take control of an area and push with relative ease. When an enemy is flashed, it blinds and disorients them for multiple seconds. This allows Phoenix and his team not only to push into a site, but also gives him a chance to get a free kill or even two. Make sure not to do the same entry flash multiple times in a row, as the enemies will quickly learn and adapt to losing the same site multiple times.

Another important thing with Phoenix’s curveball is to be creative and learn to use it adaptively. If you go to one area and attempt to flash and it doesn’t work, try it at another area. Also, make sure you use all of your flashes before you die on buy rounds. I often see players that have a very good chance to win a round and they take fights without using any of their abilities.

– Hot Hands (Signature Ability)

Phoenix Hot Hands


Phoenix Hot Hands


Hot hands is Phoenix’s signature ability that essentially acts as a molotov. It can be thrown a certain distance before eventually automatically falling to the ground. Once contact with the ground is made, it will create a pool of fire that damages enemies and teammates and heals Phoenix. This ability also resets after two kills and/or assists. You’ll most commonly see this ability being used to heal rather than to damage enemies.

Using Hot Hands:

This ability is fantastic for healing Phoenix as well as forcing enemies out of corners/enclosed areas. Use it when pushing an area with a team to secure places where you know enemies could come from. After taking a decent amount of damage as Phoenix, you should almost always fall back to heal yourself with hot hands. This ability can also damage teammates, so be sure to think twice before throwing one where your teammate might have to retreat to.

Make sure not to pull out this ability out in the open, as you have a chance to get caught by an enemy peaking. Also be aware that this ability makes a bit of noise when on the ground, so some players might push you as you’re healing.

– Run It Back (Ultimate Ability)

Phoenix Run It Back


Phoenix Run It Back


Phoenix’s ultimate basically gives him a free life to try to find extra kills. Upon casting, Phoenix will leave a flame radius/circle that shows enemies/teammates that this is where you started your ult at. When you die or time runs out, this radius is where you will be teleported back to. It is very important that you don’t ult where enemies can flank and wait for your ult to run out, as this will result in you dying. With that being said, this ultimate can completely change the tempo of a round to your team’s favor.

Using Run It Back:

Phoenix is also able to use his other abilities while in his ultimate. This allows you to ult and then flash into an area. Before you ult, you will usually want to tell a teammate to bait your ult. At the very worst, you will die in your ult and the person you asked to bait you should trade for your ult. It’s also a good idea to ult when retaking or defending a site, as you will have better odds at winning that round.

Make sure to check that the place you ult is safe. If you ult and don’t get any kills and die afterwards because you ulted in a bad spot, you lose of a lot of potential value.


Phoenix is an incredibly strong entry fragger that can secure many kills for his team. Correctly utilizing his flashes and his ult is the key to successfully carrying as him. Master these basic aspects of Phoenix and begin to become a god at him!

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