Phoenix Molly Lineups for ALL Maps #1 Best Guide

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Overview of Phoenix Molly Lineups:

Valorant Phoenix Molly Lineups

Phoenix is currently one of the best duelists in Valorant, as he has the ability to entry-frag quite well and can also heal himself with two of his abilities and his ultimate. The guide below will feature some of the best Phoenix molly lineups for each map in Valorant. It’s also good to keep in mind that your molly doesn’t always need to be used for lineups, as it is very useful for healing yourself. However, in certain situations, Phoenix molly lineups can be incredibly powerful for winning rounds.

Understanding How Phoenix’s Molly Works:

Phoenix’s molly isn’t too difficult to understand, but there is one mechanic that some players likely won’t be aware of. In the video above, you can see that the molly falls straight down after being in the air for roughly two seconds.

Generally, this wouldn’t matter, but since this guide is about specific lineups, we will use this to our advantage for some of them.

You can also right-click when using this ability to throw it a much shorter distance, although this mechanic will not be used for any of the lineups below.

The final tip I have for these lineups is that you can use the ping feature when opening your map to make it slightly easier for some of the mollies below.

Phoenix Molly Lineups for Bind:

Phoenix Molly Lineup for Pushing Out of A-Showers:

The video above shows a lineup for taking A-Site from A-Showers as Phoenix. This molly is very helpful for minimizing the total number of angles you need to clear to successfully take A-Site.

Keep in mind you should wait a few seconds before pushing out of Showers to ensure no enemies are in the corner. You will also want to push out at the same time your teammates from A-Short are to have the best chance of overwhelming your opponents.

Phoenix Molly Lineup for Pushing B-Elbow:

This lineup can be very good if you have control of B-Garden and are planning on pushing into B-Site soon. The video above shows the different angles necessary to clear before throwing this molly.

Once in position, you can throw the molly into B-Elbow and challenge any enemies there, as they will be forced back or forward. Remember not to forget about other angles that enemies can shoot you from, as players often like to play in weird spots to defend sites.

Phoenix Molly Lineup for Pushing B-Hookah:

This lineup can be good for when you or your team want to quickly take B-Hookah or simply get a pick and play off of it.

To begin, line yourself up with the wall as seen in the video above, and face up toward the satellite. To properly throw this Phoenix molly lineup, you will want to throw the molly when your crosshair is right at the tip of the metal rod. Once you’re lined up with the wall, place your crosshair right below the rod and proceed to jump and throw your molly.

After you understand how to throw this molly, enemies will almost never be able to play in the back-side of B-Hookah, as they will simply die.

Phoenix Molly Lineups for Split:

Phoenix Molly Lineup for Pushing Mid-Mail:

This lineup is very good for clearing out Mid-Mail without actually needing to push into it. However, it’s good to let your teammates know when you’re going to throw this molly, as they can get a free pick if anyone is in the corner in Mail.

The video shows that this molly can easily be thrown from behind the boxes right outside of Sewers. It doesn’t matter if your throw is perfect, as long it lands in a spot that covers the corner in Mid-Mail.

Phoenix Molly Lineup for Back of A-Site:

When defending on Split, you can retake A-Site by throwing this Phoenix molly lineup for the back of site. It’s worth noting that you are going to want teammates prepared to push in with you, as the position you throw this molly from exposes you a little bit.

Once you’re ready to molly behind the screen in the middle of A-Site, walk onto the ledge of A-Heaven. Place your crosshair in the bottom left corner of the diagonal line as seen in the video above. Enemies behind the cover will be forced out, giving you a good chance to kill them.

Phoenix Molly Lineup for Default Plant on B-Site:

This molly lineup can be good for defending a planted spike that is in the default position. In order to start, you will want to make your way up to B-Heaven. Make your way to the black frame as seen in the video, and place your crosshair where the gray and white part of pillar meet.

This molly is good but can be a little risky if many enemies are alive, as you have to slightly expose yourself from B-Heaven. If you have an Omen or Brimstone on your team, ask them to smoke the cross when enemies are pushing onto A-Site.

However, if the spike is planted and you are in a one versus one, you can easily pick up the round with this Phoenix molly lineup.

Phoenix Molly Lineups for Haven:

Phoenix Molly Lineup for Default Plant on A-Site:

When defending on Haven, this molly can be thrown from A-Link to slow down a spike plant after enemies have control of A-Site. There is also a slight chance that you will kill the planter, depending on if they are low health or not.

Walk up to the right side of the door frame as seen in the video, and left-click after running and jumping. If you don’t run and jump, the molly won’t have enough momentum to get over the roof and onto A-Site.

Phoenix Molly Lineup for Default Plant on C-Site:

This Phoenix molly lineup is the same idea as the last but is instead for retaking C-Site once enemies have site control. If teammates are near C-Site when you’re throwing this, let them know so they have a chance to kill the planter as they get forced away.

Again walk up against the right side of the door frame as seen above, and place your crosshair on the top of the black rock above the roof. This molly also needs to be thrown after running and jumping to land in the correct spot.

Phoenix Molly Lineup for Close Corner on C-Site:

This Phoenix molly lineup is very good for clearing out the close corner on the right as you come out from C-Long. Players will often sit in these types of corners when they are either saving or light-buying.

In order to throw this molly, you will need to get control of C-Cubby by walking up C-Long. Once you are in C-Cubby, place your back against the back wall and place your crosshair on the section of the roof as seen in the video. When ready, jump and throw the molly and begin taking C-Site.

It’s worth noting that, if you don’t push out with this molly, enemies will likely just go back into the close corners again.

Phoenix Molly Lineups for Ascent:

Phoenix Molly Lineup for Default Plant on A-Site from A-Heaven:

This molly lineup can be used for stopping a spike plant or defuse on Ascent. When retaking, this can also be very good for forcing enemies around generator back to another position.

To begin this lineup, position yourself in A-Heaven as seen in the video above and place your crosshair right at the tip of the metal object. Throw the molly when enemies begin planting/defusing, or when ready to retake A-Site.

Be cautious when lining this molly up, as enemies can aggressively peak the spot that you throw from.

Phoenix Molly Lineup for Default Plant on B-Site from B-Main:

This molly requires you to play from B-Main but is very good for clutching rounds. You would most likely use this lineup after planting the spike on attack, in order to stop the defuse.

For the lineup itself, walk into the middle of the wall near the corner seen above in B-Main. Then proceed to left-click throw the molly out of the second hole in the window above.

Phoenix Molly Lineup for Mid-Market Control:

Throwing this molly can help prevent enemies in Mid-Market from peaking mid, and can allow you and your team to push up more safely.

Line yourself up with Mid-Market and do a running-jump throw over the wall in middle.

Phoenix Molly Lineups for Icebox:

Phoenix Molly Lineup for Default Plant on A-Site:

When defending a planted spike on A-Site or flanking A-Main on defense, this molly lineup is very solid for damaging enemy players.

To begin, simply line your crosshair up with the corner of the structure in the middle of A-Site, and left-click throw your molly. Enemies on or around the default plant area will be damaged and forced away

Phoenix Molly Lineup for Default Plant on B-Site:

When defending B-Site after planting on Icebox, it’s common to play from B-Main, making this molly very useful. To begin, walk into B-Cubby right near B-Main.

Once in the corner of B-Cubby, place your crosshair to the left of the corner of the green crate and throw the molly after running and jumping. The molly will cover the left corner of the front of B-Site, which will most often be good for stopping the enemy defuser.

Phoenix Molly Lineups for Middle Icebox:

Enemies often like to take control of the bottom part of mid on Icebox, which can be temporarily prevented with a molly. There are multiple Phoenix mollies you can throw to slow down an enemy mid-push, so I will not show any in specific.

You can either molly mid from Mid-Boiler/Mid-Pallet, or from inside of the tube that leads to kitchen.

Throwing a molly at the bottom of the tube is usually very good, as players often like to sit there early into a round.


Valorant Phoenix Molly Lineups

Phoenix is one of the best duelists in Valorant, as he has the potential to play very aggressively with his abilities and open up areas for his team. Using strategic Phoenix molly lineups can also be very good to stop enemy spike plants/defuses, or simply for zoning enemies out of specific areas. Lineups also aren’t super hard to learn or remember on Phoenix, since the range of his molly is quite limited.

Practice Phoenix molly lineups for each of the maps in Valorant and further your overall skills. Good luck with your competitive grind! 😀

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