Valorant – Ultimate SMGs #1 Incredible Guide

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SMGs or sub-machine guns are a category of weapons that are similarly priced to shotguns in Valorant. SMGs currently only consist of the Stinger and the Spectre. These weapons are generally only bought on rounds where your team doesn’t quite have enough to purchase rifles. The main down-side of these weapons is their small range and lower damage to enemies overall. With the right play-style and mindset, you can still destroy enemy players and win eco-rounds.

The Stinger (1000 Credits – SMG):

Stinger SMG Weapon

The Stinger is the cheaper of the two SMGs, making it a useful buy when your team’s economy is quite bad. This weapon has 20 bullets in one magazine, and also has one of the highest rates-of-fire in all of Valorant. The Stinger’s high rate of fire can allow for some incredibly fast kills at a close to medium range, as long as its recoil is controlled effectively. It’s important not to challenge enemy players with rifles or snipers when using this SMG, as it will also always result in your death.

The Stinger should usually be bought on rounds where your team’s economy is bad, giving your team a slightly bigger chance to win the round. Getting a single kill onto an enemy will allow another one of your teammates to pick up a weapon that an enemy has purchased. This creates momentum and can allow your team to snowball the rest of that round, also breaking some of the enemy player’s economy.

The Spectre (1600 Credits – SMG):

Spectre SMG Weapon

The Spectre is a very powerful weapon for an SMG, allowing its user the potential to quickly kill multiple enemies. It has 30 bullets per magazine and a much longer range than the Stinger. This weapon also does more damage to the head than the Stinger, requiring only two headshots to kill enemy players with full armor. The Spectre also has a pretty consistent spray pattern, allow you to feel more comfortable when fighting enemies at medium or even long ranges.

It’s still quite important not to underestimate enemies with rifles or snipers, as they will almost always out-gun you in long-range battles. Pushing around corners and taking enemies by surprise is where this weapon will ultimately shine, sometimes even opening up a site for your team.

The SMG Play-Style:

Remember that SMGs are weaker than many other weapons that your opponents might have, meaning you should often play a little different to catch them off-guard. Not peaking long angles that you would normally peak with a rifle is good, since enemies might be holding the angle waiting for you. If you purchase an SMG when the rest of your team has only pistols, try to have a couple of them push an area with you. If you and your teammates can secure a kill on an enemy with a weapon, it increases your team’s chances of winning that round by a large amount.

Playing more aggressive or flanky/sneaky play-styles on eco-rounds is also sometimes a good idea. These play-styles can sometimes allow you and your team to secure picks on enemies that aren’t prepared. However, make sure not to use strategies like this multiple rounds in a row, since enemies will likely quickly play around them.


SMGs are ultimately a very good category of weapons when your team has bad credits, allow for potential frags that many pistols wouldn’t. Remember that rifles and snipers still beat SMGs at long-ranges, meaning you should only try to take fights at a close-to-medium range. Communicate with your teammates on eco-rounds to help secure enemy weapons and potentially win the round. Master the Stinger and the Spectre and begin climbing and winning even more of your ranked matches!

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