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Overview of the Launch of Valorant Episode 2:

Valorant Formation Episode 2 Valorant Competitive Changes

Riot very recently dropped Episode 2, officially releasing agent Yoru as well as some brand new Valorant competitive changes. They also added a new battlepass, as well as some competitive gun buddy rewards for Episode 1. There were also some slight nerfs made to Omen, as well as a buff made to Brimstone. Overall, Episode 2 seems to be a very solid patch for both the game’s state as well as its meta.

Valorant Competitive Changes for Episode 2: (Valorant Competitive Changes)

Valorant Formation Episode 2 Valorant Competitive Changes

Below outlines the main Valorant Competitive changes made at the beginning of Episode 2 Act I.

Riot chose to completely change the ranking system and how each rank progresses within Valorant. For specific rank changes, they made Radiant only available to the top 500 players in any given region. They also changed the Immortal rank into one tier instead of three and said that only 1% of players would now be Immortal.

These new ranks very much remind me of how League of Legend’s ranking system works, as Challenger in LoL is only available to the top 200 players in any given region.

Riot also added a leaderboard for Radiant players, making the highest rank even more rewarding for players who put in the grind. It’s worth noting there were a few other minor changes in the image above that were also put into place for the start of Episode 2.

New Valorant Core Rank System: (Valorant Competitive Changes)

Valorant Formation Episode 2 Valorant Competitive Changes

The main thing Riot changed about the old system was removing the arrows and replacing them with a bar that goes from 0 RR to 100 RR.

Now you gain RR from winning and lose RR from losing. The specific number that you gain or lose is determined by your rank, your team’s final score, and your individual performance. We still aren’t sure how much each of these factors contributes to the total RR gained or lost.

For other Valorant competitive changes, they also added a visual rank-up screen for each time you get promoted into a new tier.

Other Valorant Competitive Changes:

Valorant Formation Episode 2 Valorant Competitive Changes

The last section of the ranked patch notes that were released by Riot also has a few key pieces of information. The first of which is that the highest rank anyone can place is not Platinum rank, tier 3. This means that anyone in Diamond, Immortal, or Radiant will be forced to start each act at Plat. 3ish.

They also made it so that each act will always require five total placement matches before getting placed, compared to the previous three per act.

For the final of the Valorant competitive changes, Riot also reduced the total number of players in Iron. This is with the goal of increasing the players in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, as it will ultimately make a nicer rank distribution.

It’s worth noting that Riot announced that the overall ranked distribution or Diamond and Immortal would stay mostly the same as it was in Episode 1. Of course, leaving Radiant to only the top 500 in every region.

Analysis and Conclusion of Episode 2 Valorant Competitive Changes:

Valorant Competitive Changes for Episode 2 Act 1

Most of the changes Riot made to the Valorant competitive mode seem to be very good. After having played many games of competitive on launch day myself, I can definitely say that I prefer it over the older system from Episode 1. The majority of people that I played with today, who were previously Immortal or Radiant, also seemed to enjoy the new patch so far.

Forcing all high-elo players to start at Platinum 3 each act is definitely different than how Valorant has been since its launch. However, I see it as a new challenge to prove my skill in each act and achieving higher ranks even more rewarding than before.

Overall, these Valorant competitive changes seem to absolutely be pushing Valorant as a whole in the correct direction. Not only as a competitive video game but also as a competitive esport.

Official Valorant Competitive Changes: https://playvalorant.com/en-us/news/game-updates/valorant-episode-2-act-i-competitive-changes/

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