Valorant – #1 Best Omen One Way Smokes for Ascent/Icebox

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Omen Agent

Omen is currently the best controller in the game, beating Brimstone and Viper by a decent margin. This is mostly thanks to his long-range smokes that recharge throughout the round. Omen one way smokes can also be very useful when holding certain angles on defense. Ascent and Icebox are two great maps for Omen, often allowing him to have a heavy impact on the game.

Learning to Smoke as Omen:

Using Omen’s smokes isn’t too difficult, but there are a few aspects of his smokes that you will want to become familiar with if you aren’t already. After pulling out a smoke, you have the opportunity to swap ‘modes’ in order to change the view of the map. The Omen one ways below will be done in the second ‘mode’ to be slightly easier to understand. Which ever mode you choose to use, the important thing to pay attention to is the triangle that appears when smoking. This triangle tells you where exactly Omen’s smoke will land.

What is an Omen One Way Smoke?

Omen one ways is essentially when you use one of Omen’s smokes in a unique spot that gives you a big advantage when peaking. The advantage is generally that you can see a part of the enemies, but the enemies can’t see any of you. These types of smokes can be very useful for getting free picks or slowing down an enemy push.

Omen One Ways for Ascent Defense/Attack:

Omen One Way for Mid Market:

Omen One Way for Mid Market

This is a very good Omen one way for Market, preventing any enemy players from peaking one the smoke is thrown. Place the light green triangle on the ledge of the market door as seen above.

Omen One Way for Mid Market

Enemies who still choose to peak aggressive will have the lower part of their body exposed. Take advantage of the angle above in an attempt to get a free pick.

Omen One Way for Defender’s Spawn from B-Site:

Omen One Way for Defender's Spawn from B-Site

This one-way is good if your team has already taken B-Site, as it will make it much harder for enemies to quickly push in from CT.

Omen One Way for Defender's Spawn from B-Site

Unsuspecting enemies who try to cross from the defender’s spawn will expose themselves without being able to see you. Be careful, however, as they will be able to see you if they cross all the way to the left.

Omen One Way for Peaking A-Main:

Omen One Way for Peaking A-Main

When playing A-Site as Omen, this smoke as seen above can be very good for peaking A-Main aggressively. It’s also possible to push with multiple teammates when this smoke is setup.

Omen One Way for Peaking A-Main

Enemies who peak with the smoke will be fully exposed with no vision at all. Remember that enemies can jump on top of the wall into your smoke, so be cautious when doing this smoke multiple times.

Omen One Way for A-Tree from A-Site:

Omen One Way for A-Tree from A-Site

After taking full control of A-Site on attack, you can use this one-way to help safely defend A-Tree. Keep in mind this smoke can work both ways, depending on how you want to use it.

Omen One Way for A-Tree from A-Site

Enemies walking up close to the door from A-Tree will have their feet exposed, allowing you to easily kill them. Keep in mind you will want to wait for enemies to start damaging the door before using this one-way.

Omen One Ways for Icebox Defense/Attack:

Omen One Way for Middle Tube:

Omen One Way for Middle Tube

When defending on Icebox, people often like to peak Mid-Ramp on attack. This smoke can help you peak aggressively on defense to open up the round for your team.

Omen One Way for Middle Tube

Enemies crossing from the attacker’s spawn toward tube can easily be seen. Be careful when peaking, as you can still be quickly overwhelmed by multiple players.

Omen One Way for Back A-Site:

Omen One Way for Back A-Site

When attacking, this one way is very beneficial when you know you’re against people that play on-site. Place this one-way before pushing together with your team.

Omen One Way for Back A-Site

Anyone sitting in the corner behind the smoke is now stranded and unable to safely exit. Make sure to let your team know which angle you are watching.

Omen One Way for B-Site Control:

Omen One Way for B-Site Control

This Omen one way can be used when taking B-Site with your team to help secure site. This smoke can also be good for killing enemies that are lurking

Omen One Way for B-Site Control

Playing from the position above isn’t necessary, but can be very good in some scenarios for clutching. Remember this smoke can also be used to confuse opponents.

Omen One Way for B-Site Cross:

Omen One Way for B-Site Cross

This Omen smoke can be extra good for watching enemies that are crossing out from B-Main. Enemies also often plant behind this box, allowing you to potentially teleport on top.

Omen One Way for B-Site Cross

Enemy Sage players often like to wall right in front of where the smoke lands. Use the smoke to your advantage and strategically outplay your opponents.


Omen one ways are good on both Ascent and Icebox. Remembering to combine these smokes with good communication and teamwork is generally very important. Keep in mind that all smokes in this guide can be thrown from any position as long as you are in range of them. Master a few of the smokes as seen above, and begin to further master Omen!

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