Valorant Episode 2: New Agent #14, Map, and More Incredible…

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Valorant Episode 2

Episode 1 of Valorant will soon come to an end, which leaves open the question of what will be coming next. Episode 1 of Valorant added a total of three new agents and two new maps. Valorant episode 2 act I will come with the release of a new agent a likely a new map. On top of the new agent and map, there will also be some ranked changes as well as a new leaderboard feature.

When Does Valorant Episode 2 Act I Launch?

Episode 1 of Valorant has been quite a journey so far, with many things having been added to the game over the course of many months. Episode 2 looks to be even more promising, with a release date around January 12, 2021.

What Will Valorant Episode 2 Add?

– New Agent: Agent 14 (Valorant Episode 2)

Valorant Agent 14 Leaked

The 14th agent of Valorant has recently been teased in a few different places. Agent #14’s silhouette can be seen in the image above, with a potential ability related to his left arm.

This agent has also been speculated to be Valorant’s next duelist, with the ability to go completely invisible. When invisible, agent 14 seems to leave behind blue footsteps wherever he steps. This can be seen in the Twitter video above.

Other than these few pieces of evidence, the Valorant community is still searching for more clues regarding this agent. Speculation of the lore/background of this agent can be found on YouTube and Twitter from various sources.

– Potential New Map (Valorant Episode 2)

Valorant New Map - Valorant Episode 2

Valorant Hub on YouTube has been hard at work looking around for clues as related to Valorant’s next map. It turns out that there is a map of the world on Icebox which shows all of the places for the current maps in Valorant. However, there are also multiple other places marked around the map, potentially hinting at the location of a new map/maps.

Valorant New Map - Valorant Episode 2

The locations of the current maps in Valorant are as follows: Bind – Morocco, Split – Tokyo, Haven – Bhutan, Ascent – Italy, and Icebox – arctic tundra.

This leaves a few spots on the map that this new map could be located, with the most likely looking to be in Papua New Guinea. However, we don’t know for sure, and only time will reveal more information related to a new map.

– Competitive Gun Buddy Reward for Episode 1 Act I-III

Valorant Competitive/Ranked Gun Buddy Reward

Riot just recently announced the first rewards that we will be getting from playing the competitive game mode. There is a gun buddy that resembles each rank of Valorant. The highest act rank you achieved in all of episode I is the gun buddy you will receive. This also begs the question of what other ranked rewards we might see in the future. Potential gun skins or special titles that are only available from playing competitive sounds very rewarding.

These gun buddies are scheduled to be given out on January 11, 2021, after episode I finishes.

– New Skins/Cosmetics Teased (Valorant Episode 2)

New skins have also recently been found, the pink Phantom above being one of them. There was also a gun buddy and a spray that was leaked, all of which look quite cool. Whether or not these things will all be available in the Valorant episode 2 battlepass has yet to be announced.

– Big Ranked Changes + Competitive Leaderboard (Valorant Episode 2)

Valorant Episode 2 Leaderboard Feature

Above is Riot’s work in progress of a leaderboard that would display the top ranked players in a given region for a given act. This is very similar to league of legend’s system, and seems like a very promising feature. The leaderboard has also been announced to release sometime in January of 2021.

Ranked developers have also agreed that demotions in ranked play can often be quite harsh. This led the dev team to announce that they will somehow be making it harder for players to derank. Ian Fielding, Valorant’s Senior Producer, said that:

There are also going to be a TON more changes to the rank system with Valorant Episode 2, and we’ll have more info on that to come in early January next year.

Ian Fielding, Valorant Senior Producer


Valorant Episode 2 Competitive/Ranked System Rework

The image above also points toward there being a change in how you gain and lose rating in Valorant episode 2. It seems that the old arrow system will be replaced by a “ranked rating points.” Not too much is known about this system, but it does seem like Riot is definitely headed in the right direction.

– New Valorant Cinematic/Artwork? (Valorant Episode 2)

Valorant Episode 2

Although nothing has been announced to confirm a new cinematic, it seems quite likely that this will be the case. The image above was from the beginning of episode I, and shows off the two main characters in the ‘Ignition’ cinematic. It also shows Reyna, which was released right at the beginning of episode I act I.

If this trend continues, we will see a new cinematic trailer with potentially different agents and a different trailer name for Valorant episode 2. There could also be art showcasing the new agent #14 along with some other agents that already exist in Valorant.


Valorant episode 2 seems to be another turning point where how we view the game will evolve yet again. Agent #14 is likely to be a duelist that has the ability to go invisible while leaving blue footprints on the ground. The new map has been narrowed down to potentially be located in Papua New Guinea, which would add another very unique map to Valorant. There are also some new confirmed changes to the ranked system in Valorant episode 2, adding a leaderboard and potentially changing how we gain and lose rating.

Ultimately, Valorant’s lifespan has only just begun, with many big things possible for its future!

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