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Overview of The Importance of Aim: (Valorant Aim)

Valorant Vandal Weapon

Although aim is of course not the only factor that determines a radiant player/pro player, aiming is definitely something important to become better at Valorant. Learning to aim and learning to improve your Valorant aim in can feel quite difficult at first, as it isn’t exactly the easiest thing to pick up. Below will be different sections teaching you multiple methods that will significantly improve your Valorant aim.

It’s worth noting that I will use Aim L ab for one of the sections below, which is a free download on Steam here:

As an Immortal 3 player, I would highly recommend this software, as it has helped me tremendously to improve my through all of diamond and immortal.

Oh yeah, Aim Lab is also free and can run on most PCs!

Properly Using the Practice Range to Train Your Valorant Aim:

Valorant Practice Range

Using Practice Bots to Improve Valorant Aim:

One of the best and most common ways you can use the practice to train your Valorant aim is to consistently play on hard difficulty bots. If you find hard bots a little too hard, which might be many of you, you can simply drop the difficulty until you are sufficiently challenged.

The most important thing you can do is work with the level of aim you currently have. If you are a new player and your aim isn’t very good, understand that it takes lots of time and consistency to improve your Valorant aim. Even if your aim is relatively good, use the bots to help maintain the level of mechanics that you currently have.

Above is a video of me doing hard difficulty bots in the practice range. This can help you get an idea of the settings and exactly how it should look to practice.

For me, I like to play on hard difficulty until I manage to get a score of at least 20. Your warmup routine with these bots might be to get a score of 25 on medium difficulty. The main thing that matters is that you’re challenging yourself with the goal of improving.

Also keep in mind that you can use any weapon you want to practice with, though the most common guns to practice with are the Phantom or Vandal.

Using Drones to Train Your Spray and Recoil Control:

Outside of the main practice area in the practice range, there are a total of 8 drones that can be shot and destroyed. They will quickly respawn after being destroyed, making them another good way to train your aim.

As seen in the video above, four of the drones don’t move, and four of the drones fly back and forth in a straight line. I like to practice spray transferring on the drones that don’t move, as they are somewhat small targets and can be good for improving your spray.

With that being said, you can utilize these bots with whatever weapon and strategy you would like. The main thing is to understand that these drones can be used as a way to train different aspects of your Valorant aim that you might not otherwise be training.

These are the main two parts of the practice range that are good for training aim. Next up on the list is Aim Lab, which allowed me to improve my aim by a lot after just a few weeks of using it consistently.

Using Aim Lab to Improve Your Valorant Aim: (Valorant Aim)

Aim Lab to Improve Valorant aim

Aim Lab is one of the many games on Steam that can be used to help improve your aim. There are many different modes in Aim Lab that each try to focus on something slightly different from the last. The mode that this guide will be covering is called gridshot.

What is the Gridshot Mode in Aim Lab?

Gridshot is essentially a mode that consists of shooting three spheres that continuously respawn over the course of one minute. The faster you shoot them, the faster they respawn and the higher score you can get.

Above is me navigating to gridshot and showing off a few different features of that Aim Lab has to offer. When playing gridshot, try to focus more on accuracy instead of score, and your aim will naturally begin to improve. If you focus on your accuracy, your reflexes and speed will also improve over time.

Aim Lab allows you to see how the score you just got compares to the average of all of the other times you’ve played. This can be very nice for helping gauge how much you’ve improved since you started.

Other Modes in Aim Lab:

There are many other modes in Aim Lab, all of which can improve different aspects of your Valorant Aim. There are modes that can help with tracking, flicking, and overall consistency. I would recommend playing each of the modes to see which ones you struggle with most, as they are likely the ones you should put the most effort into at first.

Experiment With Sensitivity/DPI and Crosshair: (Valorant Aim)

Sensitivity and DPI are things that are very important when it comes to improving your Valorant aim. If you have a sensitivity and DPI that make it very hard to be consistent, then you are already a step behind.

The majority of pro players play between 0.30 and 0.50 in-game sensitivity with a DPI of 400 or 800. If you sensitivity and DPI aren’t anywhere near this range, you might consider swapping to a completely new sensitivity. However, if your sensitivity does fall into the range, you might consider slightly tweaking your sensitivity to see if it helps with your consistency.

I personally started at 0.60 in-game at 800 DPI, and I now play at 0.35 at 800 DPI. This change has made me a way more consistent aimer, and has allowed me to climb almost to Radiant.

How to Properly Swap Sensitivity:

Unless you are completely new to Valorant, swapping from a sensitivity that you’ve played with for a long time isn’t going to be easy. When I dropped my sensitivity a total of 0.25 in-game, I did it over the course of many days until I was satisfied with it.

I would suggest either dropping or raising your in-game sensitivity about 0.05 at a time and practice in the range each time you change it. Also playing multiple unrated or competitive games each time you change your sensitivity is a good idea to see if you’re satisfied with your Valorant aim.

Repeat this process until you are happy with the sensitivity that you’re using. Also, keep in mind that you will need to change your sensitivity in Aim Lab as well if you choose to use it.

Changing Your Crosshair in Valorant:

Sensitivity and Crosshair Settings in Valorant

Crosshairs are certainly the least important factor of all of the things listed so far, but can still make a slight difference. Crosshairs also come down to personal preference, other than a few main guidelines.

The main thing for crosshair is to pick a color that you can see on all maps, so it doesn’t blend in with various parts of a map. Also consider the size of your crosshair, as the bigger it is, the less you can see of the area in front of you.

I personally use a dot crosshair, as I find it very satisfying to use and it’s really all I need to be able to properly aim.

Consistency and Practice for Good Valorant Aim: (Valorant Aim)

Getting good Valorant aim is not something that will happen overnight, especially if you are currently in the lower ranks. It’s important to give yourself time to improve and remain as consistent as possible.

Depending on your exact goals, I would recommend practicing a set amount of time each day in either the practice range, Aim Lab, or both. After not too long of remaining consistent, you will start to notice improvements in your Valorant aim. This should motivate you, even more, to continue practicing until your aim becomes even better!


Improving your Valorant aim can be done either in the practice range or through the use of external software like Aim Lab or KovaaK. When in the practice range, you have access to three different difficulties of bots to help train your aim, as well as drones that can be used to train other aspects of your aim. Aim Lab has many modes that can also be very good for training different mechanical skills you will need to improve your Valorant aim.

Sensitivity is also one of the key factors that determine how quickly you can improve your aim, as well as how consistent your Valorant aim is.

Ultimately, consistency and practice are the most important things for you to apply to get better Valorant aim.

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