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Overview of Killjoy Split Setups:

Killjoy Split Defense Guide Valorant

Killjoy Split is a very solid pick, as it is heavily CT-Sided and allows her to create a strong defensive line for her team. Killjoy Split setups are especially good for B-Site, but can also be strong for holding down A-Site when necessary. Good communication is also necessary We will begin with B-Site since it’s Killjoy’s stronger site on Split, and will later move onto A-Site.

Killjoy Split Setups for B-Site Defense:

Turret Placement #1 for B-Main Exit and B-Heaven (Killjoy Split):

This turret placement is very nice for defending B-Site, as it covers both B-Main and B-Heaven, which are the very common spots for enemy attackers to push. Keep in mind that the turret makes noise after being placed, so enemy smokers can smoke it off if they want, although this is quite uncommon in most scenarios. It’s also worth noting that this turret is pretty common, so many players might expect your turret to be placed here, although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Turret Placement #2 for B-Main Exit:

The next Killjoy Split turret placement is also for the B-Main exit but swaps up the position from the first one quite a bit. This allows you to surprise your opponents with a new spot and potentially peak with your turret to find a pick onto an enemy. Keep in mind that this turret doesn’t spot enemy players in B-Heaven until they drop to hell.

Turret Placement #3 for B-Main:

The final Killjoy Split turret that will be shown for B-Site is on top of the box toward the back of B-Site. This turret will keep watch of B-Main and B-Rafters, forcing any enemies that want to push site to break it before planting the spike. It’s worth noting that there are other turret spots on this site, but most of them will cover similar angles as those mentioned in the videos above.

Alarmbot Placement #1 for B-Main (Killjoy Split):

Killjoy Split alarmbot #1 can be placed right behind the box in B-Main, as this will alert you when enemies are starting to walk out toward B-Site. You can also place an alarmbot out a bit further if you would like, since these spots will accomplish the same thing but slightly later than the first.

Alarmbot Placement #2 for B-Heaven:

The next Killjoy Split alarmbot is placed right in the entrance to B-Heaven, since this is a common spot for enemies to push before taking B-Site. If you place this alarmbot, you don’t really need any of your teammates to play aggressively in Mid, although duelists can if they really want to. It’s best to have someone playing toward the back of B-Heaven waiting for your alarmbot to be activated by an enemy player.

Alarmbot Placement #3 for B-Site:

The final alarmbot for Killjoy Split is for the default plant position on B-Site. When this alarmbot gets triggered, it gives you a very good idea that the enemies are about the plant the spike behind the box as seen in the video above. It is also optimal to combine this alarmbot’s activation with the first nanoswarm shown in the video below.

Nanoswarm Placement #1 for Default Plant on B-Site (Killjoy Split):

The first Killjoy Split nanoswarm is for right behind the box for the default plant position. Since nanoswarms go through objects that are thin enough, activating this nanoswarm will prevent the enemy spike planter from getting the spike down, or potentially even killing them. This gives your teammates a longer amount of time to rotate. Also combining this with an alarmbot on site can deal a massive amount of damage to multiple enemies.

Nanoswarm Placement #2 for B-Main Exit:

The next Killjoy Split nanoswarm will be for right outside of B-Main, as this is an area where players will often come out clumped together. Activated a nanoswarm outside of B-Main at the right time can split, damage, and/or even kill enemy players. Remember that you can also combine a nanoswarm in this general area with an alarmbot.

Nanoswarm Placement #3 for B-Heaven:

The third and final Killjoy Split nanoswarm will be for B-Heaven and can also be combined with an alarmbot’s activation. When you know enemies are pushing into B-Heaven quickly, a nanoswarm similar to that seen in the video above can again split, damage, and/or even kill enemy players. Having a teammate peak when you activate this nanoswarm can also allow them to get a free pick or two and safely retreat.

Killjoy Split Setups for A-Site Defense:

Turret Placement #1 for A-Main Entrance (Killjoy Split):

The first Killjoy Split turret for A-Site will be placed on top of the box as seen in the video above, which will watch A-Main. This turret ensures enemies can’t walk onto A-Site or cross to A-Ramps without your turret seeing them. Combine this turret with an alarmbot in A-Heaven for an optimal defense. This turret also won’t be smoked off as a turret in screens or A-Heaven would be.

Turret Placement #2 for A-Site:

The next Killjoy Split turret for A-Site can be placed on the high-ground spot as seen above, and guards both A-Heaven and the entrance into A-Site from A-Main. This is very nice if you want to play a bit more passive on A-Site or in A-Elbow, as you will know when they are close to A-Site. Remember to place an alarmbot to watch A-Heaven, A-Ramp, or both to make sure enemies can’t sneak into your team’s spawn.

Turret Placement #3 for A-Heaven, A-Ramps, and Vents:

The third and final Killjoy Split turret can be placed in A-Heaven as an alternative to watching A-Main. This turret will watch both A-Ramps as well as Vents. This means nobody on the enemy team will be able to make it through A-Heaven unnoticed, unless your turret gets smoked off or you leave the turret’s range. Remember that a turret like this will be optimally combined with an alarmbot that somehow covers A-Main since this turret doesn’t watch A-Main.

Alarmbot Placement #1 for A-Main Exit (Killjoy Split):

The first Killjoy Split alarmbot can be placed to watch the area right outside of A-Main when enemies are pushing onto A-Site. This is also a great alarmbot to peak off of, as long as you do it from a somewhat safe angle for a few free picks. Make sure to let you team know when this alarmbot activates, as it most likely means the enemy team is planning on taking A-Site very soon.

Alarmbot Placement #2 for Vents:

The next Killjoy Split alarmbot is for Vents, and is very good for getting knowledge of if an enemy is coming from Vents to A-Heaven. If this alarmbot activates, it either means an enemy is going from A-Heaven to Vents, or from Vents to A-Heaven, which are both valuable pieces of information for winning a round on defense. Placing the alarmbot anywhere in Vents is good, but can be moved around depending on where exactly you expect enemies to go.

Alarmbot Placement #3 for A-Heaven/Vents:

The third and final Killjoy Split alarmbot can be placed in A-Heaven and is solid for watching a push from A-Ramps as well as Vents. This alarmbot is especially good if you are playing alone toward A-Site, and need to know if enemies are getting control of A-Heaven. An alarmbot like this should also be accompanied by a turret that watches A-Main to ensure a nice even spread of Killjoy’s utility.

Nanoswarm Placement #1 for Default Plant on A-Site (Killjoy Split):

The first Killjoy Split nanoswarm for A-Site can be placed behind one of two boxes on A-Site to prevent the enemy spike planter from getting the spike down. Doing this gives your team extra time to rotate, which could be the different between winning or losing a round. As I mention in the video, the exact spot you place your nanoswarm is up to you on A-Site, since players don’t always plant in the exact same position each round.

Nanoswarm Placement #2 for A-Main Exit:

The final Killjoy Split nanoswarm is for the exit of A-Main on A-Site and can be used to stop a fast enemy push. Remember that activating a nanoswarm like this depends heavily on timing and can benefit heavily when combined with an alarmbot. You can also used two nanoswarms in this spot to increase the area which enemies can be damaged in at a given time as shown in the video above.

Conclusion of Killjoy Split Defense:

Killjoy Split Defense Guide Valorant Sentinel Guide

Killjoy is overall quite a strong pick for Split defense because of her ability to anchor both B-Site and A-Site with her utility. Her turret and alarmbot can be separately used to lock down multiple spots within Killjoy’s radius. Remember that letting nearby teammates know when either your turret or alarmbot get triggered is a very good way to help further lock down sites and secure rounds. Ultimately, remember to be willing to swap up your Killjoy Split setups in order to further climb in Valorant’s competitive mode!

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