Valorant – #1 High-Elo Haven Map Guide

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Overview of Haven:

Haven is currently the only map in Valorant that has three sites. This means there are more sites for the attackers to attack, and more crucial areas for defenders to defend. Baiting defenders to rotate is sometimes common on this map, and can usually be easily done due to how easy it is for enemy defenders to rotate. Each of the three sites are very unique, and all have different layouts that require different defending/attacking strategies. There is also a mid part of this map that connects directly to B-Site. Both attackers and defenders can peak as soon as the round starts, allowing for potential picks on both sides.

Haven does have three sites, and can sometimes play much faster because of this. Defenders are forced to play more split up to defend each site evenly, which often means only putting one player on each site. If you’re on attack, realizing that you might only need to kill one enemy defender to take a site is very important. Of course, if you take the same site multiple rounds in a row with no problem, then the enemies will likely begin to either swap things up, or stack the site. Sage wall is also particularly good on this map since a well-placed one prevents any chance of enemy rotates before the spike gets down. It’s also worth noting that each site is quite small in comparison to other maps’ sites.

It’s also worth noting that pushing through into enemy territory is not the worst decision, as long as you don’t mindlessly do it. Since enemies usually commit to one area together, on a map like Haven, there are less chances they are going to come to your exact location. Use this strategy sparingly, and mainly only when the attackers have gone to the same site many rounds in a row.

Attacking A-Site:

Attack Haven A-Site

A-Site has two main entrances from the attacker’s side: A-Short and A-Long. The standard A push involves attackers splitting both short and long simultaneously, looking to clear corners and angles together. Defenders can play either pushed on long, pushed up short, on site, or in heaven. If your team clear both long and short successfully, then you only need to worry about an enemy being either somewhere on site, or in heaven. Heaven players are less common, since a simple Brimstone or Omen smoke will prevent them from doing pretty much anything. All that leaves is for you and your team to walk up onto site and clear all corners in preparation to plant the spike.

Defending A-Site:

Defend Haven A-Site

As previously mentioned, there are many places you can play when defending A-Site. Pushing up long-A allows you to hold an angle that tells you when any enemies are crossing to short or are coming long. This angle is extremely good for getting information as well as getting kills with an operator or rifle. Pushing up short-A allows you to catch enemies off-guard at a closer range, making shotguns and other eco weapons extremely good. Holding site is good if you’re struggling to hold both A-short and/or A-long, as it allows you to tell teammates that you need them to rotate and give assistance. Holding in heaven is also good if you want to play more passive and potentially get kills if the enemy team doesn’t smoke it.

Attacking B-Site:

Attack Haven B-Site

As an attacker, B-Site is normally accessed from the middle of Haven. The middle of the map can be accessed either through mid-window or through an area that is near the attacker’s spawn. Standard B takes are typically done by walking up to the entrance and looking for the enemy defender on or near B-Site. If an enemy spots you and/or your team walking up to B-Site, you must choose to either fully commit to the site, or rotate off as the enemy that spotted you will call for assistance. Since B-Site is in the middle of Haven, it’s important to realize that enemy players can rotate from both sides of the map, potentially pinching you as you and your team take site.

Defending B-Site:

Defend Haven B-Site

When defending B-Site, you are able to hold the angle in mid-window before the round starts. This means that with an operator, you are usually able to pick an enemy player as soon as they peak mid-window. However, be careful as enemy attackers will often flash out of mid-window with a Reyna blind or a Phoenix flash. If you’re playing Sage, she is also quite good on B-Site since her wall can block off the one main entrance that the attackers have. Otherwise you can sit near back of site and occasionally peak mid to make sure enemies aren’t walking up. Don’t challenge enemies that are walking up, but rather ask a teammate or two to rotate to assist.

Attacking C-Site:

Attack Haven C-Long/C-Site

Attack Haven C-Garage/C-Site

C-Site is probably the most unique map on Haven, as there is both C-Long and C-Garage that are usually necessary to have control of to take C-Site. It is, of course, possible to five-man push C-Long and wall off garage to get an easy spike plant as your team covers CT. When pushing into garage, enemies can sit in one of three corners or in garage window. Make sure to clear the corners with at least one other teammate, and have garage window smoked off to prevent dying from there. Upon taking garage control, you can walk out and clear C-Site with the rest of your team that should be pushed up long-C. If your team already has control of C-Site when you take garage, you can push into window and wait for enemies to push into you for a free kill.

Defending C-Site:

Defend Haven C-Long/C-Site

Defend Haven C-Garage/C-Site

Defending C-Site can either be played from garage or somewhere on C-Site. In garage it’s best to unpredictable so the enemies don’t expect you to be in one specific place. For example, if you get a couple kills from the right corner, the next round you should play on the left side or in garage window. On eco-rounds, it’s also good to play close to the entrance of garage with a shorty or frenzy to pick up a free kill or two for your team. When playing on C-Site, you will usually want to play in back of site and occasionally peak for information. If you spot any enemies, let your team know and swap up your position so the enemies don’t get a free pick on you.


Haven is a very unique map that has three sites and often plays quite differently because of this. When defending a site, make sure not to rotate too soon, as enemies can easily punish you for this. Due to how many sites are on this map, it is also crucial that you communicate the location of any enemy player when you spot one. When attacking, remember most sites will likely only have one player on it, unless the enemies decide to stack a site for some reason.

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