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Factors of a Great Valorant Gaming Mouse:

Outside of personal preference, there are many important factors that make up a good Valorant gaming mouse. Below will include an in-depth guide of each of these factors, and how they play a role when it comes to Valorant in specific.

Each of these factors will be how we measure each of the mouse’s ranking.

Pricing of a Valorant Gaming Mouse:

This is one of the most obvious factors, as the quality of a gaming mouse is generally pretty correlated to its price. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that expensive gaming mice are always the best choice. If you must, you can also set a price range and heavily base your final decision on that.

Weight, Size, and Durability:

Most gaming mice will vary both in weight and size, giving you yet another factor to base your final choice on. For some mice, such as the Logitech G Pro Wireless, there is a weight slot built-in to allow you to add or remove extra grams of weight depending on your preference.

The size of a Valorant gaming mouse will mostly depend on how big or small your hand is, as well as your previous experiences with mice.

Lastly, we have the durability of a Valorant gaming mouse, which often varies depending on the brand and material used.

Logitech G Pro Wireless ($129.00 on Amazon) (Valorant Gaming Mouse)

Valorant Gaming Mouse Logitech G Pro Wireless

Pros (Logitech G Pro Wireless):

Overview – The Logitech G Pro Wireless is my personal favorite Valorant gaming mouse, as I have been using the same one for many years without any problems. It is a wireless mouse, which means there is no worry of a mouse cord getting tangled while you play. The battery life of this mouse is said to last roughly 48 hours, but I have never had mine die, as I plug it in before getting off my PC for the night.

There are also two very sturdy side buttons that can be used for extra key-binds, making for a very nice Valorant gaming mouse.

This mouse is also made of a very nice and comfortable material

Pricing With a price of just under $130 before taxes, I would definitely consider the G Pro Wireless worth it.

Weight – The weight of this mouse is just at 80 grams, making it a lighter Valorant gaming mouse than most. Keep in mind that, if you prefer heavier mice, this might be a deal-breaker for you. However, when playing multiple hours in a row, professional players have said that there is very little fatigue within your hand and fingers due to the lightweight.

Durability – I have had this mouse for around two years now, and the durability today remains the same as when I got it. Other than some dust in the cracks on the bottom of the mouse, it remains in almost perfect condition.

Last but not least, the Logitech G Pro Wireless has some customizable RGB lights. This detail might not be as important to you as it is to many, but it is definitely a nice bonus feature.

Cons (Logitech G Pro Wireless):

The only real con that I can see with the G Pro Wireless is its price if you are looking for a bit of a cheaper mouse instead.

However, another notable feature of this Valorant gaming mouse is that it is ambidextrous, meaning it can fit both left and right-handed people. I suppose this is a con if you must have a mouse that fits your dominant hand.

Other than that, I would definitely recommend this mouse to anyone that wants a quality Valorant gaming mouse!

BenQ Zowie EC2 ($69.99 on Amazon) (Valorant Gaming Mouse)

Valorant Gaming Mouse Zowie EC2

Pros (Zowie EC2):

Overview – The Zowie EC2 is a mouse that I used before the Logitech G Pro Wireless, also a very comfortable mouse to use for FPS games such as Valorant. The Zowie EC2 is a wired Valorant gaming mouse, with a weight also right around 90 grams.

Pricing – The price of the Zowie EC2 is $69.99, which is a pretty good price if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly Valorant gaming mouse.

Weight – This Valorant gaming mouse weighs in at about 90 grams, putting it in just about the same range as most other lightweight gaming mice.

Durability – In my experience, the Zowie EC2 was quite durable and showed very little wear. However, I personally didn’t like the side buttons as much as other mice I have tried, as they are a little flimsy.

Cons (Zowie EC2):

The main con for me with this mouse are the side buttons that felt a little flimsy. However, if you don’t mind the side buttons, the Zowie EC2 makes for a pretty solid mouse within its price range overall.

Logitech G502 Hero ($79.99 – on Sale for $39.99 on Amazon)

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Pros (Logitech G502 Hero):

Overview – I have personally never used this mouse of Logitech’s, but after some research as well as my past experiences with Logitech, I can very comfortably recommend this Valorant gaming mouse.

This Valorant gaming mouse also comes with fully customizable RGB lights via Logitech software.

The final notable feature of the G502 Hero is that it has 11 total programmable buttons. Most of the buttons are on the side, giving you the option to have many more key-binds than most other mice.

Pricing The Logitech G502 has a normal price of $79.99, but is currently on sale for $39.99 as of 2021! However, even if you’re reading this when it’s not on sale, the base price of $79.99 definitely makes it worth the purchase.

Weight – This Valorant gaming mouse can weigh anywhere from 121 grams to 139 grams, which is slightly on the heavier side of most gaming mice. It’s worth noting that the G502 Hero’s weight has a range because there are five total removable weights each weighing 3.6 grams, giving you the option to change it however you would like.

Durability – As the Logitech Hero G502 is a newer version of this mouse, its durability has been increased quite nicely from its older counterpart. From the many customer reviews I read, this mouse should definitely last you a few years.

Cons (Logitech G502 Hero):

There are a few subjective parts about this mouse, but that’s why it has the potential to be a really great Valorant gaming mouse for you.

The main features that are different in this mouse than mouse include the customizable weights, and the 11 total programmable buttons.

If you don’t mind a very slightly heavier mouse, then the many 3.6 gram weights will definitely be a nice feature for you.

Last but not least are the programmable buttons, which many don’t prefer for FPS games. However, having extra buttons to place key-binds on is very nice for a Valorant gaming mouse.

Razer DeathAdder V2 ($69.99 on Sale for $49.99 on Amazon)

Razer DeathAdder V2 Valorant Gaming Mouse

Pros (Razer DeathAdder V2):

Overview – The Razer DeathAdder V2 was my first gaming mouse when I first started playing CS:GO, making it a great candidate for a Valorant gaming mouse.

The Razer DeathAdder V2 is quite large, making it a nice choice for players with larger hands.

Pricing – The standard price of this mouse is $69.99, with a current sale price of $49.99 as of 2021. However, this mouse is also worth the base price of $69.99 if you happen to be reading it after the sale.

Weight – Despite this mouse’s much larger size than most, its weight is at a surprisingly low 82 grams! This makes it the lightest Valorant gaming mouse we’ve covered so far.

Durability – With my personal experience using the Razer DeathAdder V2, the durability was the one problem that I had with it. After many months of use, this mouse’s right-click function broke for me. However, I did get a replacement, and other than that this mouse was great for me.

Cons (Razer DeathAdder V2):

As previously mentioned, the main downside of this Valorant gaming mouse for me was the durability. The grips on the side are made of a slightly weak material, also wearing over-time.

But if you do have larger hands or have had a good experience with Razer in the past, this mouse is definitely not a bad choice!

Steel Series Rival 650 Quantum ($117.37 on Amazon) (Valorant Gaming Mouse)

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Pros (Steel Series Rival 650):

Overview – The Steel Series Rival 650 is a very highly rated mouse

Pricing – The Steel Series Rival 650 has a slightly more expensive price tag of $117.37 on Amazon, making it a slightly higher tier than some of the other mice listed. However, with its various unique features, you definitely pay for what you get.

Weight – The weight of this Valorant gaming mouse ranges from 121 grams to 153 grams. It uses multiple detachable weights, for up to 256 configurations of various weights. This is a very nice feature for trying new sensitivities since you must move your mouse more for lower sensitivities.

Durability – Very nice overall durability, as it is made with “fiber-reinforced plastic” material. The Steel Series Rival 650 should last you at least a few years before beginning to show signs of wear. Size is also slightly bigger, making it another candidate for people with larger hands.

Cons (Steel Series Rival 650):

The biggest downside of this Valorant gaming mouse is its price, clocking in at over $100. However, it’s definitely worth the amount that you pay for it with its many extra features.

Conclusion (Valorant Gaming Mouse)

That concludes the top 5 best Valorant gaming mice for improving and climbing in competitive mode! My personal favorite mouse and mouse that I have used for years now is the Logitech G Pro Wireless. However, your preferences may vary from mine, potentially making the other four mice on the list more relevant to you.

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