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Sidearms are an incredibly important weapon type to learn about in Valorant, as there is a whole round every half dedicated to them. Not only is there a pistol round, but it’s also common to upgrade your classic sidearm on eco-rounds to give yourself a better chance at getting a kill and winning the round. Many of the sidearms in Valorant are incredibly deadly when in the right hands, sometimes even allowing for outplays on enemies with rifles and/or snipers.

The Classic (Default Weapon – Sidearm):

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The Classic is the default weapon that every player spawns with each round. This makes understanding what it’s capable of even more important! The Classic has two firing modes: the left-click and the right-click. Left-clicking this pistol will fire a single round that requires two headshots or four body shots to kill an enemy with no armor. The right-click fires three bullets simultaneously, which is capable of one-shotting an enemy if at least two of the three bullets hit the enemy’s head.

On pistol round, other sidearms like the Ghost are usually more common among most players. However, if you’re playing someone like Sage whose utility requires a lot of credits, opting to keep the Classic is actually a very good choice. Remember that the Ghost will almost always beat the Classic at a long-range, so attempt to only fight enemies at a close to medium range.

The Shorty (200 Credits – Sidearm):

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The Shorty is currently one of, if not the best, cheese weapon in all of Valorant. At close ranges, this gun is capable of one-shotting up to two enemies. The Shorty can fire two shells that do a very large amount of damage at close ranges before needing to reload. Although this sidearm does a very decent amount of damage up close, at medium and long distances this weapon is essentially useless. When walking up behind enemy players, make sure not to shoot too early, as you likely won’t be able to secure the kill.

This weapon is a very high risk and generally a very high reward. If enemies don’t come to the site you’re defending, the Shorty is almost guaranteed to get you no kills in that round. However, if enemies do come to the site you’re defending, make sure to position yourself where enemies won’t expect. Killing one to two enemies and picking up whatever weapon they have is very good for your team. It’s also worth noting that a lot of patience is often required to get kills with this weapon.

The Frenzy (400 Credits – Sidearm):

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The Frenzy is has essentially the same range as the Classic, and also does the same damage per shot as the Classic. This means four shots to the chest or two to the head will kill an enemy that has no armor. This sidearm can be very good at quickly killing enemies at a close to medium range. However, the Frenzy also has a few notable drawbacks. The recoil after the first three shots is very inconsistent and unreliable. This means that the best way to shoot the Frenzy is in bursts of three or four and hope to hit a lucky headshot for the kill.

With everything about the recoil listed above, this weapon can occasionally be a monster and has the potential to melt multiple enemies very quickly. There are 13 shots per magazine, and the best way to kill an enemy is with one bullet in the head and one bullet in the chest. Decent aim with the Frenzy can allow for quick kills in rapid succession. Aiming for the head and quickly pulling down is the best method for doing this.

The Ghost (500 Credits – Sidearm):

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The Ghost is arguably the best sidearm in Valorant, as it has a decent price, good damage, and a good range for a pistol. This weapon is unique from most other sidearms, as it can one-shot headshot enemies with no armor. The Ghost is also able to kill two enemies with one bullet that are together if the headshot is properly lined up. Since the Ghost can one-tap enemy players, it’s usually worth taking your time between shots to look for headshots.

This sidearm is not only really good on pistol rounds, but is also very good on eco-rounds. Two headshots will be required if enemies have full armor, but the range of the Ghost is still quite incredible. Make sure not to shoot this weapon too quickly, as your bullets won’t go where you want them to.

The Sheriff (800 Credits – Sidearm):

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The Sheriff packs the biggest punch out of all of the sidearms. It has the same stats as the Ghost but is able to kill enemies with only two shots to the body. It’s worth noting that the Sheriff costs 800 credits, compared to the Ghost’s 500 credits. This means it’s usually better to buy the Ghost unless you have the extra 300 credits to spare. This weapon has six shots per reload, and can also one-shot enemies through shootable walls.

With decent aim, the Sheriff can often be used to outplay opponents with rifles and/or even snipers. Due to how much range this weapon has, it’s able to one-shot headshot enemies even at a long-range in most cases. It’s also very important to not quickly shoot the Sheriff, as the recoil is very high. Take at least a half-second to reset the recoil before taking another shot.

Pistol Round:

Pistol round occurs at the beginning of every half and often determines how the next few rounds will go as well. For example, whoever wins the pistol round has enough money to buy armor and a few weapons. The team that loses pistol round will generally only have enough for abilities or a sidearm. This is one of the main reasons why learning pistols and which ones are best for your play-style is incredibly important.

Most people will buy a Ghost for pistol round, as it is cheap enough to still buy 300 credits of abilities with. Another common option is to keep the Classic, and buy light armor and abilities. Light armor is good on pistol round since the Ghost doesn’t one-shot players that have 125 hp.


Learning how to properly use sidearms will separate you from other players in your rank that don’t know how to use them. These are weapons that everyone has to use at some point throughout any close game. Each one of them in quite unique, and has their own play-style. Make sure you buy properly on pistol rounds, since those rounds usually determine how the next couple of rounds will go. Ultimately, fragging with pistols will allow you to more quickly master Valorant and reach Radiant!

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