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Haven Map

Haven is a three-site map that has many incredible places for both trapwires and spy cameras. Cypher generally plays C-Site or garage on defense, but can also very well play A-Site with some decent setups. Remember the key purpose behind placing trapwires is to get information about where the enemies are. If enemies break a wire, you immediately know there is at least one player near that area. This is valuable information that should be communicated to your team.

Properly Placing Cypher’s Trapwire:

If you’re new to Cypher, it’s possible that you’re placing his trapwires incorrectly. Placing a trapwire too low allows enemies to jump over it, and too high allows them to crouch under it. This makes your trapwires useless and ultimately a waste of 200 credits each. Learn the correct height by placing a wire before the round starts, and crouching next to it.

Defending on Haven as Cypher:

Camera #1 for A-Site from Heaven:

Cypher Spy Camera Heaven

Playing Cypher on A-Site is often a pretty passive job since there are quite a few camera spots that can see the entrance of both Short-A and Long-A. The first spot can be placed from Heaven. To begin, walk onto the ping as seen in the image above. Then turn slightly to your left until you see the black rods sticking out toward you.

Cypher Spy Camera Heaven

You will then want to place your camera somewhere around the spot as seen in the red rectangle above. It’s worth noting that this is a camera, like many others, that can be placed before the round starts. This allows you to get everything set up as well as position yourself elsewhere before enemies have a chance to push.

Cypher Spy Camera Heaven

This camera gives vision of the entirety of A-Site, as well as the entrance to A-Short and A-Long. This allows you to play very passive in the back of site if you choose to do so. You can also play pushed up short and watch long with a camera like this, letting your team know about any enemies you spot.

Camera #2 for A-Site from Heaven:

Cypher Spy Camera Heaven

This is another camera that can be placed from Heaven, and is one of the less common ones to see from Cypher players. This one is a bit trickier to position yourself for at first but is very easy after some practice. To begin, shift-walk onto the ping as seen in the image above. Then turn to the left until you are looking toward A-Short.

Cypher Spy Camera Heaven

Pull out your camera and place in the area as seen in the red rectangle above. As you can see, cameras can be placed from quite a long distance, sometimes allowing for some pretty impressive spots.

Cypher Spy Camera Heaven

This spot covers essentially the same areas as the previous one but is much less likely to be found by enemy players as soon. This camera could be used after the enemies find the one previously shown, as it is slightly more common and also covers the same view.

Camera #3 for A-Long from A-Site:

Cypher Spy Camera A-Long

This is a camera that must be placed after the round starts, as its location is blocked by the barrier that connects to A-Long. Simply wait for the round to start, and walk up to the ping as seen in the image above. Then turn left and look for the shelf with a few pots on it.

Cypher Spy Camera A-Long

Look to place the camera on the left side of the pot as seen in the image above. If place too far to the right, the gap that this camera has to view the entrance of A will be much smaller.

Cypher Spy Camera A-Long

As seen above, this camera can slightly see the cross that leads into A-Short, as well as the entire area of long. This camera will also have a hard time being destroyed until enemies commit to A-Long or happen to catch a glimpse of it when crossing to A-Short. This spot ultimately allows you to quickly spot an A rush from the enemy team, giving your team a better chance to prepare.

Trapwires for A-Long and A-Short:

Cypher Trapwire A-Long
Cypher Trapwire A-Short

These two trapwires are pretty standard Cypher wires, as they block the entrance to A-Site from both A-Long and A-Short. It’s also worth noting that these wires are close enough to site to allow you to safely peak when an enemy either gets caught or shoots the wire.

Trapwires for B-Site:

Cypher Trapwire B-Site
Cypher Trapwire B-Site

These two trapwires are also pretty standard wires for B-Site, as enemies will usually walk into them when attempting to plant the spike. However, it’s worth noting that Cypher isn’t typically played on B-Site, and also isn’t considered very good there. These trapwires can generally be placed if the enemy team is consistently pushing onto B-Site and taking it.

Camera #1 for C-Site:

Cypher Spy Camera C-Site

Cypher is very good on C-Site and is most commonly seen playing here in high-elo ranked games. There are a few incredible camera spots that can give you and your team a lot of valuable information. To begin the first spot, jump onto the platform as pinged above. Then face the left wall where the flames are coming out of.

Cypher Spy Camera C-Site

Look up slightly and notice that there are three wooden posts. Each one of these posts is a potential spot for the camera, allowing you to swap it up when needed. The middle post is the one that is featured in the image below.

Cypher Spy Camera C-Site

This camera has vision of the entirety of C-Site, as well as garage entrance, C-Long entrance, and the entrance from CT-Spawn. Also, notice the smoke that is in the field of view. This will slightly mask the camera’s appearance to attackers that are pushing.

Camera #2 for C-Site:

Cypher Spy Camera C-Site

This next camera covers a large portion of C-Site and can be very beneficial for retaking when enemies decide to fast push from long and/or garage. To begin, jump onto this back platform and walk onto the corner where the ping can be seen in the image above. Then look up and look for the pole with a wire attached to it.

Cypher Spy Camera C-Site

You will want to initially find the place where the camera is highlighted blue at the lower end of the pole. Once you find this location, as seen in the image above, jump and place the camera at the top of your jump. Jumping simply allows you to place this camera much higher than you otherwise would be able to.

Cypher Spy Camera C-Site

This spot will cover the whole front side of A-Site and is a very good defensive camera. Make sure not to shoot any enemies with this camera until you and/or your team is ready to retake the site after they plant. This will be able to spot anyone in the back corner or hiding behind the boxes on the front side of site.

Camera #3 for C-Site:

Cypher Spy Camera C-Site

The third camera for C-Site is also a pretty defensive one that most players won’t be aware of. It can be very good for retaking and spotting enemies hiding in various spots around the site. To begin, jump onto the box as seen in the image above. Then turn to your left until you are seeing the entrance to garage.

Cypher Spy Camera C-Site

Place this camera as far back as you can before it highlights red.

Cypher Spy Camera C-Site

This spot is definitely the most defensive of all of the cameras spots shown so far. This means you sacrifice a bit of vision for a slightly more difficult spot for the enemies to find. Overall, this is another great cam for retaking this site with your team.

Camera #4 for C-Site:

Cypher Spy Camera C-Long

The last camera for C-Site is one that can be used to spot a C-Long rush early in the round. It catches any enemies that choose to walk into the C-Long area near the ultimate orb. To begin, walk to the area as seen in the image above, and look where the ping is.

Cypher Spy Camera C-Long

Look to place this camera right at the top of the pole. It may take a couple of attempt to get the desired angle. It’s also worth noting that this camera can be placed before the round starts, allowing you to take your time to get it just right.

Cypher Spy Camera C-Long

As you can see, this camera has vision of any enemies that walk out long and can be very good at quickly spotting a fast push onto C-Site. It also has vision of enemies walking up long as well as the entirety of C-Site if you turn to the left while in the camera.

Trapwires for C-Long and Garage Area:

Cypher Trapwire C-Long
Cypher Trapwire C-Site

These trapwires are somewhat common, but are still very good as slowing down enemy pushes and potentially getting a pick. Also remember to call if an enemy breaks either of your trapwires, since that is free information that can help your team.

Cypher Trapwire Garage
Cypher Trapwire Garage

The trapwire in garage will often catch enemies off-guard since they will usually be focused on clearing corners and holding angles. There are also a few other variations of this trapwire that you can do to surprise enemies if they have already found this one.

Attacking on Haven as Cypher:

There really aren’t too many special things to do as Cypher on attack here, just proper placement of Cypher’s trapwires to cover your team’s flank is very important.

Trapwires to Cover A-Main and C-Main:

Cypher Trapwire A-Main
Cypher Trapwire C-Main

These two trapwires are incredibly important, especially on full buy rounds where a single enemy flank could destroy your team’s entire economy. Each of these makes it impossible for enemies to push behind without at least letting you know beforehand. If you get a notification that a trapwire has been broken, check the mini-map to see which one it was and immediately tell your team.


Cypher has some incredible camera and trapwire placements on Haven. Learning them will allow you to get valuable information that your team would otherwise not have, and will also slow down and sometimes even stop an enemy push. Remember that communication is a very key factor to Cypher since your team doesn’t get a notification when your trapwires break. Patience with cameras is also important since many of the spots shown above won’t be immediately noticed by enemy players. Let us know you if this guide was helpful and what other guides you would like to see in the future!

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