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Overview of Bind:

Bind is a map that has the unique mechanic of teleporters. Teleporters allow players to rotate from one side of the map to the other and can be extremely good for quickly rotating if things go poorly at one site. Bind also doesn’t really have a mid area, but rather two sites that both have two entrances and are both quite unique. Each site has its respective teleporter that teleports players to the opposite side of the map. Both A-Site and B-Site have unique places to attack and defend from.

Using Teleporters to Rotate:

Teleporters on Bind are essentially portals that move players from one side of Bind to the other. They can be used to get you and your team out of sticky situations and give you another chance at taking a site. Be careful when teleporting, as enemies can easily follow you or your team if they are close enough to the teleporter. It’s also worth noting that Omen can use his shrouded step to fake a teleport up to two times in an attempt to trick your team into rotating. Teleporting is also very good when trying to save, as the receiving teleporter doors can only be opened from the inside.

Attacking A-Site:

Attacking Bind Showers/Bathroom

Pushing Showers/Bathroom:

When looking to push A-Site from bathroom early in the round, you only need to clear the left side as long as you watch bathroom from the start of the round. When peaking A-Site from showers, you are particularly in danger from an enemy playing in heaven or in the back of A-Site. It’s good to call for a smoke heaven and/or CT-Spawn. If your team has a Sage, it’s pretty common to wall off site to get an easy plant down. If you come out from showers post-plant, you can either sit in showers to defend the spike or push up near/in CT to look for picks to secure the round. Playing aggressive or defensive depends very much on how confident you are in your ability to frag.

Attacking Bind A-Short/Mid

Pushing Short/A-Mid:

Pushing short-A is usually the most common to take A-Site on the attacking side. It gives most control to site with a couple of good smokes. With a Sage wall, you also are able to completely wall off shower-side and back of site. This is incredibly good for getting a quick plant, and is often the most common way that A-Site is taken by attackers. Once your team pushes up short, you also have access to U-Haul, which is very good for defending against defusers. After planting, also be sure someone is watching the flank from market, as enemies will commonly rotate from there rather than from their spawn.

Defending A-Site:

Defending Bind A-Site

Defending Bind A-Site

When defending A-Site, the best place to play from is usually U-Haul or somewhere in/outside of showers. It’s also sometimes common to defend from heaven if you have an operator, or are rotating late from B-Site. The most common attack toward A-Site is usually a five-man push into short. This means that if you’re playing inside of U-Haul, you will be your team’s first defense against the enemy attackers. When defending showers, you can either peak very early on, or simply play around back of site and wait for them to peak you. Since A-Site is somewhat easy to take with Sage wall, make sure you make it as hard as possible for them to take it with your abilities as well as ultimate.

Attacking B-Site:

Attacking Bind B Hookah

Pushing Hookah/B-Window:

Taking control of Hookah gives you quite a bit of control over the B-Site. However, enemies will often play in one of the many corners to make getting control of this area much harder. Make sure to clear all corners, preferably with a teammate or two to trade you if an enemy catches you off-guard. It’s also pretty common for Cypher players to setup trapwires and play somewhere on B. If the enemy team has Cypher, be extra precautious when pushing into Hookah. Once you and/or your team have control of Hookah, make sure to wait for other teammates pushing up B-long to jump out.

Pushing B-Long:

Attacking Bind B-Long

Attacking Bind B-Long

B-Long is quite a long angle that can be held by an enemy phantom or operator. However, enemies often won’t hold this angle and will rather opt to play on-site or in elbow. If you peak and nobody is holding the angle, you can walk all the way up to the ult orb and clear garden. Once garden is clear, you can communicate with your team and choose exactly how you plan to attack B-Site. It’s worth noting that if things don’t go according to plan, there is also a teleporter to the left of the ult orb that you and your team can use to rotate to the A-Side of the Bind.

Defending B-Site:

Defending Bind B-Site

When holding B-Site of Bind, you can either play in hookah, in garden, in elbow, or somewhere on site. Depending on the agent you and the other teammate(s) at B-Site are playing will determine where and how you will want to play. For example, Cypher is generally pretty good for putting trapwires almost anywhere and can also use a good camera to watch long. In general, you will want to play either in hookah or pushed up into garden unless you know the enemies will easily be able to kill you. If the enemy team took B-Site easily the past few rounds, try playing on site to waste their time and give your teammates time to rotate and help defend.


Bind is a map that allows for quick rotates via the two teleporters on either side. It’s important to keep this in mind when you think enemies are committing to a site since they can usually pretty easily rotate through a teleporter. Due to how the teleporters impact the flow game on this map, there is no middle, but instead, two distinct sites that both have two entrances. Playing passive on each site is generally pretty good, as it forces enemies to commit to a spike plant, and prevents them from being able to rotate via a teleporter.

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