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Valorant is Riot’s new and upcoming FPS game. There are currently a total of ten agents available to play, all of which have different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. After having played for around 75 hours myself, I have a pretty good grasp of which agents are generally the best. Here is my top 5 list of agents from Valorant:

#1 – Brimstone – 9.5/10

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Brimstone is played is almost every one of the ranked games in Valorant I’ve played so far, bringing more to the team than pretty much every other operator. The main reason Brimstone is so good is because of his Sky Smokes. Brimstone can smoke out an entire site, blocking all enemy vision for a much easier push. Brimstone’s next ability is his Incendiary. This ability denies enemies from pushing through tight areas, which are generally areas a site’s entrance, and do a decent amount of damage. Lastly, Brimstone has his Ultimate: Orbital Strike, which calls in an AOE that quickly kills all enemies inside. A well placed orbital strike can not only stop a push, but kill a whole group of enemies. Overall, I believe Brimstone will be a must pick for pro play as well as high ranked games as he currently exists.


#2 – Sage – 9/10

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Sage also seems to be played in just about every game that I get into. She has one of the best utility abilities in the game: Barrier orb. Barrier orb can completely block off a choke and deny enemies vision, movement, and the ability to shoot. The wall can be broken, but takes a bit of damage. Next we have her Slow orb. Sage can hold up to two slow orbs and they can be used to slow down and stop enemy pushes. When an orb hits the ground, it turns the whole area around the point of impact into ice, revealing any enemies attempting to run on it via crunching of the ice. Her signature ability is her heal. Healing in a tactical shooter like this is extremely powerful. Lastly we have her Ultimate: Resurrection, which revives any dead ally. This ultimate is obviously very powerful, potentially turning any fight into an even more winnable fight. Sage is likely to be played with most team compositions.

#3 – Cypher – 8/10

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Upon the release of Valorant, Cypher would have likely been at the top of this list. However, his Signature Ability: Spycam, has been nerfed since then. Cypher can place his camera on any wall or surface that will allow placement. Players then have the ability to watch the camera’s feed in an attempt to locate enemies. This means that some sites can be solo’d with a Cypher camera. Cypher’s next ability are his Tripwires. Tripwires can be placed between any two walls, creating a trap that reveals enemies’ locations and prevents them from moving past a certain point if not shot. Cypher also has access to two Cyber Cages. These can be thrown on the ground and detonated through both the player and the spycam. It acts as a smoke that makes noise and slows enemies that walk into it. Lastly is Cypher’s Ultimate: Neural Theft. It’s cast on an enemy corpse, and shows every enemy that is alive’s location. I don’t think Cypher will be as necessary of a pick as Brimstone or Sage, but I definitely think he is a quality pick that can bring a lot to any team.


#4 – Breach – 8/10

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Breach is next on the list because of all of his utility. His signature ability is Fault Line. Fault line creates an earthquake that stuns enemies, making it harder for them to see. Next, we have Breach’s Flashpoint. Flashpoint acts as a flash bang would in counter-strike, except through walls. Breach aims flashpoint at a wall, and it flashes anyone looking at it on the other side. Breach also has access to an ability called Aftershock. This ability acts as a zoning ability that also goes through walls. Any enemy standing inside aftershock’s zone takes a large amount of damage, potentially even being one-shot. Last but certainly not least is his Ultimate: Rolling Thunder. This ultimate is sort of similar to that of fault line, but hits a much wider area, increasing size as the ult continues. Rolling thunder knocks any player hit by it back and slows them for a short duration. This can completely turn a team fight due to its nature. Again, I don’t believe that Breach will be a must pick for every team. However, when left in the right hands, I think a good Breach can solo carry an entire game with his utility.

#5 – Sova – 7.5/10

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For me, fifth place was between Sova and Phoenix. I think it’s a close battle, but Sova wins because of his potential when it comes to giving his team vision. His signature ability is Recon Bolt, which reveals any enemy for three pulses within a given radius. This can be very good for holding and pushing sites, much like the rest of his abilities. Next we have Sova’s Owl Drone. This drone can be flown into an area and also has the ability to hit an enemy with a tracking dart, revealing his or her position to Sova’s whole team. Sova also has an ability called Shock Bolt, which he can hold up to two of. Shock dart does 90 damage at the center of the explosion, decaying at the outsides. The Ultimate ability for Sova is called Hunter’s Fury. Hunter’s fury is typically used when Sova knows where the location of multiple enemies are. It fires an almost global beam that does 80 damage per shot. This means, when used correctly, you can line up some pretty easy kills in the early or late game. Overall, I think Sova is another quality off pick for your team, especially if you want more vision.

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Let us know what you would have changed with a comment below, as there are definitely changes that could be made to this list. Overall Riot has done an incredible job with the balancing considering how large this beta has been. Thanks for reading, find more Valorant content like this here:


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