Valorant Patch 2.00 – Omen Nerfs, Brimstone Buffs #1 Overview

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Brimstone Buffs in Valorant Patch 2.00:

Brimstone Nerf Valorant Patch 2.00

The Valorant community recently discovered some big agent changes that will be going live on January 12, 2021, when Episode 2 and Valorant patch 2.00 officially goes live. From what we know, these agent changes seem to be very needed to help agents like Brimstone gain a higher pick rate.

– Incendiary Buff

  • Cost reduced from 300 credits to 200 credits

– Stim Beacon Buff

  • Now instantly throw-able, equipping stim beacon no longer necessary

– Sky Smoke Buff

  • Smoke duration increased from 14.25 seconds to 19.25 seconds
  • Placement range increased from 4200 to 5000

Analysis of Brimstone Buffs (Valorant Patch 2.00):

It seems that Riot is heavily focused on bringing Brimstone back into the meta in Valorant patch 2.00, as he currently has one of the lowest pick-rates in the game.

Sky Smokes – The biggest buff of those listed above is definitely to Brimstone’s Sky Smokes, as they are what make a controller agent so powerful. Since each of his smokes lasts a total of five seconds longer, all three of his smokes will now have an additional 15 seconds of cover. In addition to the duration of his smokes, Brimstone will also be able to smoke a bit farther in Valorant patch 2.00.

This is very big since one of the main reasons Omen was picked over Brimstone was the range of his smokes, as well as the fact the Omen has regenerating smokes. Now that Brimstone has an additional five seconds on each smoke, this gives him much more play-ability.

Stim Beacon – When I play with a Brimstone, I notice that most of them generally never used the Stim Beacon ability. Riot removing the equip time in Valorant patch 2.00 will potentially make this ability slightly more viable.

Incendiary – Reducing Brimstone’s incendiary by 100 credits is a solid buff, but isn’t likely to make him super overpowered. However, this does mean Brimstone should have the potential to create incendiary lineups almost every round now that this ability is cheaper.

Omen Nerfs in Valorant Patch 2.00:

Omen Nerfs Valorant Patch 2.00

The nerfs to Omen in Valorant patch 2.00 are definitely good changes, but also shouldn’t make him completely unplayable. It seems that riot wants to make each of the controller agents equally as good as the next. This makes me wonder what they might change about Viper to make her play-rate slightly higher than it currently is.

– Paranoia Nerf

  • Cost increased from 200 credits to 400 credits

– Dark Cover Nerf

  • Travel speed decreased from 4000 to 2800

Analysis of Omen Nerfs (Valorant Patch 2.00):

Riot also seems to understand that Omen has one of the highest pick-rates in Valorant, handicapping your team if you don’t have him on most maps.

Paranoia – Omen’s blind ability is arguably the most powerful blinding ability currently in Valorant, as its size is very large and the blind itself lasts a long time. Instead of nerfing the blind itself, they opted to increase the price of this ability by 200 credits. This seems like a solid choice since paranoia will now cost the same as Sage’s barrier orb.

However, the price doesn’t change how overpowered this blind can be. We will have to wait and see just how much this nerf actually hurts Omen.

Dark Cover – The decrease in the travel speed of Omen’s smokes is a good change, as it will make Omen slightly less effective at smoking areas from across a map. This seems to be in-line with trying to make Brimstone and Omen be equally as effective with how their smokes work.

Classic Sidearm Right-Click Nerf in Valorant Patch 2.00:

After many complaints of how broken the right-click on the Classic is, Riot has finally decided it’s time for a nerf in Valorant patch 2.00. As seen in the Twitter clip above, the spread of the right-click will now become much larger after a few right-clicks.

It still seems like the first few right clicks of a Classic’s clip will remain somewhat similar to how it is now. However, this definitely puts the Classic in a better place, since it is a free sidearm after all.

This nerf was likely put in place for Valorant patch 2.00 to entice more players to buy other sidearms instead of buying nothing. R.I.P the Classic right-click!

Conclusion of Valorant Patch 2.00:

The Valorant patch 2.00 notes look very promising for Valorant’s future since the changes are very in-line with what most of the community and high-elo players wanted to see going into Episode 2. The Brimstone buffs and Omen nerfs make each of them more on a similar level, which means we should see both of them played an equal amount. However, that does leave Viper in the dust, as she currently has the lowest pick-rate and one of the lowest win-rates in all of Valorant.

Ultimately, I look forward to what all of Episode 2 and beyond has to offer! Thanks for reading. 😀

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