Valorant – Ultimate Snipers #1 Marvelous Guide

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Snipers in Valorant play a big role in defending sites, and can sometimes also be used to open up areas on attack. The Marshal is the cheaper of two the snipers, killing enemies that have no armor with only one shot to the chest or head. The Operator is a monster of a weapon, one-shotting any enemies with a shot to the chest or head, regardless of armor. Fighting against snipers on attack will almost always require abilities that include smokes or blinds to prevent immediately dying.

The Marshal (1100 Credits – Sniper):

Marshal Sniper Weapon

The Marshal is a very good weapon for its price, as it has the potential to kill enemies that have no armor in one shot to the chest. This makes buying the Marshal after winning pistol round a good option, allowing you to potentially kill many enemies from a long-range. Enemies with armor cannot be killed with only one shot to the chest, but must instead be headshot. This means the Marshal falls off when the enemy team has enough money to buy armor and/or weapons.

This sniper has quite a fast rate of fire when compared to the Operator, allowing for fast shots to potentially shut down an enemy attack. The Marshal also has a somewhat high accuracy when no-scoping. This can allow you to fight enemies at a close to medium range more effectively if you absolutely have to. Also remember that purchasing a sidearm with this weapon is sometimes a good idea, as many times you will be forced to fight enemies at a closer range.

The Operator (4500 Credits – Sniper):

Operator Weapon Sniper

The Operator is currently the most expensive weapon in Valorant, and arguably the most powerful. It has the potential to kill any enemy player with only one shot to the chest or head regardless of armor. Playing against someone with an Operator is often very frustrating, as it might feel like there isn’t anything that can be done to shut it down. Peaking an enemy Operator without flashes or smokes is almost always a death sentence.

When using this weapon to holding angles, make sure to communicate information back to your team. For example, if you get smoked off, it’s very important for you to let your team know that. It’s also important not to hold the same angle every round, as enemies will begin to play around you due to how powerful the Operator can be. Instead of playing the same angle or site every round, ask a teammate to swap you in order to look for picks elsewhere.

The Sniper Play-Style:

Playing both with and/or against a Marshal or Operator is a completely different experience than playing against any other weapon in Valorant. It’s important to respect these weapons unless your team has a plan to play against them. Scoping in with the Operator takes a split second and is required for a completely accurate shot. No-scoping with the Operator should only be done when enemies are directly in front of you.

Snipers are also particularly good at holding the middle of specific maps, especially maps like Split and Ascent. Since mid-control is often quite crucial on both Split and Ascent, enemies will often be forced to either fight you or five-man push a site without mid-control. Don’t get too aggressive or impatient with these weapons, as you can easily die and give a very powerful weapon to the enemy team. Also keep in mind that an Operator shouldn’t be bought if your team is losing and is down on credits.


Snipers, especially the Operator, play a big role in both defending and attacking in Valorant. Both patience and consistent aim is necessary to successfully take out enemies with the Marshal and Operator. Combinations with your agent’s abilities will also often allow for easier picks early in the round, such as Jett updraft or tailwind. Remember to also communicate with your team to relay important information back to them.

One thought on “Valorant – Ultimate Snipers #1 Marvelous Guide

  • Arguably the shittiest game and weapon in the game. A one shot one kill anywhere but the leg is basically 70% of the vital parts of the body. Pair that with the fact that it’s armor piercing so no armor, even the most expensive one in the game — the heavy shield — cannot withstand such a broken gun. Is there even a point in buying armor if they are just going to spam this weapon? The simplest peek a boo weapon with a high chance to kill with one singular bullet while maintaining cover is the most dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. People at Riot need to remove the weapon because it just doesn’t even have any disadvantages. At least they should nerf it. It doesn’t make any sense at all. Weapon sway for sniper? Nope. Magazine size? For a one-shot sniper rifle in a video game, just a big plus if you ask me. Bolt action time? Yeah, just pop in behind a crate for a second, then boom! back to action. Seriously man, the game isn’t fun when shit like this is around.

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