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Overview of Killjoy Setups on Haven:

Killjoy Setup Haven Guide

Haven is a map that is very unique, as it has a total of three sites in which players can fight for control for. Killjoy is very good for defending both A-Site and C-Site on Haven, as her utility can allow you to lock down an enemy push very nicely. B-Site is a site that Killjoy almost never should play on Haven, and will not be covered in this guide for that reason. However, it’s worth noting that you can place an alarmbot or nanoswarms on B-Site if the enemies are consistently taking B-Site.

Killjoy Setups for A-Site on Haven:

Turret Placement #1 for A-Long (Haven Killjoy Setups):

This Killjoy setup can be very strong for holding the cross in A-Lobby, as any enemies that cross will be spotted by your turret. It’s worth noting that this means you need to be paying attention to your turret at all times as if you don’t enemies will have a chance to sneak into site from A-Short. Also, keep in mind that enemies can use smokes or a Cypher cage to prevent your turret from seeing anything. Placing an Alarmbot in A-Short can help counter this.

Turret Placement #2 for A-Short (Haven):

The second Killjoy setup for her turret is on top of the box as seen in the video to cover A-Short. This is another very strong turret and can be used as a replacement to the last one if you want to swap up your play-style. Keep in mind this turret placement will likely mean that you should place an Alarmbot to cover A-Long.

Turret Placement #3 for A-Site (Haven):

This Killjoy setup is good for playing a bit more passive, as it sets your turret up on top of the boxes in the middle of A-Site. If you use this turret, it will generally be best to play the back of A-Site, in A-Heaven, or off of A-Site to play retake with your team. Also as mentioned in the video, be cautious that this turret might take an additional second to spot enemies coming up from either A-Long or A-Short.

Alarmbot Placement #1 for A-Short (Haven Killjoy Setups):

This Killjoy setup for her alarmbot is very good for covering A-Short and prevents any enemies from coming in without you getting notified. The video above also mentions that you should always split your turret and alarmbot up to cover different areas, as they are both equally good for denying separate areas.

Alarmbot Placement #2 for A-Long (Haven):

The second Killjoy setup for her alarmbot covers all of A-Long, and stops any enemies from getting site control without your knowing. Keep in mind with a Killjoy setup in the video above, it will generally be best if you play more passive, as dying will end up disabling all of your utility. This means the enemy team will have a much easier time taking the A-Site than if you were alive.

Alarmbot Placement #3 for A-Site (Haven):

The third Killjoy setup for her alarmbot includes a few different variations that will notify you when enemies are beginning to push onto site. The exact variation of this Killjoy setup you choose should be determined by how you want to play each round. For example, if you want to play aggressively in A-Short, you should place your alarmbot to cover A-Long, as you will be able to fully cover Short on your own.

Nanoswarm Placement #1 for Default Plant on A-Site (Haven Killjoy Setups):

This Killjoy setup for her nanoswarm ability can be placed behind the box in the middle of A-Site, allowing for a nice way to deny the enemy team a spike plant. Denying a spike plant also gives your team a little extra time to rotate before the spike finally goes down, potentially being the difference between winning and losing a round. As mentioned in the video, you can outsmart your opponents by placing your nanoswarm on the left or right side of the box depending on where you think your enemies will expect it to be before they plant the spike.

Nanoswarm Placements #2 and #3 for A-Site (Haven):

These last two Killjoy setups will be for slowing down or preventing an enemy push by using nanoswarms at the entrances to A-Short and A-Long. Activating these nanoswarms at the correct time can easily split enemy players as well as damage or even kill them. Communicating when you plan on activating them is especially good if you have a teammate playing from A-Heaven of on the back of A-Site.

Killjoy Setups for C-Site on Haven:

Turret Placement #1 for C-Long/C-Site (Haven Killjoy Setups):

The first Killjoy setup is for her turret and will be used to watch C-Long from one of the high-ground areas as mentioned in the video above. Placing your turret in the same spot multiple times in a row will generally lead to enemies predicting and sometimes even pre-firing your turret, which means it’s good to swap up the placement occasionally.

Turret Placement #2 for Garage/Entrance from C-Long (Haven):

This Killjoy setup is a very good turret that allows you to cover both Garage and the entrance into C-Site from C-Long. This turret is nice for when you have teammates that don’t always like playing garage, and ensures that no enemies can sneak through without you knowing first. The one downside to this is that the turret notices enemies outside of C-Long quite late, meaning you should be cautious that they aren’t walking all the way up to site.

Alarmbot Placement #1 for Garage (Haven Killjoy Setups):

The first alarmbot Killjoy setup for C-Site will be placed behind the door in Garage, preventing any enemies from entering undetected. As mentioned in the video, Killjoy players often like to combine this alarmbot with a nanoswarm in an attempt to do a good chunk of damage or even kill enemies lurking around the entrance to garage.

Alarmbot Placement #2 for C-Long/C-Site (Haven):

This Killjoy setup is an alarmbot that can either be placed on the left or right side of the entrance to C-Site from C-Long. The side you place it on doesn’t matter, although swapping from side to side can be very good for confusing enemy players each time they attempt to take C-Site.

Nanoswarm Placement #1 for Default Plant on C-Site (Haven Killjoy Setups):

This Killjoy setup is another pair of alarmbots that can be placed behind the box within C-Site to prevent enemies from planting the spike. The only thing you need to know is whether or not to place your nanoswarm for the default plant position, or for the C-Long plant position as seen in the video above. If you aren’t sure which spot they will be planting, you can use one nanoswarm for each of the two spots.

Nanoswarm Placement #2 and #3 for Garage (Haven):

These two nanoswarms can be used as a solid defense for enemies planning on taking garage control and pushing into C-Site. Combine these with an alarmbot for more damage potential to enemy players.

Nanoswarm Placement #4 for C-Long/C-Site (Haven):

These Killjoy setups for her nanoswarms can be very good at stopping an enemy push into C-Site from C-Long. Keep in mind that any of these variations can be combined with an alarmbot on the left or right side to increase potential damage done to enemies.


Killjoy setups on Haven can be very powerful, mainly for A-Site and C-Site. Using her turret and alarmbot to lock down specific areas gives you and your team knowledge of the locations of enemy players. Nanoswarms are also a solid piece of utility that Killjoy can use to slow down and damage the enemy team. Also, keep in mind that the placements for Killjoy setups in this guide are not the only possible ones, these serve as a guideline for some of the most optimal spots on Haven for Killjoy’s abilities.

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