Valorant – Cypher #1 Clever High-Elo Playstyle Guide

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– Why Play Cypher?

Upon release, Cypher was one of the most annoying agents to play against due to many of his camera spots. Since then, however, many of his camera spots have been nerfed, making Cypher only slightly weaker. Good Cypher players still know the strong camera spots that provide incredibly valuable information to his/her team.

Cypher’s defensive abilities and play-style allows him to usually hold a site on his own. If enemies decide to push up into Cyphers’ abilities, his team will have plenty of time to rotate and provide support.

– Cyphers’ Abilities

Cypher has very cool and powerful abilities that give vision and extra site control to his team. Understanding how and where some of his abilities should be placed is generally the first thing that is important to understand. It’s not uncommon for new Cypher players to misplace a trapwire or camera that won’t affect enemy players.

– Trapwire (200 Credits, 2 Max)

Cypher Trapwire


Trapwires are an ability that Cypher can place between two walls, slowing and revealing the first enemy that walks through it. Trapwires also cloak after being placed. It is very important to get in the habit of placing trapwires at a height that enemies can neither crouch under, nor jump over (as seen in the image above). Wires are only revealed to the enemy when they are very close to it. Attempting to destroy a trapwire is generally very risky because good Cypher players keep watch of them.

Using Trapwire:

Both of Cypher’s wires should usually be placed before each round starts. This allows Cypher’s team to play other positions on other sites, while he typically plays somewhat passive. Another thing to understand is that most players in high elo know where the standard Cypher wires are. This means that the more creative a wire is, the better chance you have of catching an enemy off guard with it.

When the enemies take another site, make sure to pick up trapwires before rotating. This will ultimately save you a lot of money throughout the course of a single game. Lastly, when attacking with Cypher, make sure to cover your team’s flank with well-placed wires. If placed at the right height, it will ensure your team’s safety when pushing an area/site.

– Cyber Cage (200 Credits, 2 Max)

Cypher Cyber Cage


Cypher Cyber Cage


Cyber cages are the next piece of equipment that Cypher has access to. When used, a small disk is thrown on the ground that will also cloak after being placed. The cyber cage will remain there until Cypher chooses to detonate it, as seen in the images above. Cyber cages make noise when an enemy chooses to walk into it. This ability can also be shot through and otherwise acts the same as a smoke.

Using Cyber Cage:

This ability is usually placed near a trapwire, but can also be used to cross areas or deny enemy vision for a short period of time. When you know enemies are pushing a site where you have a wire setup, you can detonate your cyber cage. If the enemies continue to push, you will be able to secure one or more free kills with your trapwire.

It is also worth noting that cyber cages can be detonated across the map as well as via Cypher’s spycam. This means that Cypher has to potential to trick his opponent into thinking he’s on a site that he’s actually not. This can be a very powerful strategy if the enemy team has gone to the same site many rounds in a row.

– Spycam (Signature Ability)

Cypher Spycam


Cypher Spycam


Spycam is really what makes Cypher quite powerful. This ability can be placed on a wall, and then reactivated by Cypher to see a live feed of wherever the camera was placed. When in Spycam mode, pressing mouse 1 shoots a dart that reveals one enemy hit. The dart can be shot again after a few seconds. Spycam also cloaks shortly after being placed.

Using Spycam:

This ability’s true power comes from being able to get vision very early in each round. Many sites have spots that Cypher can place his Spycam to see deep into where the enemy might be coming from. If multiple enemies are spotted, Cypher can ask his team to have someone rotate to assist. This also gives you vision of what kind of weapons the enemy might have.

Making sure not to place spycam in the same position multiple rounds in a row allows you to have the chance to consistently catch your opponents by surprise. Taking time to also look up cameras that are particularly good is also a good idea (leave a comment if you’d like us to write about good cam spots!). When placing this ability, make sure not to throw it where an enemy can immediately shoot it.

– Neural Theft (Ultimate Ability)


Last but not least is Cypher’s ultimate: Neural Theft. This ability allows Cypher to shortly throw his hat onto an enemy’s corpse and scan it. Scanning a corpse reveals the location of all enemies that are still alive. Enemies are revealed both with a yellow outline that can be seen through walls as well as on the mini-map.

Using Neural Theft:

This ultimate is almost always good and can rarely be used at a bad time. Generally you want to ult as Cypher as soon as you get a pick. Obtaining vision of the remaining three or four players is a perfect way to decide where you want to push with your team. An example of using this ability at a bad time would be if your entire team is alive and there is only one enemy left.

There isn’t really much else to know about this ultimate; it’s relatively simple to use. Although it is worth noting that Cypher loses his hat after ulting, leaving his appearance slightly altered.

– Cyphers’ Play Styles

Cypher will generally play quite passive to most benefit his team. However, there are a few different variations in how Cypher can play to potentially catch your opponent off guard.

– Normal Cypher

Cypher’s standard play style is to simply place his abilities on whatever site he’s holding, and watch his spycam to scout for enemies. This is all typically done while sitting somewhere near the site that you’re scouting for. This makes it much harder for the enemy team to push a site without being spotted fairly early. This play style also allows Cypher to mitigate the risk of dying thanks to his spycam.

– “Rotate” Cypher

Sometimes you’ll have games where the enemy decides to only push the same site many rounds in a row. The best thing to do if your opponents are consistently doing this is to stack the site that the enemies are consistently pushing. This is an extra good strategy for Cypher because you don’t normally peak anyway. Simply setup all of your abilities before the round starts like you have been, then run to the other site. This will allow you the check your spycam as if you are still on site, tricking enemies into thinking you’re still there.

This strategy will likely only work a couple of times before the enemies catch onto what’s going on. This, of course, also depends on what your rank is and how intelligent your enemies actually are.

– Conclusion

Cypher is currently very strong due to his strong ability to zone and control certain areas of a map. His trapwires stop an enemy and often give your team a free pick before the main fight even begins. His spycam opens up lots of vision that no other character in Valorant currently has. With the right mindset, play style, and consistency, you can become a god Cypher player!

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