Valorant – Ultimate Heavy #1 Remarkable Guide

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Heavy weapons are a very unique weapon type in Valorant, and can often be used to catch your opponents off-guard. There currently exists the Ares and the Odin, both of which have high wall penetration. These weapons are often situational, but can potentially destroy an entire enemy team when used in the right scenario. Heavy weapons also have a much different spray pattern than rifles and SMGs, making it important to learn them before mastering them.

The Ares (1600 Credits – Heavy):

Ares Weapon Heavy

The Ares costs 1600 credits, making it the same price as the Spectre. However, this weapon is used much less and is rarely seen in higher levels of play. It has 50 bullets in each magazine and speeds up its rate of firing after being shot for about one second. This weapon can be good for mowing down unsuspecting enemies with no armor, as only four body-shots are needed to kill an enemy. The spray pattern of the Ares goes up and left-to-right at the same time and is reasonably easy to control after a bit of use.

Looking to use this weapon at close-to-medium ranges is most ideal since spraying is usually the most effective method to kill opponents. It’s also worth noting that you shouldn’t take fights against enemy players with rifles or snipers, as they will easily out-range you. Playing sneaky or flanky play-styles will often allow you to set up multiple kills onto enemies. The Ares is usually an alternative buy to the Spectre and Judge.

The Odin (3200 Credits – Heavy):

Odin Weapon Heavy

The Odin is a very powerful heavy weapon, able to kill multiple enemies very quickly. This weapon has 100 bullets per magazine, making it incredibly good for shooting through walls and killing enemies. The Odin also has an incredibly high rate of fire, allowing for consistent sprays through smokes as well as damage output.

The reload time for this weapon is one of the longest in Valorant, so keep that in mind before reloading in enemy territory. You won’t generally need to reload the Odin unless you are consistently spraying throughout the round. Tapping at long ranges with the Odin also isn’t super bad, since only a couple of headshots is required to kill enemy players with armor.

The Heavy Play-Style:

Using heavy weapons is often a much different experience than using the other weapons in Valorant. The Odin can be very good at killing enemies through walls and is best used when combined with a Sova recon dart or drone. Understanding that these weapons deal a large amount of damage very quickly but don’t have as much range as other weapons is also important. When defending a site, playing passive until you can enemies off-guard with a heavy weapon with generally net a couple kills.

Due to the high amount of wall penetration that comes with these weapons, it’s important to learn which walls can be easily shot through. As a general rule of thumb, any surface that has bullet holes in them after being shot can be shot through. Also keep in mind that, upon getting a pick through a wall, an enemy Sage will have an easier time using their ultimate to revive.


Heavy weapons play a unique role in Valorant, allowing for some different and often funny plays. Communication is important with these weapons, as they are often better when paired with your team’s abilities. Remember that both the Ares and the Odin have quite a large amount of bullets in them, making for great spraying potential. The reload time for the Odin is also much longer than most weapons, meaning you should be careful when looking to reload. Ultimately, conquer these weapons and begin to master a very unique skill set in Valorant!

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