Valorant – Killjoy #1 Spectacular High-Elo Playstyle Guide

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Killjoy Agent

– Why Play Killjoy?

Killjoy falls into the sentinel category, currently placing her in the same category as Sage and Cypher. Killjoy doesn’t have any healing abilities, but her play-style is extremely similar to that of Cypher’s. She has a turret which is mainly used for getting information about enemy players’ locations. She also has an alarmbot that will blow up on enemy players in its radius, and ultimately apply the vulnerable debuff to anyone damaged. Killjoy’s ultimate ability, called lockdown, is also incredibly powerful when pushing or defending a site. Ultimately, Killjoy is looking to be a great alternative to Cypher with many unique abilities that all work to help secure areas for your team.

Killjoy’s Abilities

– Nanoswarm (200 Credits, 2 Max)

Killjoy Nanoswarm Ability

Killjoy Nanoswarm Ability


Nanoswarm is an ability than creates a radius that damages enemies upon being detonated. Similarly to Cypher’s cyber cage, it cannot be shot by enemy players. This ability damages enemies quite quickly, potentially slowing down an enemy push and maybe even killing enemy players. One nanoswarm lasts for a total of five seconds, easily killing enemies that stand in it for too long. Saving one of your two nanoswarms on full-buy rounds is also a good idea to use reactively.

Using Nanoswarm:

This ability can be very powerful on both offense and defense in two completely different ways. When defending, placing this ability in a choke where enemies are likely to push through is a very good way of temporarily slowing them down and potentially getting a bit of damage in as well. When attacking, placing one or even both of Killjoy’s nanoswarms on the planted spike can be extremely powerful to kill enemy defusers. Since one nanoswarm lasts for five seconds, two can stall the spike for a total of ten seconds. In many cases, this can easily result in multiple free rounds throughout the course of a game.

– Alarmbot (200 Credits, 1 Max)

Killjoy Alarmbot Ability

Killjoy Alarmbot Ability


Alarmbot is an ability that seeks enemy players once one enters its radius. If not destroyed by the enemies quick enough, it will explode and give anyone damaged by it the vulnerable debuff. The vulnerable debuff makes all other sources of damage do extra damage. This ability is bright red to the enemy team after placing it, and can easily be seen if not in a well-hidden spot. This ability also creates a slight buzzing noise for all players to hear, similar to how Cypher’s trapwires emit a buzzing sound. Lastly, alarmbot can be recalled by holding the same button used to place it.

Using Alarmbot:

Alarmbot should most commonly be used to distract enemies as they push into an important choke or area. Most of the time enemies will likely be able to destroy the alarmbot before it explodes, giving you a small window of time to safely shoot them. However, there are many spots throughout each of the maps that can potentially catch enemies off-guard before they have a chance to shoot it. Make sure also let your teammates know when this alarmbot explodes, as it can potentially result in many free kills. Also, make sure not to accidentally throw or activate this ability on top of a teammate, as it will deal damage to them.

– Turret (Signature Ability)

Killjoy Turret Ability

Killjoy Turret Ability


Turret is Killjoy’s signature ability that scans a 180 degree area for enemies, ultimately shooting any that are spotted. This ability shoots in three-round bursts every few seconds, and doesn’t do much damage to enemy players. Turret also makes noise after being placed, and can be heard by any nearby players. Holding the same button you used to place turret can also allow you to re-equip this ability.

Using Turret:

In general, this ability should mainly be used to spot out enemy players and cover your team’s flanks. Since turret does very minimal damage, relying on it to consistently kill an enemy player isn’t a good idea. Instead using it similarly to how Cypher’s trapwires are used is a very good idea. It’s worth noting that this ability has a very long-range, notifying you when any enemy players are spotted by it. When defending, make sure to consistently swap up where your turret is placed, or the enemy team will begin to play around it more easily.

– Lockdown (Ultimate Ability)

Killjoy Lockdown Ability

Killjoy Lockdown Ability


Lockdown is Killjoy’s ultimate ability and is arguably her most powerful ability. Upon placing this ability on the ground, every player in the game will be notified with a loud noise and a marker on the mini-map. A massive dome is created that lasts for 13 seconds. Once the timer runs down to zero, any enemy players left inside of the dome are given a debuff that prevents their weapon from being shot as well as making them very slow.

Using Lockdown:

There are many ways this ultimate can be utilized on both the attacking and defending sides. The main way it should be used on attack is to either initially secure a site or to defend a site after the spike has been planted. This will either force enemies to take unfavorable fights before the ultimate expires, or force enemies to wait until the ultimate is completely gone. When defending, Killjoy’s lockdown is incredibly good for stopping an enemy push and forcing them to rotate. Make sure to use comms when using this ultimate in order to successfully outplay your opponents.

– Conclusion:

Killjoy is turning out to be an incredibly powerful agent that has some very cool abilities. She has a very similar play-style to Cypher and can slow down or even stop an enemy push with the use of her utility. Her ultimate ability also has the chance to be potentially game-changing when used both correctly and with good communication. Also remembering to use her nanoswarm ability post-plant can be extremely powerful and allow your team to win multiple free rounds throughout the course of a game.

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