Valorant – Ultimate Shotguns #1 Perfect Guide

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In Valorant, Shotguns will often play an important role in eco-rounds or serve as a way to slow down or stop an enemy’s push. The Judge and Bucky both have a range that reaches from very close to medium range. Shotguns also have a pretty cheap price tag, also making them good options when your economy isn’t great. It’s important to know where position yourself, and when to begin shooting with shotguns.

The Bucky (900 Credits – Shotgun):

Bucky Shotgun

The Bucky is the cheaper of the two shotguns, currently costing only 900 credits. This sometimes makes the Bucky a good choice on save rounds when you would otherwise buy armor and a pistol. Remember that it’s important to be within killing range of your opponents when they begin to push. If you aren’t close enough to kill your opponents when they begin pushing, they will quickly kill you once they realize where you are.

When looking to take out multiple enemies with the Bucky, it’s important not to completely expose yourself after taking your first shot. After shooting with the Bucky, there is a short period of time that you will be unable to fire again. After taking your first shot, take cover behind a wall or corner and prepare to peak again and take another shot. This is the standard way to fight multiple enemies that are pushing you when on defense.

The Judge (1500 Credits – Shotgun):

Judge Shotgun

The Judge is an incredible weapon that many players won’t expect and also underestimate. Unlike the Bucky, the Judge is semi-automatic and can shoot up to seven lethal shells before needing to reload. This means you can be much more creative with your play-style when using this weapon, allowing for way more kill potential on eco-rounds. If multiple unsuspecting enemies push into an area you’re defending with the Judge, you will most likely be able to kill at least two or three of them before dying.

Finding new creative spots to sit on each map with the Judge will allow you to consistently find picks for your team. Also, think about how your agents’ abilities could potentially facilitate getting kills with this weapon. For example, playing in Brimstone’s smokes or getting high-ground as Jett or Omen.

The Shotgun Play-Style:

Make sure not to get too aggressive with these shotguns, as patient enemies with longer-range weapons will almost always out-gun you. When peaking long-range angles, it’s often worth it to temporarily swap to your pistol in the scenario that there’s an enemy player waiting for you. Also never play in the same spot multiple rounds in a row, as enemies will quickly adapt and begin to play around you. Upon getting a kill, you can swap your shotgun to a rifle if the enemy team is on a buy round.

Try not to shoot the Judge or Bucky until you’re positive you can secure a kill. If enemies hear a shotgun fire from an area, it will likely drastically change how they attack. Understanding a shotgun’s range is incredibly important as well since being slightly too far from an enemy could be the difference from killing them or not. These tips also apply when using the shorty, as it’s technically a shotgun as well.


Shotguns can be an incredibly powerful type of weapon when utilized correctly. It’s important to realize that your play-style must be slightly tweaked to be successful with the Bucky or Judge. Making sure to be unpredictable with shotguns is especially important since it’s often easy to play against shotguns. Combo the deadly power of the Judge and Bucky with your agent’s unique abilities and destroy your opponents.

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