Valorant – Jett #1 Incredible High-Elo Playstyle Guide

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– Why Play Jett?

Jett has abilities that all synergize very well with each other. Her abilities also either focus quite heavily on movement or supporting her movement abilities. There are also many different combinations that can be used with Jett’s kit to allow her to quickly take a site, catch enemies off-guard, or bait enemy players into misplaying. She also has cloudbursts which can be extremely effective at smoking off enemies while pushing an area. Ultimately, playing Jett gives you an edge over your opponents with speed, smokes, and the potential to outplay with many of her abilities.

– Jett’s Abilities

– Cloudburst (100 Credits, 3 Max)

Jett Cloudburst


Jett Cloudburst


Cloudburst is an ability that allows Jett to throw medium-sized smokes that last for about seven seconds. When combined with her other abilities, these smokes can be incredibly beneficial. Cloudburst can also be very good for quickly pushing areas alone or with a coordinated team. It’s also good to know that this ability can be moved while mid-air by moving your mouse in the desired direction. Throwing smokes is specific areas can easily confuse your opponents as long as you stay one step ahead of them. When a smoke lands, it also makes a small amount of noise that can mask noises such as running or abilities.

Using Cloudburst:

This ability is generally best used when pushing into a site or other areas. Smoking chokes or areas where enemy players generally sit is good for getting into a more safe position. However, make sure to be aware that enemies can easily push through your cloudbursts and easily end your team’s push. Make sure to understand that Jett’s other abilities synergize very well with cloudburst. For example, using these smokes with Jett’s tailwind or updraft can quickly take multiple enemies by surprise and open up a site for your team.

– Updraft (100 Credits, 2 Max)

Jett Updraft


Jett Updraft


Updraft is an ability that allows Jett to dash up into the air and get a position on almost any high-ground. This ability makes a very audible noise that can be heard by all players in a relatively large radius. This means enemies will typically expect you to be on high-ground after hearing the noise made by updraft. Using updraft in combination with tailwind is also pretty common, allowing Jett to quickly cover a large distance while in mid-air. Lastly, using this ability after activating Jett’s ultimate can be very powerful and can quickly catch enemies off-guard.

Using Updraft:

When defending as Jett, using this ability as enemies are pushing can easily confuse enemies. You can either use updraft as a bait to secure a free kill or two, or you can use it to attempt to cheese with a shorty or other shotgun. When attacking a site, you can use updraft to get control of high-ground to hold angles that aren’t usually held. This will also often catch the attention of enemy defenders, allowing teammates to more safely push in and also find potential picks.


– Tailwind (Signature Ability)

Jett Tailwind


Jett Tailwind


Tailwind is Jett’s signature ability and allows her to dash forward quickly in whichever direction she is moving. This ability can be extremely good for getting Jett out of sticky situations where she will most likely die. It’s also pretty common to see Jett use tailwind in combination with her updraft to surprise enemies with her speed. It’s also worth noting that Jett will be propelled forward if she is standing still. Similarly to her updraft ability, a relatively noticeable noise is made when tailwind is activated.

Using Tailwind:

When defending, it’s good to hold an angle and use tailwind when you become overwhelmed by enemy players. Make sure you have a plan of how to use this ability before you actually need it, as it’s pretty easy to accidentally dash into a wall and die as a result. While pushing a site, make sure to use your cloudburst ability before using tailwind. This combination will allow Jett to safely get into enemy territory and potentially open up a site for her team.

– Blade Storm (Ultimate Ability)

Jett Bladestorm


Jett Bladestorm


Blade storm is an ultimate ability that allows Jett to attack with five floating knives. Kills with this ultimate reset the number of knives back to five, allowing you to chain kills with accurate shots. Left-click shoots one knife at a time and shoots directly at the cross-hair. Right-click shoots all Jett’s knives simultaneously, one-shotting enemy players at close ranges. Blade storm can also be combined with both tailwind and updraft to pull off some impressive plays.

Using Blade Storm:

This ultimate can be incredible for killing enemy players in quick succession. Blade storm can be activated at any time on the round you plan to use it, as you can swap between Jett’s blades and your weapons at any time. When attacking enemies from a distance, make sure to left-click since this attack is most accurate of the two. If enemies are pushing you, it’s good to right-click when they get close enough for you to one-shot them. You can play passively with this ultimate or aggressive depending on the specific game.

– Conclusion

Jett has some incredible abilities that allow her to access high-ground and easily take her opponents by surprise. Her cloudbursts are fantastic for smoking off enemies as well as confusing them as long as you stay one step ahead. Blade storm can also be combined with her movement abilities to allow for quick kills and even chaining kills with accurate right-clicks. Staying one step ahead of your opponents is relatively important since one wrong move with Jett can easily result in death. With a bit of practice, you can become a master at Jett and speed your way to Radiant!

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