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Bind Map

Cypher has great potential to stop enemy pushes through the use of his abilities. Bind is a map that has no middle and instead has two sites, allowing for great Cypher setups. Standard trapwire placements will also allow you to greatly slow down how quickly the enemy team can take a site, providing time for your team to rotate and set up a better defense. This is very good for Cypher setups since defending one area is what he generally specializes in. There are many great camera spots on Bind, allowing you to get valuable information for your team.

Properly Placing Cypher’s Trapwire:

If you’re new to Cypher, it’s possible that you’re placing his trapwires incorrectly. Placing a trapwire too low allows enemies to jump over it, and too high allows them to crouch under it. This makes your trapwires useless and ultimately a waste of 200 credits each. Learn the correct height by placing a wire before the round starts, and crouching next to it.

Cypher Setups on A-Site:

Camera #1 from Heaven for A-Site:

Cypher Setup Camera A-Site Bind A-Short

This first Cypher setup is a camera that not many people often use in ranked games, allowing you to potentially catch a few enemies off-guard. You will have vision of A-Site, A-Short, and the entrance of showers. To begin, walk to the very edge of where the ping is located in the image above. Then turn toward the teleporter’s location.

Cypher Setup Camera A-Site Bind A-Short

Make sure to get the placement of the camera flat against the solar panel as seen above. If it’s not flat, you won’t be able to see A-Short, which is very important vision to have.

Cypher Camera A-Site Bind A-Short

Once in the correct position, you will have vision of a very large area. You can see any enemies attempting to peak A-Short, as well as any enemies that want to walk out of showers. It’s also worth noting that you can turn this camera all the way around to see A-Site and heaven if ever necessary.

Camera #2 from Heaven for A-Site:

Cypher Camera A-Site Bind

The next Cypher setup is a spy camera that will also be placed from the same position in heaven but offers a much more defensive view of A-Site. Enemies peaking from A-Short will also not be able to immediately see this camera. To begin, walk near the same ledge as seen in the image above.

Cypher Camera A-Site Bind

After turning to your left, you will see a set of vents that are emitting smoke. Place your camera in the middle of the left vent to get the ideal vision of A-Site and A-Short.

Cypher Camera A-Site Bind

This can be a pretty good camera for retaking A-Site, as it will be able to see over most of an enemy Sage’s wall. It’s worth noting that you can’t see much of the entrance to bathroom from this angle, so remember that when checking your camera.

Trapwires for Showers and A-Short:

Cypher Trapwire A-Site Bind
Cypher Trapwire A-Site Bind

These two trapwires are in relatively standard positions, but are extremely good for letting you know where enemies are since they have to break them to enter the site. The showers trapwire is particularly annoying since it’s also somewhat difficult to shoot. Make sure to communicate to your team exactly where you place your trips so they can play around your Cypher setup.

Cypher Setups on B-Site:

Camera #1 from B-Site for B-Long:

Cypher Camera B-Site Bind B-Long

B-Site is very good for Cypher setups, and is where he will sometimes play. He has many good camera spots as well as good trapwires that will often catch enemies off-guard. This camera is very good at getting vision deep into B-Long and letting your team know if anyone is walking up. To begin, jump onto the box as pinged in the image above.

Cypher Camera B-Site Bind B-Long

Place the outline of your spy camera as seen in the red rectangle to begin the placement. You then want to jump and place the camera. Activate the camera and check to make sure you have vision of B-Long before the round starts.

Cypher Camera B-Site Bind B-Long

Once placed high enough, you will have very good vision that reaches all the way past B-Long. Many enemies will be aware that this camera exists, meaning this camera will potentially be destroyed quite quickly. However, the early information this spot can give to your team is absolutely worth the sacrifice.

Camera #2 for B-Site:

Cypher Camera B-Site Bind

This Cypher setup spy camera is placed from on top of the metal box on B-Site, and gives you vision of many things. It covers Hookah and B-Long, allowing you to know when and where exactly enemies are coming from. This also means that you and your teammate can play very passive if you the enemy team has been rolling through B-Site multiple rounds in a row. To begin, jump on top of the metal box and face the back wall of B-Site.

Cypher Camera B-Site Bind

Placing a camera in this spot isn’t particularly hard, and can be placed in area similar to that seen in the image above. However, it’s worth noting that you can also jump and place it even farther back to give enemies a harder time spotting it.

Cypher Camera B-Site Bind

Once finding a placement you’re satisfied with, you should be able to see into both garden and the entrance to hookah. This can be very powerful when playing with another teammate on B-Site, since you can tell them where they should be peaking.

Camera #3 for Hookah:

Cypher Camera B-Site Bind Hookah

This next Cypher setup camera spot is a cheese spot that not many people are aware of. It’s important not to enter the camera when you suspect enemies to be walking into hookah, as they will hear it and quickly shoot it. To begin, walk into hookah and face the back right corner.

Cypher Camera B-Site Bind Hookah

There will be a round object that is underneath the two boxes in the back right corner. If you mess around with the camera placement for a few seconds, you will find that there is one spot that turns blue in this area. Place the camera in this exact location.

Cypher Camera B-Site Bind Hookah

Surprisingly, the round object that you place the spy camera inside of can be seen through when operating your camera. This makes very a nice cheese spot to get valuable information of enemy players as they begin to walk into hookah. The camera is slightly visible, but will likely not be found if you’re on it the whole time the enemy team is walking up.

Trapwires for Hookah and B-Long:

Cypher Trapwire B-Site Bind Hookah
Cypher Trapwire B-Site Bind B-Long

These two spots are deep trapwires that can be placed to let to know before enemies have a chance to peak you. The wire that covers B-Long must be placed right as the round starts since there is a barrier that blocks it before each round starts. Also, make sure to communicate when either of these trapwires breaks to allow for early rotations if needed. It’s also worth noting that both of these wires have alternatives if the enemy team is consistently breaking them. This will help you to be slightly more unpredictable and make pushing a bit scarier for enemy players.

Bonus Attacking on Bind as Cypher Setups:

There are a couple of very good wires you can place when attacking to ensure your flank is always secured. These Cypher setups for his traps are very powerful.

Cypher Trapwire Bind Market Attack
Cypher Trapwire Bind T-Spawn Attack

There are many wires that can be placed in market, but the one above is the one that is most likely to catch enemies by surprise. Not only is it a wire that isn’t commonly seen, but it is also slanted. The other wire is more situational but can be good if you know the enemy team is somewhat aggressive and willing to push your spawn.


Cypher has some very nice cameras, especially for B-Site, often allowing him to get the early advantage in rounds. Good trapwire placement is also important to defend and secure areas, as enemies won’t be able to peak certain areas without you knowing. Remember communication is also very important since your teammates don’t get a message telling them when your wires have been broken. Calling for early rotates if you need multiple enemies pushing an area is a good idea, and will often result in easy rounds. Let us know you if this guide was helpful and what other guides you would like to see in the future!

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