Sage Slow Orb Lineups on Bind/Split #1 Amazing Guide

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Overview of Sage’s Slow Orb:

Valorant Sage Agent Slow Orb Lineups

Sage is a sentinel in Valorant that is also currently a bit of an off-pick for most team compositions. However, although she is an off-pick, she can still be very powerful as there are a few different play-styles you can learn as Sage. You can also learn slow orb lineups for various positions to increase your carry potential as Sage. When players are stuck in Sage’s slow orb, it gives you a small frame of time to make a play that would otherwise not be possible.

Also keep in mind that using a slow orb on an enemy player does not mean that they can’t still fight and peak your team. Slow orbs simply make it harder for enemies to fight you and be successful.

Understanding Proper Timing for Slow Orbs:

Sage’s slow orbs last roughly six seconds after touching the ground. This means it’s especially important to let your team know that they should push in with your slow orbs, as they quickly run out. Also make sure not to accidentally slow teammates, as it could quickly result in a lost round.

Aggressive Sage Wall Guides:

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Sage Slow Orb Lineups for Bind:

Slow Orb Lineup for Outside Defender’s Spawn on A-Site:

This Sage slow orb can be very good when fully committing to A-Site on Bind, as it prevents enemies from rotating out from their spawn too quickly. To begin this lineup, walk into the corner next to the teleporter outside of A-Showers as seen above.

Waiting for teammates to push up A-Short before throwing this slow orb lineup is definitely a good idea, since you want teammates pushing in with the slow orb.

Slow Orb Lineup for U-Haul:

This is another slow orb lineup for attacking A-Site, and can be good for shutting down an enemy playing in U-Haul. Enemies in the corner outside of U-Haul and inside of U-Haul will be slowed and prevented from doing anything without making noise.

For the lineup, place your crosshair on the dark part of the leaf as seen in the video above. Use your slow orb when your team is prepared to push onto A-Site together.

Slow Orb Lineup for A-Cubby and A-Short:

When defending A-Site on Bind, players will most often take control of site by pushing up through A-Short. This slow orb can help you slow down enemies enough for more members of your team to rotate.

Step into the corner near the back of A-Site, and aim so your slow orb will bounce off of the back wall of A-Cubby. Any enemies in A-Cubby or walking up from A-Short will be slowed and forced to either stop pushing or forced into A-Site.

Slow Orb Lineup for Outside Defender’s Spawn on B-Site:

This Sage slow orb lineup is for outside of the defender’s spawn just like the one on A-Site, and is great for taking control of B-Site. To begin, walk into the corner in B-Long near the teleporter.

The lineup itself for this one is a little more tricky than most of the others, but becomes easy after you learn it. Make sure you place Sage’s slow orb HUD right above the notch in the wall as pinged in the video above.

Slow Orb Lineup for B-Elbow:

If you choose to attack B-Site from outside of Hookah instead, you can use this slow orb lineup to slow enemies playing in B-Elbow. It’s also important not to throw this slow orb too early, as you are very far away from where it will land.

Place your crosshair on the corner of the metal roofing, and then move it slightly to the left and down. This lineup might also take you a few tries to learn, but once you do it becomes very easy to replicate.

Slow Orb Lineup for B-Long from Defender’s Spawn:

If you’re rotating through spawn on defense, you can easily slow B-Long if your teammates call that there are enemies pushing. This is especially good if enemies are split-pushing B-Site, since enemies in B-Hookah will most likely continue to push into site. This gives your teammates on B-Site a much better chance of winning fights than if the whole enemy team was pushing together.

This lineup is relatively easy to do, and only requires some slight crosshair adjustments to work correctly. Walk into the wall as seen in the video, and place your crosshair on the right side of the sign. Move your crosshair up a bit, and then you are done.

Sage Slow Orb Lineups for Split:

Slow Orb Lineup for A-Screens:

When attacking A-Site on Split, enemies often like to play longer angles from A-Screens. Keep in mind you can also combine this slow orb lineup with a smoke if you really want to lock-down A-Screens.

To begin this lineup, jump onto the box in A-Lobby and face toward A-Screens. Place your crosshair at the corner above the two black squares on the wall as seen in the video above.

Slow Orb Lineup for A-Heaven/A-Rafters:

Another slow orb lineup for attacking A-Site is from a similar spot as the last, but instead slows down A-Heaven and part of A-Rafters. Throw this slow orb when your team wants to push out of A-Main and onto A-Site, as this will prevent enemies in heaven from being too aggressive.

Jump onto the second platform this time, and walk up to the very edge to get into the optimal position for this lineup. Place your crosshair where the many lines intersect as seen in the video above, and throw the slow orb.

Slow Orb Lineup for Mid-Vent:

Taking mid-control on Split is generally very important on attack, as mid leads to both A-Site and B-Site. This slow orb can be good for temporarily stopping aggressive enemy players in mid-vents.

This lineup is best if you run and throw the slow orb so it has enough speed to get deeper into mid-vents. Also be careful not to peak mid when you throw this orb, as an enemy with a rifle or operator might be holding the angle.

Slow Orb Lineup for Stopping a Mid Push:

This slow orb is good if you play Sage in B-Heaven on defense, and want to fall back to slow down mid an enemy mid push. Make sure to let your team know when you do this, because you will leave B-Heaven open if you play there by yourself.

This lineup might look a little tricky, but it’s actually quite simple once you get it. Walk into the wall as seen in defender’s spawn, and place your crosshair along the sign and move continue to move it up into the position as seen in the video above.

Slow Orb Lineup for B-Site From B-Lobby:

If your team wants to quickly take B-Site on Split, consider using this orb to immobilize an enemy player that might be on-site. As seen in the video above, the default plant spot is not slowed, also working in your team’s favor.

For the lineup, walk into the corner of the small structure as pinged above, and turn to face B-Site. Place your crosshair on the bottom part of the sign above B-Main and use the slow orb.

Slow Orb Lineup for Retaking B-Site:

When you have to retake B-Site, you can use this slow orb from B-Heaven to restrict enemy players’ movements for an easier retake. Make sure to let teammates know to push in with this slow orb together.

Enemies playing behind pillar or B-Back will have limited movement as a result of this slow orb lineup. Walk into the corner next to the plant in B-Heaven and place your crosshair on the top left corner of the fan as seen above.


Sage has many unique abilities that gives her the potential to stand out in Valorant. Slow orb lineups is one of the possible ways for you to become a better Sage player that will ultimately win you more games. Remember that communication is always important, as slow orbs can also slow your teammates if poorly executed. Also try not to focus too hard on only your slow orb ability, as you also have healing orb, barrier orb, and a revive for your ultimate. Master some of the lineups listed in the guide above, and continuing climbing in your competitive games!

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