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Bind Map

Bind is quite a unique map that happens to be one of Killjoy’s best maps. There is no middle part of Bind, making defending much easier for Killjoy setups. The proper combination of her abilities will ultimately allow you to slow down and stop enemy pushes. It’s also worth noting that Killjoy can play both A-Site and B-Site, but generally is better on B-Site. Below is a list of the best setups for each of Killjoy’s abilities, starting with B-Site.

Killjoy Setup for B-Site on Bind:

Turrets for B-Site:

Turret Placement #1 for Hookah/B-Garden:

Turret Placement #1 for Hookah/B-Garden

This is definitely one of the best Killjoy setups for B-Site, as this turret is placed to spot any enemies from Hookah or B-Garden. Enemies will also have a hard time shooting the turret because they can only see a small part of it.

Turret Placement #1 for Hookah/B-Garden

As seen from Hookah, only the very top of the turret can be seen by attacking enemies. This makes destroying it, especially with pistols, more of a challenge than normal.

Turret Placement #2 for B-Garden/B-Long:

Turret Placement #2 for B-Garden/B-Long

This Killjoy setup can be used if you want to play inside of Hookah or some other spot that isn’t B-Long. The idea is that this turret will let you know when people are walking up B-Long, allowing you to rotate respectively.

Turret Placement #2 for B-Garden/B-Long

It’s also worth noting that this turret won’t spot enemies inside of Hookah, which also means enemies from Hookah can’t destroy it.

Turret Placement #3 for B-Site:

Turret Placement #3 for B-Site

This Killjoy setup is very nice for playing extra defensive on B-Site. With this turret up, you can safely play back of B-Site or in elbow without needing to peak.

Turret Placement #3 for B-Site

As seen above, this turret easily defends both entrances into B-Site. The only downside is that it can be shot by enemies from inside of B-Garden. Even if enemies destroy it, you will have a good idea of where they are afterward.

Alarmbots for B-Site:

Alarmbot Placement #1 for Hookah:

Alarmbot Placement #1 for Hookah

This Killjoy setup is to help slow down enemies that want to push into Hookah. Placing the alarmbot to the left or right of the entrance to Hookah is best because enemies won’t be able to peak you without you knowing.

Alarmbot Placement #1 for Hookah

Players walking into Hookah will also have turn and shoot the alarmbot, giving you and your team a chance to potentially make a move.

Alarmbot Placement #2 for Outside of B-Garden:

Alarmbot Placement #2 for Outside of B-Garden

This alarmbot is very nice for letting you and your teammates know if and when the enemies are pushing out from B-Long. Keep in mind you can also place an alarmbot to the left of where it is in the image, or even inside of B-Garden.

Alarmbot Placement #2 for Outside of B-Garden

If all enemies don’t realize this robot is here when pushing out, many of them will likely be distracted. This is a perfect time to peak a few of them and take a fight that favors you.

Alarmbot Placement #3 for Under Hookah:

Alarmbot Placement #3 for Under Hookah

This Killjoy setup is often incredibly strong, and can be used in combination with swarm grenades to completely destroy enemies. Enemies won’t be able to destroy this alarmbot unless they jump on top of the ledge in Hookah.

Alarmbot Placement #3 for Under Hookah

Since the robot is directly under the players that are jumping out of Hookah, there is less of a chance they will be able to react in time.

Nanoswarms for B-Site:

Nanoswarm Placement #1 for Under Hookah:

Nanoswarm Placement #1 for Under Hookah

This Killjoy setup for her nanoswarm is best when combined with her alarmbot that was shown above. Once your alarmbot is triggered, you should activate this swarm grenade. If you choose not to use the alarmbot with this nade, make sure you have good timing when activating it.

Nanoswarm Placement #2 for Default Plant on B-Site:

Nanoswarm Placement #2 for Default Plant on B-Site

This is a very decent spot for Killjoy’s nanoswarm, as it will either stop the spike plant or kill the planter. Place the swarm nade inside of the tube for the optimal outcome. It’s also worth noting that you can place this ability on the other side of the tube or even in the middle. This is good if enemies are trying to play around this nanoswarm.

Other Potential Nanoswarm Spots for B-Site:

There aren’t many other specific spots for Killjoy to place her nanoswarms, but it’s definitely important to get creative. Think about where your other abilities are placed, and create a Killjoy setup based on them. Spots you might consider are inside/outside of B-Garden, B-Elbow, and/or inside of Hookah.

Ultimately there are no right or wrong swarm grenades, just some that work better and more consistently than others.

Killjoy Setup for A-Site on Bind:

Turrets for A-Site:

Turret Placement #1 for A-Short:

Turret Placement #1 for A-Short

Killjoy setups on A-Site are slightly more uncommon on Bind, mainly because of how much better B-Site is for her. However, many of her abilities have the potential to also be very good on A-Site.

Turret Placement #1 for A-Short

This turret is quite good because it makes sure enemies can’t make it too far into A-Site without being spotted. It’s worth noting this turret can be positioned to better watch Showers and A-Short if needed.

Turret Placement #2 for A-Short and Showers:

Turret Placement #2 for A-Short and Showers

This Killjoy setup is very good for watching both Showers and A-Short. With this turret, you or another teammate can safely hide inside of Hookah or the back of site without needing to peak.

Turret Placement #2 for A-Short and Showers

Enemies from showers can peak to destroy this turret, but open themselves up to A-Heaven and back of site when doing so. Make sure to let your teammates know about this turret.

Alarmbots for A-Site:

Alarmbot Placement #1 for U-Haul:

Alarmbot Placement #1 for U-Haul

This is a good alarmbot to place since there aren’t many good spots in A-Short. If enemies are pushing up to site, this alarmbot will help give you a better idea of where they are.

Alarmbot Placement #1 for U-Haul

Enemies generally like to push into U-Haul pretty fast, as they are quite exposed to a few angles when entering into A-Site. Take advantage of this alarmbot wisely.

Alarmbot Placement #2 for Showers:

Alarmbot Placement #2 for Showers

This Killjoy setup is very nice for getting information of enemies in Showers. You don’t need to worry about enemies peaking you from Showers unless this alarmbot is triggered or destroyed.

Alarmbot Placement #2 for Showers

Enemies will begin expecting this alarmbot, but it can still good for simply getting information about where the enemy players are located.

Nanoswarms for A-Site:

Nanoswarm Placement #1 for A-Short:

Nanoswarm Placement #1 for A-Short

This Killjoy setup is very nice for stopping for splitting up enemy players that are pushing up A-Short. It’s worth noting that you can actually get the swarm grenade underneath the boxes in A-Short, making it almost completely hidden.

Nanoswarm Placement #2 for Showers:

Nanoswarm Placement #2 for Showers

This nanoswarm can help slow down enemies that want to push out of Showers. Make sure to let teammates know when you plan on activating nades like these.

Other Potential Nanoswarm Spots for A-Site:

Other potential spots for Killjoy setup spots for her nanoswarm include: Default Plant on A-Site, A-Short Cubby, and Triple. Remember not to accidentally activate a nanoswarm that would negatively impact a teammate.


Killjoy setups are very powerful for Bind and can be used to slow down and potentially even kill enemies. You can also get very valuable information for your team of the enemy’s locations. Remember that combining your abilities as Killjoy is very powerful to get the most out of her. Continue trying new combinations as Killjoy and you will begin to win more games and rank up!

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