Valorant – Omen #1 Astounding High-Elo Playstyle Guide

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– Why Play Omen?

Omen has abilities that can give his team the edge on certain fights through vision control. He can also outplay his opponents with good use of his two teleport abilities. Communication is the key to mastering Omen since this is what allows your abilities’ powers to shine. Each round his smokes also have the potential to smoke off two key areas across the entire map. When attacking, this is great for locking down important areas with your team as well. Continue reading and learn how to best utilize each one of Omen’s abilities.

– Omen’s Abilities

– Shrouded Step (100 Credits, 2 Max)

Omen Shrouded Step


Omen Shrouded Step


Shrouded step allows Omen to teleport a short to medium distance. Omen will cast this ability for about one second before teleporting, and will also make a noise as he is casting. This means players can hear when Omen teleports from pretty far away. However, players are not able to hear where Omen teleports to, which is a large reason why this ability is considered good. It is also good to understand that Omen must wait for a second after teleporting to pull his weapon out. If enemies realize you have teleported, it’s essentially a free kill for them.

Using Shrouded Step:

When using shrouded step, it’s important to play around the fact that enemies can hear when you initially activate this ability. This means that smoking an area first followed by a teleport is a good idea since enemies won’t know exactly where you teleported. Using this ability is also good if the enemies are using ultimates, as they will likely not expect you to teleport then. Shrouded step is also very good for getting onto high ground that would otherwise be inaccessible. Also using this ability when your team is pushing is sometimes confusing for enemy players.

– Paranoia (200 Credits, 1 Max)

Omen Paranoia


Omen Paranoia


Paranoia is a projectile that can be cast in a straight line, blinding any enemies hit by it. Upon being hit by paranoia, vision and sound are greatly decreased. This ability can be extremely powerful when you know multiple enemies are clumped together. Paranoia, however, does emit a sound as it’s traveling through the air, allowing enemy players to sometimes dodge it. Make sure to also always blind people that are defusing or faking the defuse, as it will likely result in a free kill. Try not to accidentally hit teammates with this ability.

Using Paranoia:

This ability can be used most of the time to secure kills on unsuspecting enemy players. For example, if an enemy player is playing passive and is not peaking you, this is a perfect time to use paranoia and attempt to push for the free kill. Another good way to think of paranoia is simply as another flash ability. Using this ability as a flash, of course, will be a bit different than Phoenix or Breach’s flash. Remember to be careful not to blind teammates, as this could potentially get them killed and maybe even lose you the round.

Dark Cover (Signature Ability, 2 Max)

Omen Dark Cover


Omen Dark Cover


Dark cover is the ability that brings Omen’s kit to life. This ability is a large smoke that can be thrown a very long distance. If dark cover is thrown above the ground, it falls until the center of the sphere comes into contact with the ground. The inside of this smoke is hollow, meaning Omen can sit and wait inside for other players to push. This is also Omen’s signature ability, meaning these smokes should be used frequently to lock down important areas. Communicating this ability is necessary, otherwise, you risk accidentally smoking off a teammate’s vision.

Using Dark Cover:

It typically doesn’t matter where Omen plays, since this ability is usually able to reach across an entire map. It’s good to communicate with your teammates and ask what smokes would best fit their play-styles. This automatically maximizes your team’s chances of winning any round that this is done in. Dark cover can also be used to smoke a place where Omen wants to be slightly more aggressive. When an area is smoked, Omen can wait patiently inside of the smoke, or push with his paranoia ability in an attempt to secure a kill early on.

From The Shadows (Ultimate Ability)

Omen From The Shadows


Omen From The Shadows


From The Shadows is an incredible ultimate that allows Omen to teleport anywhere of his choice. Activating this ability makes a relatively loud noise to every player in the game. As your shadow appears you also make a noticeable noise, alerting any nearby enemies. It’s worth noting that you can cancel your ultimate after activating at any time. Lastly make sure to communicate most of your Omen ults, as it will greatly increase your team’s chances of winning each round.

Using From The Shadows:

When using this ultimate as Omen, you generally have a couple of options. He can have his team begin to push a site as he ults behind to help clear the rest. Omen can also ult into an area to gain vision of which players are playing where. This is often very valuable in high-elo. It is also good to use this ability on defense when your teammates need assistance in another area. Make sure not to ult when any enemies could flank your shadow, as it could potentially lead to your death.


Omen is an absolute monster when his abilities are correctly utilized. Communicating with your team to use your smokes as Omen is also incredibly important, as it maximizes your team’s chance to get picks in that area. Intelligent use of Omen’s shrouded step as well as ultimate is also important for securing key kills early on in rounds.

With a bit of practice and a little hard work, you can easily master Omen and begin carrying games with him. Remember to never forget what makes Omen’s kit so powerful!

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