Valorant – #14 Agent Yoru Massive LEAKS: Abilities Showcase/Description

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Overview of Agent Yoru (Agent #14):

Agent Yoru

After much speculation in the Valorant community, leaks finally reveal Valorant’s 14th agent will be a duelist named Yoru. Agent Yoru has many very cool and unique abilities that are somewhat similar to other abilities that already exist. From what we’ve seen so far, Yoru looks to be a hybrid of both Reyna and Omen. His abilities mostly revolve around stealth/invisibility but also includes a flash to help entry as all other duelists can.

Agent Yoru Japanese

It also seems that Agent Yoru is from Japan, making him the first Japanese Valorant agent.

Gameplay and Description of Yoru’s Abilities:

Above is a leaked Twitter video from @ValorantUpdates, which showcases each one of Agent Yoru’s abilities in the practice range. The descriptions of abilities in the video are in Russian, so we can refer to the descriptions in the image below.

The image below says agent 15, but there are currently 13 agents in Valorant. That would make Yoru the 14th agent unless Riot plans on releasing two agents in rapid succession, which is somewhat unlikely.

Agent Yoru Abilities

Decoy Ability (100 Credits, 2 Charges):

This is the first ability showcased in the Twitter video, which seems to be a sort of trap that can be used to confuse enemies. Upon activating this ability, blue footsteps can be seen and heard that go in a straight line from wherever it was first placed. It does also seem that this ability can be placed, almost like Cypher’s cyber cage, and activated whenever Agent Yoru chooses.

I can think of many ways this ability could be used, many of them which involve faking a push or rotate.

Daze Ability (200 Credits, 2 Charges):

Daze is Agent Yoru’s flash ability since he is in the duelist category of agents. This ability will create a flash right after bouncing once off of any surface. In the video, the last flash thrown doesn’t collide with a surface, so it doesn’t flash at all.

This flash is definitely different from all the other flashes currently in Valorant, which should allow for some new creative strategies to be possible.

Uninvited Guest (Signature Ability):

Uninvited Guest is Yoru’s teleport ability that can be used to outplay opponents very heavily. Upon activating Uninvited Guest, a floating blue sphere is placed. It seems this ability can move in a straight line, or made completely still. When reactivating this ability, Agent Yoru will teleport to where the blue sphere is.

In the video, Yoru throws the blue sphere forward into a portal and teleports to the location inside of the portal. This opens up a lot of potential for this agent. You can also think of this ability as Phoenix’s ultimate, but with no extra chance if Yoru dies.

Spatial Drift (Ultimate Ability):

When activating Agent Yoru’s ultimate, he becomes invisible for a temporary amount of time while also being able to move wherever he wants. Yoru also becomes invincible during this period of time, allowing him to essentially do whatever he wants.

You can remain invisible/invincible for up to 8 seconds but have the choice to cancel the ultimate whenever you want. It takes about one second to pull your weapon back out after Agent Yoru’s ult.

Valorant Episode 2 Artwork Background

What Does Agent Yoru Mean for Episode 2’s Competitive Meta?

In the past few months, Riot rolled out a patch that nerfed sentinels very hard. Cypher and Killjoy were both nerfed heavily, and they now require a much more different playstyle. This makes duelist agents like Jett, Phoenix, and Reyna much more appealing to most players. I believe that Yoru was designed to play quite a similar role to that of these agents, and as a result, will definitely change the meta at least slightly for episode 2’s meta.

The meta is high-elo matches is currently at least two duelists per team, and sometimes more in Episode 1 Act III. In addition to this, you will almost always see an Omen and generally a Cypher or Killjoy. Sova is also commonly seen.

At the start of Episode 2’s Act I will likely have even more duelists being played, simply because there will be a greater number of total duelists. The meta will hopefully continue in a nice direction with decent patches to duelists into the near future as well.


Episode 2 of Valorant is looking to definitely change Valorant at least slightly. The amount of change depends on how impactful the reworks being made to the ranked gamemode are, and whether or not we will get a new map in combination with Yoru. Agent Yoru definitely looks like a fun one to play, and will most likely fit into Valorant’s meta very nicely at the start of Episode 2.

Agent Yoru #14 Leak:

Agent Yoru Twitter Leak:

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