Valorant – #1 High-Elo Ascent Map Guide

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Overview of Ascent:

Ascent is a map that has many long angles that can be held, specifically in the middle of the map. This means operators are relatively common mostly on defense, but also sometimes on attack. In addition to long angles, Ascent is also unique because it has a door connected to both A-Site and B-Site. These doors can be closed to slow down enemy rotates and overall make it easier to take or defend a site. On defense, mid-control is often extremely important since it gives enemy players access to A-Site as well as CT-Spawn.

Using Doors to Secure or Defend a Site:

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Doors can be extremely good for both taking or defending a site. Typically, a door will be closed if the attackers successfully take a site, as it makes retaking much more difficult. Closing these doors can also be good on defense if you know that the enemies plan on splitting a site. When a site is being split, closing a door will slow down the enemies on the other side of the door. Be careful not to close a door on a teammate that wants to rotate, as this will ultimately end up hurting your team. It’s also worth noting that enemies must make noise to get through to the other side, as the only way to break it is by damaging it.

Attacking A-Site:

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Attacking A-Site on Ascent usually involves five-man pushing from A-Main, or splitting A-Main and Cat to more control when pushing into site. A-Site has a lot of corners and areas that enemies can be sitting, so it’s important to push in with multiple teammates to trade off each other. Upon getting a pick, make sure you or a teammate closes the door to be able to safely get the spike down. Post-plant, enemies will most commonly come from heaven or break the door from tree-room. This means you should have a player watching each of these areas, as well as a teammate watching the A-Main flank.

Defending A-Site:

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Defending A-Site can be done from heaven, somewhere on-site, or pushed up in A-Main. It’s also worth noting that with specific agents, the boxes near site can be accessed to catch enemies off-guard. If enemies have gone toward B-Site and/or mid multiple rounds in a row, cautiously pushing through A-Main can setup a very good flank. If your team is ahead, which is somewhat common on Ascent-defense, you can purchase an operator and hold A-Main from heaven.

Attacking Mid on Ascent:

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Attacking Mid on Ascent is extremely rewarding when done successfully. However, it’s very important to communicate if you want to full-take mid, or just take control of cat. When attempting to full-take mid, it’s also important that cat is either smoked, or guarded by a teammate as you push. When looking to take control or push cat, mid should be smoked to prevent any enemies from peaking. Pushing either of these areas should be approached carefully and with at least one teammate to trade you due to how many corners there are.

Defending Mid on Ascent:

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Peaking mid on defense makes to vulnerable from many angles. It’s generally best to play back and hold an angle to prevent enemies from walking into market straight into B-Site. If you hear enemies pushing through to pizza, make sure to let you teammates know and either fall back or look to get a couple of picks. When defending on cat, peaking is also quite dangerous. Normally, peaking from cat is bad unless you have an operator or you know that multiple enemies are pushing another area.

Attacking B-Site:

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B-Site has a very unique layout and typically results in enemies not holding from B-Site. If one enemy holds from site, it means they give up control of the door and control of CT and market. Enemy defenders will usually play from market, CT-Spawn, or near the door lever. Smoking CT-Spawn and market when pushing out of B-Main will help isolate any defenders. Upon getting a pick, make sure to close the door and get spike down as soon as possible. Holding this site is usually pretty easy with the right communication.

Defending B-Site:

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When defending B-Site, make sure not to let enemies out of B-Main for free. It’s good to at least make the enemies aware of your presence and then fall back to site after giving comms to your team. Sage is also quite good when both defending and attacking this site, as her wall can deny access to crucial areas. It’s also good to know that once enemies get one pick somewhere in B, they will often neglect to check back-site, allowing you to get multiple free kills. Pushing into B-Main is also a good idea when done correctly since it allows you to catch enemies off-guard.


Ascent is a map with many long angles that can be held by snipers and other long-range rifles. Be careful when peaking mid, as there are many angles that enemies could potentially be holding. Learning how and when to close doors on Ascent is also crucial to consistently win, as it gives you a massive advantage when done correctly. Make sure your communication is on-point, especially when attacking with your team.

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