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Jett Agent

Jett is the most mobile agent and duelist in Valorant, also making her one of the hardest to learn and succeed with. Each one of her abilities, including her updraft, can be used in a variety of ways. Learning to combine her different abilities is also a very useful skill to have in Valorant. Below are some of the best Jett updraft spots on Ascent and Icebox with descriptions on how to best utilize them.

Multiple Ways to Use Jett’s Updraft:

When using Jett updraft, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. The main thing is that when enemies hear the sound of an updraft, they will most likely expect you to be on high-ground. You can use this to your advantage when clutching rounds to throw enemies off.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can use Jett updraft in combination with her ultimate. This might be a bit harder for newer players to master, but it’s good to know that you can combine the two. After using updraft to reach the peak height, you can either right-click or left-click to potentially kill an enemy very quickly. Most enemies will not have the reaction time to kill you before you fall back down.

Lastly, keep in mind that you can the most height out of Jett updraft when you jump right before using it. This is good to ensure you don’t waste this ability on accident.

Jett Updraft Spots on Ascent:

Jett Updraft for A-Site Corner:

Jett Updraft for A-Site Corner

This spot can be very good for catching enemies off-guard as they push into A-Site. If you’re holding A-Site by yourself, there’s a much higher chance that enemies will check this spot when entering into site. Be careful not to use this spot too often.

Jett Updraft for A-Site Corner

It’s also important to realize that you are vulnerable from A-Tree when in this position. Communication with your teammates can help ensure your safety.

Jett Updraft for A-Site from A-Heaven (Blade Storm Updraft):

Jett Updraft for A-Site from A-Heaven (Blade Storm Updraft)

When trying to stop a push or retake A-Site, you can use this Jett updraft to get an early pick for your team. However, be careful in higher ranks, as this strategy is somewhat common for Jett players to use. Double updraft when ready to use this strategy.

Jett Updraft for A-Site from A-Heaven (Blade Storm Updraft)

You will have a few seconds to spot and kill enemies after using both updrafts. Also, keep in mind that you can use this play even without your ultimate if you simply want to spot where the enemy players are located for retaking.

Jett Updraft for Peaking A-Main:

Jett Updraft for Peaking A-Main

When attacking A-Site on Ascent, this updraft can be super useful for taking a fight with players who aggressively hold A-Main. Be careful though, as enemies holding the corner will be able to hear your updraft. To ensure the kill, updraft as your team walks into A-Main together.

Jett Updraft for Peaking A-Main

If you happen to be using this Jett updraft by yourself and there are multiple enemies, you can dash back into A-Lobby to prevent a death.

Jett Updraft for Mid-Market/Mid-Pizza:

Jett Updraft for Mid-Market/Mid-Pizza

This boost spot is pretty common for Raze, Omen, and Jett when pushing and taking control of the middle part of Ascent. However, it can still be very good if you know you can out-aim the enemies that are playing in mid.

Jett Updraft for Mid-Market/Mid-Pizza

If no enemies are walking mid, let your team know and consider pushing a bit farther into enemy territory. You can also see the enemy spawn if you jump up on top of the arch in front of you to get even more information regarding enemy positions.

Jett Updraft for Peaking B-Main (Blade Storm Updraft):

Jett Updraft for Peaking B-Main (Blade Storm Updraft)

When defending B-Site on Ascent, this Jett updraft can definitely catch enemy players off-guard. However, if all enemies are in B-Main, this updraft can also be a little risky.

Jett Updraft for Peaking B-Main (Blade Storm Updraft)

Your view of B-Main is very good after updrafting once, also giving you slight vision into B-Lobby. If you know you’re against enemies with good aim and fast reaction time, make sure you use this at the perfect time to surprise them.

Jett Updraft Spots on Icebox:

Jett Updraft on for A-Site Control:

Jett Updraft on for A-Site Control

This Jett updraft spot can be very good both on attack and defense to take or keep control of A-Site. It’s important to know that you need the full height of your updraft to make it on top of this spot. If you’re having trouble getting on top, try using updraft right next to the wall.

Jett Updraft on for A-Site Control

You can see enemies in A-Nest as well as part A-Belt when defending. When attacking from this spot, you can see enemies from Mid-Boiler and A-Rafters, which is very good to help your team get the spike down.

Jett Updraft for Mid-Tube:

Jett Updraft for Mid-Tube

Using updraft to get on top of the tube in mid can allow you to take an advantageous fight with an enemy defender. Before going onto the tube, you might want to smoke might or ask a teammate to smoke mid for you.

Jett Updraft for Mid-Tube

From this position, you can take fights with enemies in mid, mid-boiler, and toward B-Site/B-Kitchen. Take your time and make sure not to rush anything from this spot, as you are quite vulnerable.

Jett Updraft for B-Main Control:

Jett Updraft for B-Main Control

When attacking B-Site on Icebox, this high-ground spot is very useful for Jett. The only thing you need to worry about is an enemy holding a long angle with an Operator from B-Yellow as you walk into B-Main.

Jett Updraft for B-Main Control

If you can’t see anyone from this position, you can either updraft again to get an even better view into B-Site, or you can simply drop and push with your team.

Jett Updraft for B-Yellow:

Jett Updraft for B-Yellow

This Jett updraft can be used when attacking and defending B-Site on Icebox. Fighting enemies from on top of B-Yellow gives you a very big advantage, as players are usually aiming on top of the crate.

Jett Updraft for B-Yellow

You can use an Operator from this position on defense and dash away after taking a shot, as enemies will not expect you to be here at first. Playing on top of this is also good for defending the spike with other teammates.

Bonus Jett Tailwind Boost for Icebox Attack (Combine With Blade Storm):

Bonus Jett Tailwind Boost for Icebox Attack (Combine With Blade Storm)

This is a strategy that uses Jett’s tailwind to reach Icebox’s skybox. To properly do this strategy, walk into a similar spot as seen in the image above. The most important factor about getting this right is the angle at which you dash into the ramp.

If you get the angle the same as the image above shows, you should fly straight into the air and hit the skybox. This gives you the same height as seven Jett updrafts would.

Bonus Jett Tailwind Boost for Icebox Attack (Combine With Blade Storm)

Practice doing this a few times in a custom game and also remember that you have two updrafts to extend the amount of time you’re in the air for. This strategy works best when you have Jett’s ultimate out and ready.

Bonus Jett Tailwind Boost for Icebox Attack (Combine With Blade Storm)

Move over to the left a little and you will have full vision of the ramp that enemy players typically hold mid from. It’s also very unlikely that enemies will notice you until you start shooting your knives at them.

Bonus Jett Tailwind Boost for Icebox Attack (Combine With Blade Storm)

Last but not least, you can also two updrafts to spot enemies that are aggressively holding B-Main. This gives you two different places to completely catch your opponents off-guard with little to no outplay potential for them.


Jett has some incredible potential with her abilities that are mostly unlocked through creativity and experimentation. The Jett updraft spots above are a very good starting point, but there are also many other ways you can use Jett’s updraft to outplay your opponents once you’re more comfortable with her. Remember that combining your ultimate, blade storm, with Jett updraft is also a very good idea in many scenarios.

Good luck with your competitive grind, and leave a comment below if this guide helped you in any way. Thanks! <3

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