Valorant – Breach #1 Bright High-Elo Playstyle Guide

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– Why Play Breach?

Breach is one of the more powerful agents in Valorant. He has access to utility that can blind, zone, and slow his enemies. This makes both defending and attacking much easier for good Breach players. Not to mention that Breach’s ultimate can completely stop a full enemy push.

Breach generally plays the entry-fragger role, similar to both Phoenix and Reyna. This typically means that, when pushing an area, Breach would go first with his flash-bangs and other utility unless someone else wants to walk in before him.

– Breach’s Abilities

Similarly to Phoenix, catching opponents off-guard with intelligent usage of your abilities will often give your team free kills. However, poor usage of his abilities will give away your location and also waste credits. Knowing when you should which abilities is a key part to mastering Breach.


– Aftershock (100 Credits, 1 Max)

Breach Aftershock


Breach Aftershock


Aftershock is a relatively situational ability that can be used to clear out a small area on another side of a wall. Enemies standing closest to the point of impact will be one-shot. Enemies farther away will take slightly less damage. When this ability is cast on another side of a wall, as seen above, a bright laser-like orange beam will be shown that is also accompanied by a somewhat loud noise.

Using Aftershock:

This ability should usually only be used if you know there is an enemy/enemies where you want to use it. It is actually pretty rare to get a kill with this ability by itself. Instead, you will get your kills by zoning your enemies into unfavorable angles with this ability and taking a fight with them. For example, if you know someone is in a corner, and they won’t peak you, this is the perfect scenario to use aftershock.


– Flashpoint (200 Credits, 2 Max)

Breach Flashpoint


Breach Flashpoint


Other than Breach’s ultimate ability, flashpoint is his most powerful ability. Flashpoint allows Breach to flash through almost any wall/surface in an attempt to blind his enemies. It is worth noting that you can also blind your teammates and yourself if you aren’t careful. This ability should generally also only be used if you know the enemies are in a specific area.

Using Flashpoint:

Using Breach’s Flash can be very good for both pushing and defending an area. When pushing, make sure to think about all the places an enemy could be sitting. Use the knowledge you have from prior rounds as well. This will allow you get an idea of where the most optimal flash is. After flashing, run in and check corners and anywhere else an enemy could be sitting. If you don’t quickly get the kill, your team should be able to trade you.

When defending with flashpoint, jiggle peaking is a decent strategy. Jiggle peaking is good because it allows you to know that the enemy team is there rather than attempting to guess with a random flash. After flashing, peaking again to see if anyone is flashed is good in an attempt to pick up free kills.


– Fault Line (Signature Ability)

Breach Fault Line


Breach Fault Line


Breach’s signature ability is able to stun anyone in a large, rectangular area. After pulling this ability out, it is good to understand that you can hold down mouse 1 to extend the length this ability affects. Enemies that are caught in this zone will have a decreased rate of fire and movement speed. Taking a fight with someone stunned by this ability will generally result in a free kill.

Using Fault Line:

Since this ability has a 35-second cool-down, it can be used off cool-down to surprise your opponents. It can be used to peak with your team and pick up a straggling enemy player. It can also be used to simply scare enemies into rotating. This ability is also particularly good for forcing fights with enemies that won’t peak you. Anyone hit by this ability will have a yellow visual effect around their head.


– Rolling Thunder (Ultimate Ability)

Breach Rolling Thunder


Breach Rolling Thunder


Rolling Thunder can be cast over a relatively large area over the course of about three seconds. Any enemies or teammates in this area will be knocked back and up into the air, slowed, and will have a decreased rate of fire. Breach cannot ult himself, so only worry about teammates when looking to ult. This is arguably one of the strongest abilities in the game and should absolutely be used as such.

Using Rolling Thunder:

Due to how large of an area Breach’s ultimate hits, there isn’t necessarily a “wrong” place to use it. First, you should think about who all will this ability hit. If you’re going to hit any teammates: either don’t use it, or ask your teammates to move before using it, as it will likely result in them dying. Also make sure you are ulting two or more enemies. If you only ult one person as Breach then it is most likely a waste unless it’s last round.

It is also good to know that anyone hit by your ultimate will have a yellow visual effect around their head that is identical to that of the one created by Fault Line. So if you’re unsure if someone was hit by your ult, check the player’s head.



Because of Breach’s flashes, zoning utility, and ultimate ability, he is currently one of the best agents in all of Valorant. Decent Breach players are able to outplay their opponents with intelligently placed flashes to secure free kills for their team. Master the basic usage of Breach’s kit and you will quickly become a Breach legend!

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