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Split Map Guide

Split is another incredible map for Sova, allow both his recon arrow and shock darts to bring a lot to his team. Split is a unique map that often revolves heavily around mid-control. This means each of the sites is defined a bit more than other maps, allowing for great shock dart lineups. Many of these shock darts will revolve around hitting the enemy spike planter or defuser, as these are generally free ways to get damage in.

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Shock Darts for Split Defense:

Default Plant on B-Site from CT-Spawn (One Bounce and Three Charges):

index 93 1024x576 1

This is a good shock dart that can be used when multiple enemies already have control of B-Site and are looking to plant the spike. Make sure to shoot these shock darts as the enemy team starts planting the spike. To begin, walk into the corner near CT-Spawn as seen above. Then turn and face B-Site.

index 94

Aim at the wall where it changes colors from blue to gray. You will want to aim in the gray portion of the wall, around where the crosshair is placed in the red rectangle. Make sure to use one bounce, and release at three charges.

index 95 1024x576 1

These shock darts will land directly above the spike planter’s head, dealing the max 90 damage to them. If there are any other enemies in the radius of the shock dart’s explosion, it will also hit them for a small amount of damage.

Default Plant on B-Site from B-Heaven (One Bounce and Three Charges):

index 96 1024x576 1

This arrow will also shock just above the default plant spot on B-Site, but is instead shot from B-Heaven. The lineup for this one is a bit more tricky, but you simply want to begin by standing near the ping as seen above. Then turn around toward the rope that leads to B-Area.

index 97

You are going to want to move around until you barely see the grey frame just as seen above in the red rectangle. Next you will want to look at the air conditioner that is also in the red rectangle, and make sure to place your crosshair slightly below it. Make sure to use two bounces and release with three charges.

index 98 1024x576 1

After attempting these shock darts a few times, you should be able to get them to land in a very similar spot as the one from CT-Area. This arrow is also equally as good for stopping planters or defusers, but can instead be done in the scenario that you’re in B-Heaven.

A-Main from A-Heaven Area (One Bounce and Two Charges):

index 99 1024x576 1

This set of shock darts can be shot from the area outside of A-Heaven when you suspect there are enemies near A-Main. This can act as a deterrent to stop enemy attackers from pushing, and can also get them very low before you even see them. To begin, walk into the wall directly below the symbol that looks like a seven.

Split Shock Darts Defense A-Site

Next, you will want to put your crosshair directly below the left side of the seven, as shown in the red rectangle. Make sure to use one bounce and release it at two charges. It’s also worth noting that any charges above two can easily mess this arrow up.

index 101 1024x576 1

As shown above, the shock darts will cover almost the entire entrance to the A-Area, potentially dealing a large amount of damage to multiple enemies.

Shock Darts for Split Attack on A-Site:

Default Plant on A-Site from A-Heaven (One Bounce and Two Charges):

index 83 1024x576 1

This is a great shock dart if the enemies either have control of site and are planting, or if your team plants for this specific spot. Simply wait for the defuse sound, and use this shock dart. To begin, walk into the ping as seen in the image above in A- Heaven. Upon entering the corner, make sure to turn and face A-Site with your shock darts.

index 84

Once you are facing the site, you will see that there is a gray and blue background as seen in the red rectangle above. You will want to place your crosshair in the middle of the line and in the absolute center. Make sure to turn on one bounce, and release at two charges.

index 85 1024x576 1

Once successfully shot, the arrow will land in a pretty common plant spot. This will allow you to either prevent a spike plant, or prevent a spike defuse. Remember that the center of a shock bolt’s explosion does 90 damage, almost killing enemies with no armor.

Default Plant on A-Site from A-Ramp (No Bounces and No Charges):

index 87 1024x576 1

This shock dart will land in the same plant position as the last one but is instead shot from A-Ramp. This can be good if your team needs you to hold the flank, still allowing you to damage any spike defusers. To begin, walk somewhere close to the area pinged above on A-Ramp. Then, turn and face A-Site.

index 88

This shock dart is completed by lining up the left side of the charge HUD with the gray part of the building as seen in the red rectangle above. Use no bounces and release with no charges.

index 89 1024x576 1

It will land in roughly the same place as the previous arrow from heaven, damaging any players in the default-plant position on A-Site.

Default Plant on B-Site from B-Main (Two Bounces and Three Charges):

index 90 1024x576 1

It’s very common for players to plant in the default position on B-Site, as it is usually the safest place to plant when taking control of the site. These shock darts can be shot from B-Main after your team successfully gets the spike down. To begin, walk into the corner as pinged in the image above. You will then turn around and face the wall opposite to B-Site.

index 91

Simply aim between the handlebars on the bike as seen in the red rectangle. Use two bounces and three charges to successfully complete the shot.

index 92 1024x576 1

The radius covers the entirety of the default plant area, damaging any enemies attempting to defuse the spike. Make sure none of your teammates are standing near this area, as you could easily damage them since you face the opposite direction when shooting the shock darts.


Split is a great map to play Sova on, and can definitely allow you to pick up some wins with the use of these shock darts. The shock darts onto default plant spots are incredibly powerful, as enemies must plant or defuse to win a round. The biggest factor outside of landing these darts outside of memorizing them is good timing, which will also come with practice and hard word! If you would like to see more arrows for Split or for another map please let us know!

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