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Valorant’s Economy and Buying System

After having followed the launch of Valorant’s Beta, one of the first things most people began to notice was the buying system. The system has many new features, and most people tend to compare it to CS:GO’s buying system since the games are relatively similar. Similarly to CS:GO, Valorant players start with 800 credits to spend.

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What’s New in Valorant’s Economy System?


What Kind of Weapons Are Available?

– What’s New in Valorant’s Economy System?

If you’ve played CS:GO for a bit of time, and you play Valorant, one of the first things you will notice is that buying feels very different. The first thing you would likely notice is that you can buy guns and abilities. Abilities cost anywhere from 100-300 credits, depending on the agent and the ability. The next thing you will notice is that there is a sell and a buy for your teammate button. These two features optimize things that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive never looked into, arguably making Valorant’s system slightly more complete as things currently stand. Buying for your teammates is simple and done in only one button press from anywhere on the map.

– What Kinds of Weapons Are Available?

There are a total of 6 categories of guns from which you can buy from in Valorant: SMGs, Shotguns, Snipers, Heavies, Rifles, and Sidearms.

SMGs are a very common and reliable choice on eco/save rounds and can be just as deadly as rifles at close range.The main SMG people purchase is the Spectre. The Spectre is a great budget weapon, costing 1,600 credits, that has the potential to carry an entire round.

Economy Spectre

Shotguns are also a very good choice if you’re on an eco round and you have a bit of extra money to spare. Of the two shotguns in the game, my personal favorite is the judge, costing 1,500 credits. In fact, I almost always find myself purchasing the judge if my team wins the first round.

Economy Judge

Snipers in Valorant are very powerful, as you might expect. There is the Marshall, which is the equivalent of the SSG/scout in CS:GO, and there is the Operator. The Operator is also basically the AWP from Counter-Strike, minus a couple of differences. The Operator is arguably the most powerful gun in the game, while also carrying the largest price tag with it at 4,500 credits.

Economy Operator

Heavies, in my experience of playing, tend to be the least-used category of weapons in Valorant. However, that is definitely not to say that the Ares and the Odin don’t have the potential to bring value to your team – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The Odin is a heavy weapon currently costing 3,200 credits. It has the potential to shred through an entire enemy team in seconds and can also wall bang with relative ease.

Economy Odin

Rifles are the most commons weapons to see players use on buy rounds. The main two rifles are the Phantom and the Vandal, costing 2,900 credits. The main difference between them is that the Phantom is quiet and contains 30 shots, as compared to the Vandal that is louder and contains only 25 shots. Most people pick one of these two and generally buy the same one on buy rounds. The bulldog is also worth mentioning, as it only costs 2,100 credits and can be bought as an alternative to the more expensive rifles when your team’s economy is running low.

Economy Phantom

Sidearms are last but certainly not least. With there being two ‘sidearm’ rounds during every game, one at the beginning of each half, sidearms are definitely worth your time to learn. There are 5 total sidearms: one of which, the Classic, you spawn with every round of the game. Generally on the first round, people purchase a sidearm known as the Ghost. It is very comparable to the USP-S in CS:GO. Left we have the Shorty, the Frenzy, and the Sheriff. The Shorty is generally a cheese weapon you will want to buy only if you have money to buy nothing else. It does quite a bit of damage at very close ranges only. The Frenzy is basically the CZ-75 from CS. It is a rapid fire sidearm that can absolutely tear the enemy team apart when in the right hands. The Sheriff is a one-shot head shot that clocks in at 800 credits. You definitely pay for what you get with the Sheriff: higher costing and potentially more rewarding.

Economy Ghost

– How to Correctly Utilize Your Team’s Economy


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