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Ascent Map

Ascent is one of Killjoy’s best maps, with each of her abilities able to slow down her opponents. Combining different abilities in your Killjoy setup can often work much better than using them separate. Killjoy’s ultimate ability is also very good on attack for both A-Site and B-Site. This guide will focus on Killjoy setups with all of her abilities for both A-Site and B-Site.

Killjoy Setup for A-Site on Ascent:

Turrets for A-Site:

Turret Placement #1 for A-Main/A-Tree:

Killjoy Turret for A-Main/A-Tree

This Killjoy turret is a pretty common one that players use when defending A-Site. Placing the turret on top of the boxes will force some enemies to turn and shoot it when walking in.

Killjoy Turret for A-Main/A-Tree

Although this turret placement is decent, it’s good to consistently swap where you place it to make it harder for opponents to push.

Turret Placement #2 for Cat/A-Main:

Turret Placement #2 for Cat/A-Main

This Killjoy setup for her turret is nice because it allows you to get creative with the way you choose to play. This turret will spot anyone that walks up from Catwalk and A-Main. Make sure the area the turret covers is correctly adjusted as seen above.

Turret Placement #2 for Cat/A-Main

It’s also worth noting that this turret might be a little slower at spotting some enemies but still serves its main purpose as long as you are near A-Site.

Turret Placement #3 for A-Main/A-Tree:

Turret Placement #3 for A-Main/A-Tree

This turret position is very similar to the first one that we did. Place this turret underneath the boxes outside of A-Main, as it will act as cover for enemies that are in A-Main.

Turret Placement #3 for A-Main/A-Tree

It will spot any enemies that are coming out of A-Main, or that are entering A-Tree. This allows you to play a much more passive role on A-Site.

Alarmbots for A-Site:

Alarmbot Placement #1 for Catwalk from A-Tree:

Alarmbot Placement #1 for Catwalk from A-Tree

The next part of a Killjoy setup is her alarmbot, which can help to both give you information of where enemies are, as well as slow them down.

Alarmbot Placement #1 for Catwalk from A-Tree

Enemies will have a very hard spotting this at first, allowing you to get some valuable initial information for your team. Remember that placing your abilities in the same spot consistently will result in enemies eventually playing around them.

Alarmbot Placement #2 for A-Main:

This Killjoy setup for her alarmbot can be placed on either side of the entrance to A-Main. Which side you place it on depends on how you want to play the round, and which side the enemies will expect it to be on.

Alarmbot Placement #2 for A-Main

In these positions, the alarmbot becomes a second thing that attacking players have to shoot as they push in. Remember to let your team know if your alarmbot or turret spot an enemy player.

Nanoswarms for A-Site:

Nanoswarm Placement #1 for Catwalk from A-Tree:

Nanoswarm Placement #1 for Catwalk from A-Tree

This is an ability that is best when combined with your turret or alarmbot in your Killjoy setup. Enemies shot by your turret are slowed, meaning they will take damage for a longer amount of time from a nanoswarm. Alarmbots cause enemies to take more damage, which means they die much quicker when damaged by both abilities. Lastly, you can place nanoswarms can be moved to slightly different positions each round for essentially the same results.

Nanoswarm for an A-Main Push:

Nanoswarm for an A-Main Push

This nanoswarm is somewhat common and can be used to punish enemies that forget about your abilities. Depending on how you want to play your Killjoy setup, you can move nanoswarm around to a few different locations to throw your enemies off a little. Remember it’s generally a good idea to activate at least one of your nanoswarms when your alarmbot gets activated.

Nanoswarm for Default Plant on A-Site:

Nanoswarm for Default Plant on A-Site

There are two or three variations of this nanoswarm that you can experiment with, the one shown above is one of them. When placing default-plant nanoswarm grenades, make sure to make them as hidden as possible. If they are visible, enemies will have a much easier time destroying them.

Killjoy Setup for B-Site on Ascent:

Turrets for B-Site:

Turret Placement #1 for B-Main from CT-Spawn:

Turret Placement #1 for B-Main from CT-Spawn

The most common turret when using a Killjoy setup for B-Site is on top of the barrels in CT. Place the turret on top of the barrels facing B-Main.

Turret Placement #1 for B-Main from CT-Spawn

This turret is very nice for getting information of enemies inside of B-Main that could potentially push out. It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t rely too much on this turret, as it can be smoked off or easily broken.

Turret Placement #2 for B-Main from Market:

Turret Placement #2 for B-Main from Market

This is a much less place for Killjoy to place her turret, but can be very nice for peaking B-Main with. As Killjoy, you can play from CT and peak B-Main when the turret starts shooting.

Turret Placement #2 for B-Main from Market

It’s also not a bad idea to hold an angle from behind the turret in market to catch any enemy that peaks off-guard. The turret can serve as a meat shield for you.

Alarmbots for B-Site:

Alarmbot Placement #1 for B-Lane:

Alarmbot Placement #1 for B-Lane

This alarmbot is the first piece to a very powerful Killjoy setup that can definitely stop fast B pushes. It also ensures that enemies can’t walk up lane onto B-Site without notifying you first.

Alarmbot Placement #2 for B-Main:

Alarmbot Placement #2 for B-Main

This Killjoy setup involves placing an alarmbot from outside B-Main in the corner seen in the image above. There’s a chance enemies can walk past it, but if the whole team is pushing someone will likely get caught.

Nanoswarms for B-Site:

Nanoswarms for B-Lane:

Nanoswarms for B-Lane

These two nanoswarms can be extremely good for stopping a fast B-Push, as they cover the entirety of B-Lane when activated together. Also remember to use the alarmbot in lane to do extra damage for free kills when all used together.

Nanoswarms for B-Lane

Enemies caught inside of either nanoswarm will be forced to continue pushing out or fall back toward B-Main. As long as you have decent timing when activating these, you will be able to split up the enemy team.

Nanoswarm for Default Plant on B-Site:

Nanoswarm for Default Plant on B-Site

This Killjoy setup is quite sneaky, allowing you to stop the spike plant and damage the planter. Keep in mind enemies will stop planting in this spot, eventually preventing this nanoswarm from doing damage.

Nanoswarm for Default Plant on B-Site

You could potentially predict where the enemy might plant with your second swarm grenade.

Nanoswarm for Default Plant on B-Site from Market:

Nanoswarm for Default Plant on B-Site from Market

This next Killjoy setup is a nanoswarm for the default plant on B-Site. Stand on the ping as seen in the image above.

Nanoswarm for Default Plant on B-Site from Market

Next, complete the lineup by placing your crosshair on the black part of the wall as done above. Throw this molly when you expect the enemies to plant, or as they’re pushing onto site.

Nanoswarm for Default Plant on B-Site from Market

This nanoswarm covers the entire part of default plant and toward the back of A-Site.

Bonus Killjoy Ults for Attack Ascent:

Lockdown for A-Site from A-Main:

Lockdown for A-Site from A-Main

Where Killjoy setups her ultimate isn’t too difficult on Ascent, as her ult has a pretty large radius. Come into the corner as seen in the image above and place Killjoy’s ultimate for an A-Site push.

Lockdown for A-Site from A-Main

It’s worth noting that this ultimate spot doesn’t cover the back right corner of hell or heaven, so watch those as you’re walking out.

Lockdown for B-Site from B-Main:

Lockdown for B-Site from B-Main

This is one of the best spots you can ult as Killjoy in Valorant, as it covers the entirety of B-Site. Enemies playing on-site are forced to either fall back to CT or get detained and die.

Lockdown for B-Site from B-Main

Remember not to ult without letting your team know beforehand, as pushing together with Killjoy’s ult can be very powerful.


Ascent is a very decent map for Killjoy setups even after her nerfs. Keep in mind how the range of her turret and alarmbot work, as they won’t work if you walk too far away. Also, remember that combining your abilities as Killjoy is the key to slowing down and stopping enemies from quickly taking a site. Don’t stop the grind and keep believing in yourself! 😀

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